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  1. nostalgia

    Personally, I'm not a gamer so I'm out of the modern gaming scene, but I'm into retro games. Today I just beat Metal Gear Solid on extreme mode (3rd playthrough on extreme - Speed run / No Damage) but still missed the Big Boss rank just because I killed more than 25. :<
  2. nostalgia

    They're gonna be the K-Pop kei pioneer.
  3. nostalgia

    It's a VK album in a long while that I literally like every single track. Their sound has completely moved on from the project Dark Age but still very the GazettE-ish. IMO, according to the quality, most of the songs could have even been released as a single. Hand down one of the best recent VK releases. ¥O$HIKI, your turn is next.
  4. Happy birthday @doombox! Have a wonderful day~ :tw_kiss_wink:

    1. doombox


      Thank you~~ :tw_heart:

  5. World Cup 2018 is starting today. The Netherlands and Italy will make it to the final round. Mark my words. :rock:

    1. Ozileras10


      Interesting. I think Brazil and Germany or France.

      Maybe Portugal will suprise us. We’ll see!

    2. nostalgia


      wait, nobody notice this is a joke?

    3. Ozileras10


      Lol sorry, couldn’t really tell!

      I thought maybe you’re from one of these countries and that might be the reason why you think they would be in the final

  6. nostalgia

    *bookmarks this thread*
  7. nostalgia

    I noticed that posts won't be submitted if there is an Emoji.
  8. nostalgia

    A super cute fansong for PuPe BNK48.
  9. nostalgia

    @colorfuljinsei who is this? They sound so good!!!!! [2]
  10. Cute Octocat! Are you a programmer too?

    1. Dillinger


      Yup! :) 

      Unpopular opinion: I really like Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub. VS Code and TypeScript are great open source projects. Their culture is totally different since Satya came on board. I think its beginning to be cool to use MS products. I would never work there though. Haha. I hear its a retirement home for engineers. I'm all about the startup life.

      You're a programmer to right? I think we nerded about React on the Ops Update thread.

    2. nostalgia


      thats definitely what i was gonna ask you. lol.


      i felt completely the opposite about m$ acquiring github, but its just the platform that they bought anyway. opensource is still accessible to everyone even if they screwed github.


      im a self taught programmer. i know only js tho but its enough to build anything with it. xD react is my fav one. imo web dev is fun but it takes tons of efforts to master everything.


      well i'd like to run a startup too, but i work alone.

  11. Looks like Google is a bit confused about Japanese metal bands.


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    2. zombieparadise


      AHAHAHA. garoogamesh has re-emerged.

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Yeah, why is mucc listed

    4. nekkichi


      and people claim the US has no impact on the scene ffs

  12. nostalgia

  13. nostalgia

    YOSHIKI has posted the new album cover on Twitter.
  14. hello Chi-san, i'm looking for Lady Gaga's Memeshikute (Golden Bomber cover). can u help mii?

  15. Ramos should be banned from football.

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    2. nostalgia


      Ramos has no sportsmanship to begin with as you can see how he plays in La Liga. It was so obvious last night that he intentionally dirty played on Mo Salah. He even said before the match that he would stop Mo Salah, but who'd have thought he'd use this method.

    3. nostalgia


      I mean it's understandable for the duel between the two. But the point is why still kept Salah's arm under his armpit when falling. This is football not WWE.

    4. TomoMAD


      You have all the reason! he and a lot of him mates are so trash to play, they don't know the important meaning of "FAIR PLAY"