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  1. Happy birthday, CAT5! Hope you have a wonderful day~ :tw_glasses:

    1. CAT5


      Why thank you, Nos-kun!!!

  2. Glad to see someone interested in web dev here. Web dev learning curve is probably the steepest one compared to other programming fields (I mean full-stack). It's like you're forming a one-man band literally. So keep it up! I'm a noob too.
  3. Need to dev on Windows because of an issue with my wireless card on Arch Linux.
  4. ROFL!! Da hell. Not a reboot like this. He needs to rollback now.
  5. Met a bunch of good old friends from high school at my friend's wedding today. Surprisingly, one of them never forgot the favor I did as if I saved his life that I once let him copy my answers during the English exam so he didn't get an F but C back in the uni day.

    1. Yukimoto


      HAHA You did save his life haha. But it's good that he remembers hehe

    2. nostalgia


      It was kinda a legendary story back then. Not only him, but I also helped my entire CS major fellows to pass the English exam without getting caught. Of course I got the top score which resulted in an A.

    3. Yukimoto


      Haha you got the top score because you are the best ^_^ Such a nice guy too<3

  6. MIYAVI acts as Byakuya in Bleach Live Action. LMAO!


    1. nekkichi


      honestly this is a look


      she should just give up on music and dive into a live action career full force, it probs pays much better as well

  7. I would believe if you told me that was Satoshi. They looked so alike.
  8. I know about internet security up to some point, but I wanna go further. So from now on I'm gonna arm myself with hacking skills. Not graduating from the CS major doesn't mean I've lost the will to master the field.

    1. YuyoDrift


      Your best experience is going to come from outside.

      Books and courses make you aware of what exists, but actually being there to witness what isn't in the books has a greater deal of wisdom.

    2. Yukimoto


      Good Luck!!!! I'm sure you'll do great ^_^

  9. Sometimes, MH isn't fair. LOL. 


    1. nekkichi


      I think it weighs in the previous days points two when ranking ppl with equal rep, doesn't it???

    2. Zeus


      I'm not sure it may also weigh time since last rep point

  10. I just realized that you are DuckWater.

    1. Mamo


      lol you mean kuroden

    2. BrenGun










  11. i have 50 stalkers following me.

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    2. Yukimoto


      LOL because everyone loves you? haha

    3. nostalgia


      i stalk them too, so we are equal.

    4. Yukimoto


      @nostalgiaCan't help but wonder what everyone is up to huh :P

  12. Happy birthday, kai-kun! Have a wonderful one. :rock:

  13. DIR EN GREY 29th SINGLE 『人間を被る』 2018.4.25 RELEASE 【完全生産限定盤】 CD+Blu-ray SFCD-0222〜223 ¥5,500 (tax out) CD+DVD SFCD-0224〜225 ¥4,500 (tax out) DISC 1 : CD 1. 人間を被る 2. Ash 3. 詩踏み [LIVE] *Live Take at Zepp Tokyo on October 12, 2017 DISC 2 : Blu-ray or DVD 01. Chain repulsion   TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?-   2014.08.30 新木場STUDIO COAST (追加公演) 02. 禍夜想   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of VULGAR]   2016.07.01 新木場STUDIO COAST 03. Phenomenon   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of DUM SPIRO SPERO]   2016.09.23 ホクト文化ホール 04. Un deux   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of 鬼葬]   2016.11.08 CLUB CITTA’ [FEMALE LIMITED] -「a knot」 & ONLINE only- 05. Revelation of mankind   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of UROBOROS]   2017.02.10 東京国際フォーラム・ホールA 06. Midwife   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of THE MARROW OF A BONE]   2017.04.18 Zepp Nagoya 07. 鱗   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of MACABRE]   2017.07.26 中野サンプラザ 08. Sustain the untruth   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of Withering to death.]   2017.10.12 Zepp Tokyo -「a knot」 & ONLINE only- (追加公演) <IN-STUDIO FOOTAGE> 人間を被る (Scenes From Recording) http://direngrey.co.jp/news/3254/
  14. me right now.


    1. Yukimoto


      the meaning of life is different for everyone. You have to find the thing that makes you happy and it can't be a person lol.

    2. nekkichi


      nnnnn, relatable queen