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  1. nostalgia

    Haha, yeah, it's so much fun to play. There are a bunch of pros out there and I'm not even close to their league. I play it every day hoping that I'll get better over time. x)
  2. nostalgia

    Yesterday I played CS:GO. In the first round when everyone had money to buy only a handgun, I stabbed 3 CTs in a row with a knife in 10 sec at the bomb site B in Dust II. What a fluke!
  3. nostalgia

    August 2018 Windows desktop screenshot show.me("the way");
  4. I'm expecting to hear a 10+ min progressive metal song from this album. Hopefully, there is one.
  5. nostalgia

    YOSHIKI said the album would have been finished by now if they had excluded Red Swan as the last track. YOSHIKI is still considering if he should include X JAPAN version of Red Swan in the new album though. If so, we will have to wait for some time for them to record the song and polish it.
  6. X JAPAN once destroyed the studio after they finished recording Art of Life. I can't imagine what they will destroy next when they finish recording the new album.

    1. nekkichi


      their assisted living facility x

    2. Wakarimashita


      Our patience

    3. Arkady


      Hopefully not their image as good musicians.

  7. nostalgia

    Definitely HIZUMI esp in Fuyuushita Risou. 4K quality
  8. nostalgia

    Been addicted to playing CS:GO recently. I'm a noob teammate though. I'd be surprised if I didn't get kicked out of the server because of my playing.
  9. nostalgia

    XXX is so talented that he can play guitar, bass, and drums simultaneously.
  10. nostalgia

    Unfortunately, yes. It's the lowercase L officially. I don't quite understand why though.
  11. nostalgia

    Video message about the upcoming album and tour.
  12. Happy birthday, allisapp! Have a good day. :rock:

    1. allisapp


      Thank you!! :D