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  1. nitta

    wow that sounds good
  2. As the title suggests , I need to by from https://upriseshop.jp Furthermore, what is the difference between Tenso JAPAN & tenso.com ?
  3. nitta

  4. any of you know a good source for setlists ? you, kiyo & shuji have been playing a set of lives and I can't find any setlist anywhere
  5. I hope you like Janne Da Arc 's music 

    1. spockitty


      is that a threat? jkjk I see you've noticed my stalking your uploads :P


      tbh I've yet to get around to it ^^;; I've been trying to find good quality rips of everything, then fixing the tags and stuff, it's a process. I love Yasu's vocal tho, so I'm pretty sure I'll like it ^^ 



    2. nitta


      they are absolutely amazing, versatile and the best band in the world <333

      don't forget about the indie mini-albums, pure gold old school v-kei

  6. nitta

    when will this guy have some self respect !!
  7. nitta

    sadly true
  8. nitta

    I can't believe they already have more albums than PIERROT.
  9. Good to see other artists pay their respects. I want a tribute album though.
  10. nitta

    I think they don't have the confidence that they can fill the venue from US fans only. Surely, they're reserving seats for US fans, it's not like it could go sold out now.
  11. i'm glad they still have enough fans to vote for 12 songs
  12. nitta

    Kuroyume played in South Korea before as well.
  13. this band is a just a shadow of what was once one of my favorite bands 😢
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