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  1. LOL. If you are hesitant or have a question in mind about signature being appropriate or not, avoid using it is the best idea. Members with an inappropriate signature whether it be the size or the image itself will be temporarily punished by replacing the signature with a Teletubby one. For example:
  2. Happy birthday, @JRD! Enjoy your special day~ :magic:

  3. Happy birthday, Saku! Have a good day~ :magic:

  4. The album art has been revealed. Limited edition: Regular edition:
  5. 안녕하세요

  6. mucc6 will be our savior.
  7. Hope this is not another Pedobear case.
  8. love the avatar <3 

    1. nostalgia


      It's my masterpiece. x)

    2. -NOVA-


      ITS AMAZING  :glitter:<3

  9. The album is also out and is available worldwide.
  10. @flamingditto69, I choose you!
  11. They both have the same IP address. I bet TheDragonCharizard11 is his cousin from the upstairs.
  12. ^ You're drunk. Tainted Reality is a complete different site and is not associated with Tainted World/Monochrome Heaven.