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  1. YOSHIKI trying to find an excuse for delaying X JAPAN new album.


    1. Komorebi


      I commented the same thing on his post LOL I wonder if I'll get banned for that.

    2. platy


      He wants to fall off the skateboard. 6 months recovery time means you don't have to work on the album plus pity points :^) 

  2. nostalgia


    Glad to see you back! It's been so long. Hope everything is all right on your end.
  3. Been mistaken for a Japanese for my entire life. Today I went to my BFF's wedding and the bridesmaids thought I was a Japanese lol. Glad to meet a bunch of my old friends though.

  4. nostalgia

    The new song is even more beautiful with the speakers turned off.
  5. LOL Does that mean DEG never had talent so they were never signed to Kreis?
  6. Still shocked about Leicester City helicopter crash. Vichai, the owner of LCFC, was a very generous billionaire from my country who contributed a lot to charities.


    On top of that, he taught everyone that everything is possible that a smaller team like LCFC could win the EPL title in 2016. That season was like a fairy tale that will be remembered eternally.


    Kasper Schmeichel is one of the saddest people as he respects Vichai as a father. He saw the moment the chopper fell before his eyes. It was extremely shocking to him. This is such an immense loss to football. RIP.

    1. nostalgia


      Salute the couple pilots who passed away in the incident for their efforts to not land on the crowd as well.

  7. Happy birthday @-NOVA-! Have a wonderful day. :rock:

    1. -NOVA-


      Thanks so much ! ❤️ 

  8. nostalgia

    It's good to mirror/archive such information so it won't get lost over time. I'm glad that the owner of grass thread is still alive and doesn't seem to lose interest in VK.
  9. nostalgia

    Messages from the owner from the new URL. It seems they can't access the site and want to build grass thread from scratch. http://www22.big.jp/~yunisan/ And an incomplete site is up. http://www22.big.jp/~yunisan/vi/dic.html
  10. nostalgia

    Let me assume from what it looks like. The issue behind grass thread going down beside the server rent is that it's on a shared host and the hosting provider has upgraded PHP to version 7 according to the headers which is not compatible with the WordPress version grass thread has been using. This explains why only static HTML pages are still working while HTML generated ones get an HTTP 500 error. At this rate grass thread may never come back at least on the same URL unless either the hosting provider allows them to choose a working older version of PHP or they upgrade WordPress to a recent version. If it's the latter, there could also be other issues that could break the site due to the gaps between versions.
  11. nostalgia

    it's back partially. only static html pages are accessible for now. i assume the owner has already paid for the rent but the web server config is still wrong. https://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/x.html
  12. nostalgia

    Well, I have it up in the link below. There was an issue regarding encoding being in both UTF-8 and Shift-JIS, but I got it fixed by configuring nginx to respect the original character set of each html file. If you encounter a 404 not found page, it means the page doesn't exist to begin with because my backup is incomplete but most of the artist pages should be available. https://yunisan.boxjapan.com/
  13. nostalgia

    IMO, this is not the first time it happened. IIRC, grassthread wasn't accessible several years before due to the owner not paying the server rent I supposed. So I hope this time it's the same issue, and I will make sure to make a backup of the entire site again because the backup I made years ago still misses some certain pages. If not, at least I still have a backup of the incomplete site.
  14. nostalgia

    Experimenting with airsonic, another self-hosted music streaming server.