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  1. nitta

    I think they don't have the confidence that they can fill the venue from US fans only. Surely, they're reserving seats for US fans, it's not like it could go sold out now.
  2. i'm glad they still have enough fans to vote for 12 songs
  3. nitta

    Kuroyume played in South Korea before as well.
  4. this band is a just a shadow of what was once one of my favorite bands 😒
  5. yasu issued a statement today about the disbandment. you can read the translation by one of his fans here
  6. nitta

    That's too many songs :'D
  7. He issued a statement on July, 2017 , I found a translation on Facebook , here it is
  8. I thought this injury is related to headbanging and performing, not really related to vocal cords. I don't really know why he chose to just disappear completely after that πŸ˜•
  9. I don't think that's the case, they wouldn't kind of shame his name like that if that's the case. I think he wasn't really interested in music that much lately anyway. Also none of the members are doing anything except for support work. I think that it is really the best decision right now.
  10. They really were. I like the fact that they're actually trending on twitter right now worldwide. I think they were very much loved by Japanese fans.
  11. As the title says, they announced it on their website along with details on their twitter account. https://twitter.com/JDA_FC I'm really sad.
  12. nitta

    I still love them ❀️ Labyrinth is probably my favorite indies song of them. Also MISTAKE is awesome ❀️ I really hope we will get at least a reunion concert or something. They still have the same fanclub and all members are credited as (Janne Da Arc) not (ex. Janne Da Arc) Little things I know but I still have hope
  13. I love kiyoharu's voice :'D Will be nice to hear his voice with hitoki's bass together again.
  14. I hate this guy, I never even was that much of a fan for X JAPAN but he's too annoying.
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