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  1. nostalgia

  2. nostalgia

    like Tinder but for fighting.
  3. nostalgia

  4. nostalgia

    He uploaded a cover of Golden Bomber's Reiwa lmao!
  5. nostalgia

    Mr.8 aka Shuu (ex-Girugamesh)'s solo project is somewhat forgettable. Everyone could tell who's behind Girugamesh's crappy synth/techno sound.
  6. nostalgia

    Ryo has just uploaded a cover of lynch.'s GALLOWS.
  7. Ayy, thanks for the follow :D

    1. nostalgia


      Thanks for the follow as well! :hug:

  8. thanks for following :lright:

  9. Thank you so much for the follow! Followed you back~

    1. nostalgia


      Thanks for the follow too. :tw_kiss_wink:

  10. nostalgia

    Take me to ma fud, hooman.
  11. nostalgia

    Arch Linux×DEZERT
  12. nostalgia

    Never excited about HYDE solo career like this time before. I like all the singles he has released recently. His new music direction is headed towards Western-ish metalcore, and it's incredibly good. His English is great too. Will definitely look forward to listening to this album esp. the digital version which is coming out in the next few weeks!
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