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  1. Awesome! It's been some time they last released something.
  2. Basically, MH is full of weirdos, so no worries you're not the only one. x) Welcome to the forum~
  3. Well, I got a PM from the member who registered co2's account for him (because of the incorrect CAPTCHA settings mentioned in the announcement which resulted in their attempts helping to register), so everything is clear now that they're two different people. I moved the thread back to the proper section, and welcome to MH, co2 (your introduction thread is still weird to begin with anyway).
  4. Hello, and welcome to the forum!
  5. Actually, he is an existing user with a yellow name, so making fun of him about MH premium accounts isn't gonna work. lol I'll move the thread to the Toasted Waffles section for the lulz instead.
  6. What is this thread supposed to mean?
  7. Definitely looking forward to getting this. Kihiro has never disappointed me so far.
  8. ^ Pandas don't need to lose weight; otherwise, you aren't a panda anymore. x)
  9. My listening behavior is repetitive, so I always listen to a song on repeat until I get bored of it. Kameleo's Neet Hime is one of the songs I've listened on repeat most followed closely by DIR EN GREY's Hageyami.
  10. Rentrer en Soi! We need good old school VK bands in 2017.
  11. Happy birthday, @Seimeisen! Hope it's a great one. :rock:

  12. Baidu bots seem to be a group of die hard J-Rock fans that just can't leave MH. They keep spawning after getting banned. lol

    1. PsychoΔelica


      Baby we're going down.

  13. Wow, lotta Baidu crawlers are back as you can see a number of guests online. It's a bit complicated to block them though because they won't obey robots.txt, so last time I simply banned their IP range. lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nostalgia


      It's just bots/web crawlers from China that will come visit websites too often more than needed that could affect the site performance. Quite annoying to get rid of though.

    3. sume7


      Damn what caused this? The new chat?

    4. nostalgia


      It's this IP range this time (from to, so I blocked them all. Hope this will do.

  14. Finally, ANIMA live version!!