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  1. Arch Linux
  2. evolution was like the band's anthem. They must've played it every show.
  3. Wtf? Who unbanned this acc?

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  4. Does it mean 枯れたSOLEIL (Withered Sun)?
  5. Definitely looking forward to hearing the full album. <3
  6. still better than a simple plain wow emote anyway.
  7. ROFL!! dat wow reaction.

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  8. Sounds like a killer album full of catchy VK songs. I really like how they named the album too. Red mixed with blue makes purple.
  9. You're very welcome! You're right! All MH Girugamesh fans should be here together. TwT
  10. Clubs came with IPS 4.2 after the upgrade today. An IPS club reminds me of a last.fm group, so I wanna give it a shot. xD
  11. I'm new to this too. I have just set the club privacy to Open. Anyone should be able to join now I guess.
  12. - Every Girugamesh release until "volcano" was always written "Very special Thanks to : 蜉蝣 (Kagerou)" or something similar on the credit page. - If you're listening to 不純愛(L), it will show up as 不純愛♥ with a big red heart on MSN. Not sure if it's the band's intention. - The song "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 had been often used as the opening song of their live concerts in 2004-2006. - The bassline in Sel'm's オリエンタルリリー sounds very similar to ミッドナイト at the intro. - The correct romanization for the song 枯咲き歌 is "Karezaki Uta". - Sadie's 迷彩 (meisai) and Girugamesh's 【獄】 (Goku) have the same intro. (Goku was released first.) - 拒絶された机 (kyosetsu sareta tsukue) is the only song that's still unknown who composed it. - The shortest track ever is 男魂 (Otoko Tamashii) which is just 3 seconds length. - The live dist. DVD 千名阪ツアー配布DVD is one of their secret releases. - The speech "An Appeal to the Red Army" by Vladimir Lenin was used in 亡者ノ行進 (Mouja NO Koushin). - The single 零-ゼロ- (Rei-ZERO-) was sold in advance at the live concert on March 22, 2006 (which was also the date GLAMOROUS SKY was distributed). - The live dist. CD "jelato" had been rare for over two years until it was leaked in September 2006. - The live dist. CD ミッドナイト (MIDNIGHT) had been a secret release of theirs until it was discovered in 2006 and leaked in mid 2007. - 零-ゼロ- (Rei-ZERO-) was co-written by the two members of the band, Nii and Ryo. - DEATHGAZE's abyss PV was probably shot at the same location as 終わりと未来 (Owari to Mirai) PV. (Girugamesh was first.) - Their first oversea live was held at The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles on May 26, 2007 (J-Rock Revolution Festival day 2). - The lyrics on Reason of crying regular edition booklet are handwritten by Satoshi. - The self-titled album "Girugamesh" was released on Shuu's 23rd birthday (December 26, 2007). - ROCKER'S from the limited edition is sightly different from the regular one at the end of the song. - The song "stupid" doesn't have lyrics written on the booklet. - The Girugamesh logo on MUSIC CD looks similar to Metallica's. - Mariko Goto (ミドリ Vo.) is the guest chorus in the song evolution. - No even singles or old songs included in the self-titled album and MUSIC. - From the album MUSIC onwards, the whole band has been given credits together as the music composers on the booklets. - If you don't know this guy, you're not a die hard Girugamesh fan. - ALIVE was the first single in 3 years since 2006. - They used the photo of a 5 year old boy as NOW album art which referred to the years that the band had been active so far at that time. (And also their mental age? XD) - NuTz (Fly Sleep Fly Vo.) is the guest chorus in the song BEAST. - In DIRTY STORY PV, Satoshi sings "I wanna be a sincere man, SAY!!" which sightly differs from the audio track on CD. - In July 2010, tons of the people on Last.fm were fooled by the fake song the foolish mindcore. (Me included.) - The title of the album GO could also refer to their fifth album. (Go = 5 in Japanese) - The previous singles, COLOR and Inochi no Ki, included in GO were left untouched unlike the ones in their other studio albums which were at least re-recorded. - ShuU is the collaborating bassist in the song 翻弄(Honrou) on Daisuke's last album. - They released a song titled "pray" as a charity song via iTunes Store on April 13, 2011 to help the tsunami victims. - "Future", a digital single, was a song used in a Russia-Japan event in 2011. - On October 19, 2011, their OHP had become a blank page with the number 13. Later, it was revealed on October 23, 2011. (Which was the announcement about their new tour and a new live DVD to be released in February 2012.) - Satoshi is the guest vocalist as the screamer in the song No Reason in the Pit by ROACH. More info - They had a song tribute to Tatsurou (ムック) called たたたつろー!!. It later became 絶頂BANG!! with alternate lyrics. - 斬鉄拳 (zantetsuken) released in 2012 was a one-type single in ages since 零-ゼロ- in 2006. - In late 2012, the band had paused all activities and stayed quiet for almost a year in order to focus on practicing to improve their musical skills, and they made a comeback on July 22, 2013 (Which was also Nii's 29th birthday.) - Satoshi joined another band named REDMAN as the vocalist in late 2013. - If you order the album titles they have released so far, it's gonna be "Girugamesh MUSIC NOW GO MONSTER". - They had two distinct songs with the same title: Intro. One is from the self-titled album, and the other is from MONSTER. - On February 20, 2014, Nii and Ryo opened a joint Twitter account, and Ryo clarified that they both were actual blood-related brothers. This was kind of a big shock to all Girugamesh fans. It had been 10 years they kept it a secret. - The LIVE BEST tracklist order resembles a setlist they could have played live. - gravitation was the first one-typed album ever. - They had a live distributed album containing 25 pre-13's reborn songs (2 CDs) titled "CORE BEST" released on October 11, 2014. This was the first live distributed CD in over 8 years since Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe in 2006. - In May 2015, Shuu joined the band named KEEL as the bassist. - 2015 was the first year the band had no releases. - On May 2, 2016, they announced their disbandment ending their 12-year music career, and the last live would be held at Zepp DiverCity on July 10, 2016. (BORN and SCREW also disbanded on the same day. Coincidentally, it was on hide's 18th death day. ) - 希望ト夜 (Kibou to Yoru) by グリーヴァ is a 【獄窓】 (Gokusou) rip off. - ラストダンス (Last Dance) by ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) is a Dance Rock Night rip off. - Their last song titled "period" was distributed at the last live and available to purchase online later on; unfortunately, it was never played live. - There is a small typo on the last live DVD booklet. 縁enishi became 緑enishi which the latter is read "midori". lol
  13. Youtuphobia - a fear of downloading a YouTube rip from the DL section

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