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  1. nostalgia

    I see it only on Chrome but not on Firefox. I'm using Arch Linux.
  2. nostalgia

    Blast it into a mic and record it as a new MP3 file.
  3. probably a long time awaited new album?
  4. Bring Me the Horizon have now become an Oshare Kei band.


  5. nostalgia

    i dont care about the lineup as long as AI is the main music composer and vocalist bc everything he has produced sounds pretty much the same (and i like that). hope they get a new guitarist asap.
  6. happy birthday mucc6. long live the vk god. :rock:

  7. A parrot-fronted death metal band


    1. Gesu


      Hatebeak are great~ 🐦

    2. nekkichi


      nazare outdid themselves on this one!!!!

    3. Jigsaw9


      I think they actually have a split record with the pitbull-fronted death metal band!


      edit: yup https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Hatebeak/Bird_Seeds_of_Vengeance_-_Wolfpig/75338

  8. nostalgia

    DEZERT as a whole seem to be cat people because they set a cat as the main character in this PV.
  9. nostalgia

    And ZAN is the #1 catchiest song. Yeah, totally agree that GAUZE is full of catchy songs. It'd be nice if one day they came up with an idea of forming an alter-ego band that went back to their old school VK roots and released GAUZE 2.0 lol.
  10. nostalgia

    我、闇とて… is always my go-to track every time I want to listen to something on UROBOROS. It's a great ballad. Now I kinda agree with the poll that TIW is their worst album ever. Just didn't want to judge an album I barely listened to. THE MARROW OF A BONE is much better for me after I have given TIW more listens.
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