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  1. nitta

    I don't get how this guy has such high status with his behavior. Everything he does is becoming more triggering for me day after day.
  2. nitta

    They have a great talent of making very memorable choruses
  3. nitta

    Is his english good ?
  4. You are absolutely right . And the melody sounds really familiar .
  5. Honestly, when this band started I never imagined they'd continue this long . I like them though.
  6. I don't know why Japanese bands are always very late to join YT, still many bands don't have channels.
  7. nitta

    It's been Janne Da Arc for 11 years & I think it will always stay the same.
  8. nitta

    Seriously , does this guy have important relatives or something ? :'D
  9. Finally, something interesting in this scene
  10. nitta

    wow that sounds good
  11. As the title suggests , I need to by from https://upriseshop.jp Furthermore, what is the difference between Tenso JAPAN & tenso.com ?
  12. nitta

  13. any of you know a good source for setlists ? you, kiyo & shuji have been playing a set of lives and I can't find any setlist anywhere
  14. I hope you like Janne Da Arc 's music 

    1. spockitty


      is that a threat? jkjk I see you've noticed my stalking your uploads :P


      tbh I've yet to get around to it ^^;; I've been trying to find good quality rips of everything, then fixing the tags and stuff, it's a process. I love Yasu's vocal tho, so I'm pretty sure I'll like it ^^ 



    2. nitta


      they are absolutely amazing, versatile and the best band in the world <333

      don't forget about the indie mini-albums, pure gold old school v-kei

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