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  1. nostalgia

    this may be off topic but this topic reminds me of what i always wanted to say about mh. idk what we overseas fans can do to make vk more popular than what it is, but one thing i think doable is to make mh become more popular. vk may be dead one day but mh should live on after that. personally i always see mh as a very underrated japanese music forum that has high potential to grow bigger. if the stats on similarweb aren't lying, it's very impressive that we have around 1.3m page views monthly (from 200k total visits * 6.6 page views per a visit). what i mean is mh already has a huge user base in hands but the engagements of the content on the forum are a lot less compared to it. for example, we have very few concurrent registered users online as you can see from the image below. it's only ~20 members online. (700 guests are mostly crawlers i believe). i know that it's taken at a random time of a day but usually it's still not significantly more than this either considering we have over 9.6k members registered. additionally, we can have more followers on facebook and twitter from our daily visitors if we want to. (it hurts to see that mh which is the source of almost everything japanese rock related has far less likes than random j-rock pages on facebook even demon android's one.) moreover, traditional forum software like IPB is kinda 2000-ish, but i'm just saying. i have nothing against it. IPB is not bad though. it regularly gets updates and bug fixes. but nowadays there are a number of better open source alternatives as well; e.g. discourse and nodebb. converting the database from one to another is such a pain though if we ever do it. sysops are one of the most important roles that almost nobody notices the effort they put behind the scenes. we have had only 3-4 sysops since the inception of mh and now there is only one left. it's a vital position that needs to recruit too. what'd we do if they're all gone? it'd even mean the end of mh. (not sure about how recruiting a new sysop is going, but it seems difficult to get one to begin with.) at the end of the day, staff are all volunteers. finding a suitable staff member who is willing to spend their free time is hard already but finding one who is dedicated to the community is even harder. one day the current staff members will be rotated as well. so we're not going anywhere if we don't expand the user base. we can find more talented people from a bigger one. this is my two cents: it's time for mh 4.0. sooner or later mh has to change too. otherwise, the community will be gone if we don't do something beforehand. if i were the founder, i'd rebrand "monochrome-heaven" to something else shorter, easier to type and pronounce, and easy to remember esp for non-english natives. having a dash (-) in a domain name looks unprofessional for a brand imo. just like when "thefacebook.com" becoming "facebook.com". the former is not a professional brand name compared to the latter. they bought it once they had the money to afford it and became the "facebook" we know nowadays. rebranding mh may be too much for those who're familiar with the name but it'd be a big step to be known better. by rebranding i mean changing the look of the forum too whether it be a new skin or even new forum software that's more modern. we can still stick with vk just like before and be more open to the general japanese rock scene which is more lively and has a wider fanbase like ruling it all online not only on here but also on other social networks. yeah, i know that it's easier said than done. it takes a lot of effort and is very challenging to accomplish, but knowing the potential mh has not being used is wasting as well.
  2. nostalgia

    I see it only on Chrome but not on Firefox. I'm using Arch Linux.
  3. nostalgia

    Blast it into a mic and record it as a new MP3 file.
  4. probably a long time awaited new album?
  5. Bring Me the Horizon have now become an Oshare Kei band.


  6. nostalgia

    i dont care about the lineup as long as AI is the main music composer and vocalist bc everything he has produced sounds pretty much the same (and i like that). hope they get a new guitarist asap.
  7. happy birthday mucc6. long live the vk god. :rock:

  8. A parrot-fronted death metal band


    1. Gesu


      Hatebeak are great~ 🐦

    2. nekkichi


      nazare outdid themselves on this one!!!!

    3. Jigsaw9


      I think they actually have a split record with the pitbull-fronted death metal band!


      edit: yup https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Hatebeak/Bird_Seeds_of_Vengeance_-_Wolfpig/75338

  9. nostalgia

    DEZERT as a whole seem to be cat people because they set a cat as the main character in this PV.
  10. nostalgia

    And ZAN is the #1 catchiest song. Yeah, totally agree that GAUZE is full of catchy songs. It'd be nice if one day they came up with an idea of forming an alter-ego band that went back to their old school VK roots and released GAUZE 2.0 lol.
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