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  1. nitta

    I still love them ❤️ Labyrinth is probably my favorite indies song of them. Also MISTAKE is awesome ❤️ I really hope we will get at least a reunion concert or something. They still have the same fanclub and all members are credited as (Janne Da Arc) not (ex. Janne Da Arc) Little things I know but I still have hope
  2. nitta

    I love kiyoharu's voice :'D Will be nice to hear his voice with hitoki's bass together again.
  3. I hate this guy, I never even was that much of a fan for X JAPAN but he's too annoying.
  4. I love the fact that my favorite bassist & guitarist are playing together, even though I'm not interested at all in Asagi's work :'D
  5. nitta

    The second half sounds different. A more X Japan sounding ballad.
  6. nitta

    I thought Shade of season and the other new album tracks of Butterfly were great 🤔
  7. nitta

    The song is quite nice.
  8. nitta

    But this is not associated with X JAPAN name right ?
  9. nitta

    Looking forward to hearing this.
  10. nitta

    I think they're just playing the instruments. probably they didn't write any songs.
  11. nitta

    It is really nice to hear you playing guitar on a record again. the whole album sounds nice.
  12. nitta

    They were always a side project anyway. I liked them very much though.
  13. nitta

    Well, it is a really cool story. I hope that wish comes true.
  14. nitta

    Do you think Janne Da Arc will ever be active again ? By the time I lose hope I see one of their members make a guest appearance somewhere with Janne Da Arc name still between brackets with no ex-. So what do you think ? I really miss them.
  15. nitta

    Miss Moonlight ?!! It is unlikely, but I hope it's a kuroyume cover
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