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  1. nostalgia

  2. nostalgia

    like Tinder but for fighting.
  3. nostalgia

  4. nostalgia

    He uploaded a cover of Golden Bomber's Reiwa lmao!
  5. nostalgia

    Mr.8 aka Shuu (ex-Girugamesh)'s solo project is somewhat forgettable. Everyone could tell who's behind Girugamesh's crappy synth/techno sound.
  6. nostalgia

    Ryo has just uploaded a cover of lynch.'s GALLOWS.
  7. nostalgia

    Take me to ma fud, hooman.
  8. nostalgia

    Arch Linux×DEZERT
  9. nostalgia

    Never excited about HYDE solo career like this time before. I like all the singles he has released recently. His new music direction is headed towards Western-ish metalcore, and it's incredibly good. His English is great too. Will definitely look forward to listening to this album esp. the digital version which is coming out in the next few weeks!
  10. Oh wow Supreme! Is this the highest rank?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zeus


      omega is 1 mil btw

    3. nostalgia


      lol i'm afraid MH wouldn't last till someone reaches omega.

    4. Zeus


      That was the point of the system haha

  11. nostalgia

    The best One Piece cosplay I've ever seen.
  12. And you can pirate this if you have a premium MH account.
  13. nostalgia

    I hope this is just an April Fool's joke and they come up with a reunion in 12 years later.
  14. love the new bg. it's even the same pose as in the banner. hope it's permanent.

    1. nekkichi


      new custom skin pls orz

  15. nostalgia

    heidi. is one of the few VK bands I've been following since their inception. I like how their lineup has never changed and the band has been active for over a decade. Their first oversea live was performed in Thailand in 2015 together with defspiral as a twoman tour like this. I'm not so familiar with their newer releases, but I hope they will release something new soon.
  16. Happy birthday, Neko5-sama!  Have a wonderful day man!

    1. CAT5


      Many thanks, Nos-kun. You doing well? :)

    2. nostalgia


      Yeah, I've been good. Hope you're good too.

    3. CAT5


      Yessir. The Most High is good!!! :D 

  17. nostalgia

  18. nostalgia

    omg! hopefully, saki will eventually join the band. she is a perfect fit in every aspect.
  19. if (kai.birthday === today) {


      return 'SGFwcHkgYmlydGhkYXksIEthaS4gV2VsY29tZSB0byB0aGUgMzAncyBjbHViLiBIb3BlIHlvdSBoYXZlIGEgZ29vZCBvbmUu'; // base64


  20. YOSHIKI trying to find an excuse for delaying X JAPAN new album.


    1. Komorebi


      I commented the same thing on his post LOL I wonder if I'll get banned for that.

    2. platy


      He wants to fall off the skateboard. 6 months recovery time means you don't have to work on the album plus pity points :^) 

  21. nostalgia


    Glad to see you back! It's been so long. Hope everything is all right on your end.
  22. Been mistaken for a Japanese for my entire life. Today I went to my BFF's wedding and the bridesmaids thought I was a Japanese lol. Glad to meet a bunch of my old friends though.

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