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  1. nostalgia

    It's good to mirror/archive such information so it won't get lost over time. I'm glad that the owner of grass thread is still alive and doesn't seem to lose interest in VK.
  2. nostalgia

    Messages from the owner from the new URL. It seems they can't access the site and want to build grass thread from scratch. http://www22.big.jp/~yunisan/ And an incomplete site is up. http://www22.big.jp/~yunisan/vi/dic.html
  3. nostalgia

    Let me assume from what it looks like. The issue behind grass thread going down beside the server rent is that it's on a shared host and the hosting provider has upgraded PHP to version 7 according to the headers which is not compatible with the WordPress version grass thread has been using. This explains why only static HTML pages are still working while HTML generated ones get an HTTP 500 error. At this rate grass thread may never come back at least on the same URL unless either the hosting provider allows them to choose a working older version of PHP or they upgrade WordPress to a recent version. If it's the latter, there could also be other issues that could break the site due to the gaps between versions.
  4. nostalgia

    it's back partially. only static html pages are accessible for now. i assume the owner has already paid for the rent but the web server config is still wrong. https://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/x.html
  5. nostalgia

    Well, I have it up in the link below. There was an issue regarding encoding being in both UTF-8 and Shift-JIS, but I got it fixed by configuring nginx to respect the original character set of each html file. If you encounter a 404 not found page, it means the page doesn't exist to begin with because my backup is incomplete but most of the artist pages should be available. https://yunisan.boxjapan.com/
  6. nostalgia

    IMO, this is not the first time it happened. IIRC, grassthread wasn't accessible several years before due to the owner not paying the server rent I supposed. So I hope this time it's the same issue, and I will make sure to make a backup of the entire site again because the backup I made years ago still misses some certain pages. If not, at least I still have a backup of the incomplete site.
  7. nostalgia

    Experimenting with airsonic, another self-hosted music streaming server.
  8. How did you get access to their unlised video?
  9. nostalgia

    I've built a DIY music streaming server using Koel+Docker, a web-based music player. It's a very neat app. I have a server with a gigabit port and several TB monthly bandwidth + 500GB storage connected to it, so it perfectly fits a music streaming server. Now I just have to throw whatever I want to listen to into the server and stream it from anywhere with internet.
  10. YOSHIKI said at the announcement event today that X JAPAN new album is finished already but still hasn't decided for the release date.

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    2. rekzer
    3. Arkady


      Yoshiki be like: YWGu.gif

    4. ahnchc


      It's been leaked on Tanuki that it'll be released on the 31st of TBD, 30XX.

  11. nostalgia

    8 hours and 1.6k views already. Wow!
  12. Chi-chan, have you seen this? I know it's your fav song. x)


    1. Chi


      The effort put into this is the best part of it

      I stan

    2. nostalgia


      ROFL yeah they nailed it!

  13. whoever leaks this album in 128 kbps should be arrested.
  14. Happy birthday, Zeus! Have a good one. :rock:

    1. Zeus


      thanks ❤️

  15. lol the look doesn't even match the song.