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  1. OMG! Just a week to go. Can't really wait! 18 tracks are too many for an album though, but the tracklist looks more like a best of album. Haha.
  2. Ugh. I couldn't snatch JACK IN THE BOX 2009 and 2010 ISOs in time before they were removed. LOL. Anyone mind putting them back on JPS?

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Were these shows actually released in DVD?

    2. nostalgia


      No, they are HDTV rips in the ISO format.

    3. IGM_Oficial
  3. Not sure either, but simply I think it wouldn't be appropriate/make sense to release a song under the disbanded name Girugamesh as the band no longer exists. Otherwise, it could lead to a misunderstanding that the band had been reunited.
  4. Girugamesh certainly deserved to be on the MUCC tribute album because both were senior and junior bands. Unfortunately, it's a shame that they couldn't use the band name after the disbandment. It sure is a big surprise seeing Girugamesh secretly participate on a bonus track, and it turned out to be a killer one. <3
  5. I can't stop listening to the Samidare cover. I've been looping it solely for two days in a row. lolz. The original song is from MUCC, but the arrangement is definitely the pre-13's reborn Girugamesh style. At this rate, their disbandment is even sadder because they still have the potential to compose music this good. Come back already!

    1. Mamo


      I second all of your thoughs.

    2. Kaye


      I didn't realize they were on it till I just sat staring at the tracklist going all "THAT'S GIRU, ISN'T IT????" Glad I checked.

    3. Mamo


      I did the same lol

  6. The Samidare cover has a 2005 Girugamesh vibe in it. Such a precious legacy track from my boys.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WhirlingBlack


      I agree, it reminded me of the good old days of Girugamesh.

    3. yakihiko


      Wasn't able to noticed the release thread before, holy man, there is also lynch doing cover for one of my fav mucc songs (/*^*)/ <3

    4. Mamo


      So glad to hear this :tw_heart:

  7. I meant the latter sorry.
  8. Elegy of Fate sounds so beautiful. Way too beautiful as a ballad. <3
  9. LOL. This thread is a click bait. XD
  10. Happy birthday, 神様! Have a good day.

  11. I feel bad for D's Orokashii Yuu no Yume PV. It's a gorgeous PV in 480p. LOL
  12. Love the new lineup, but please bring Ayasa back. She is such a QT.