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  1. Not mentioning from an indie VK band to Hollywood though.
  2. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

  3. No, you all are wrong! The album is definitely coming out this June. YO$HIKI has confirmed it's 31st of June.
  4. KAMIJO has never changed though.
  5. For me, it's the entire DIR EN GREY band members. DIR EN GREY in 1997 and nowadays are like complete different bands in every aspect.
  6. This band wakes up so early to kill someone at 5 A.M, and it's a limited-period project because once their objective is done, they all get arrested.
  7. Not sure if you're still around, but happy birthday, @arya92! ロックの日 :rock:

  8. I've optimized several things today. MH should be significantly faster now.

    1. Yukimoto


      Oh nice<3

  9. Oh, now you can listen to samples on iTunes Store on the web. A sample is pretty short though.

    1. Yukimoto


      I feel like the samples are not even worth it really .-.

  10. Thanks for the heads up, @sheepprincessgara! Apparently, this is an incorrect setting on certain groups; i.e. Hot People and etc. Non-staff groups excluding ORZ should now have the same signature permissions. Max number of images: 3 Max size per image: 600*200 px Max links: 4 Max lines of text: 10 However, existing large images in signature aren't going anywhere unless the user edit their own. The limits above should be adequate in most cases anyway.
  11. Just noticed the group your account is in. You need to have certain post count to enable signature on your profile. This is just how we deal with spammers putting external links on their profiles without any posts.
  12. Right here: It's under Account Settings > Signature.
  13. Spoiler












  14. Windows 10