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  1. nostalgia

    MISSA - GARDEN GAUZE - 予感 (My first DEG song) MACABRE - MACABRE-揚羽ノ羽ノ夢ハ蛹- 鬼葬 - 蟲-mushi- six Ugly - 秒「」深 VULGAR - RED...[em] Withering to death. - 鼓動 THE MARROW OF A BONE - 艶かしき安息、躊躇いに微笑み UROBOROS - 我、闇とて… DUM SPIRO SPERO - 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 THE UNRAVELING - MACABRE ARCHE - てふてふ The Insulated World - 人間を被る From their entire discography, 激闇 (single ver.) is my most favorite song.
  2. nostalgia

    Definitely D'espairsRay. It was kinda like they had to disband unwillingly. Still personally hope that they will come back together some day. Another band could be RENTRER EN SOI, but considering all the drama happening within the band itself, disbanding could be the only way out. On top of that, the two core RES members joining sukekiyo makes RENTRER EN SOI's disbandment more acceptable to me. But what I regret up til now is that they disbanded when their musical career was at the peak, the quality of their music was so good back then.
  3. nostalgia

    X JAPAN - DAHLIA Dir en grey - GAUZE Dir en grey - Withering to death. ギルガメッシュ - Reason of crying ギルガメッシュ - Girugamesh I simply like most of the songs in these albums.
  4. nostalgia

  5. nostalgia

    like Tinder but for fighting.
  6. nostalgia

  7. nostalgia

    He uploaded a cover of Golden Bomber's Reiwa lmao!
  8. nostalgia

    Mr.8 aka Shuu (ex-Girugamesh)'s solo project is somewhat forgettable. Everyone could tell who's behind Girugamesh's crappy synth/techno sound.
  9. nostalgia

    Ryo has just uploaded a cover of lynch.'s GALLOWS.
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