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  1. nostalgia

    He once teased us with a blank CD in 2015.
  2. nostalgia


    They've uploaded a full version of their recent live DVD "LIVE DVD D TOUR 2018 「Deadly sin」Grand Final 2018.12.21 at 豊洲PIT Full Movie" on YouTube. 【収録曲】 [DISC1] -OPENING SE- In the name of justice 弾丸 メテオ 夢寐の刻 Revive 荒廃都市 Next Generation エトワール 白き異端者 Lapis lazuli 君を思うほど僕は欲しくなる STAR SAPPHIRE Crystal Crown The Secret Rose Garden 微熱~雨の幻想曲(ファンタジア)~ Another Kingdom 千夜一夜のダラブッカ Quartet 真夜中の四重奏 Ghost in the mirror 花惑 [DISC2] 鬨の声 Deadly sin ザハブを継ぐ者(Dr.solo) Blood war Stray children 組曲「狂王」 第一番 灯火(とうか)の雄馬 第二番 死の影を運ぶ鳥 第三番 美醜なる不死の獣 第夢番 旅鼠(レミング)の行進 第幻番 死出虫の舞踏会 第四番 黒羊は忠誠の夢を見る 第五番 ~落陽に哭(な)く蝙蝠〜
  3. nostalgia

    Here are mine in no particular order given that all the songs on these singles are my favs. D'espairsRay - GEMINI DIR EN GREY - 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 DuelJewel - azure Kagrra - 夜伽噺 ガゼット - 【reila】
  4. nostalgia

    https://music.apple.com/us/album/dir-en-grey-audio-livestream-5-days-2020-05-06-day-5-kyo/1513073735 They've put all the 5 livestreams on sale digitally. However, according to the length, it looks like Ranunculus piano version isn't included.
  5. nostalgia

    lossless is preferred as i will never have to look for a higher lossy rip anymore.
  6. i have completely recorded all the 5 livestreams at the source quality 1080p using my server, not crappy screen recording. let me know if anyone wants them.
  7. im very surprised and also disappointed that no one in the band picked hageshisa considering its one of the most played songs in live concerts.
  8. I like how Japanese people were donating 666 JPY to Kyo's setlist when HYDRA -666- [LIVE] was playing.
  9. No Hageshisa so far. I bet it'll be on Kyo's setlist tomorrow.
  10. nostalgia

  11. There was the setlist of each livestream showing at the end for like only 1 minute during Ranunculus piano version which lasted for another 20 minutes after the show. Toshiya's picks were great. It's just like him.
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