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  1. Seimeisen

    Bitch you're on fucking season 11, how can you not be prepared for Snatch Game? Have you never watched the show?
  2. Seimeisen

    Whenever Miss Ro'ger who-needs-to-change-her-name spoke, I hit the mute button. She lost me at her little "let's not read this waste of mirror space" nonsense. She was not being clever-bitchy, she was being a cunt. And "needing to give it 200% now that you're in the Top Nine?" That's the most bullshit thing I've ever heard in the history of the show! Yvie's looks in both mini and maxi challenge were my favourite. Everyone else (except Plastique) was kinda bleh RuPaul: "This is your new home. I'm your new mommy who you're not allowed to make eye contact with, or speak to unless spoken to" PRAISE ME, RO'GER IS GONE!! I'm as happy as Phi Phi was when Willam was kicked off in S4 As for Untucked, the only queen who had my undivided attention was Brooke Lynn; voicing the world's confusion RE: Plastique vs. Ro'ger, hiding underneath couch cushions after another confusing fight breaks out, "can't we just bottle our feelings like normal people?" During the main episode, I was living for Yvie, but seeing her get mad at everyone in Untucked was just annoying! Especially that fight with Vanessa, wtf was that about? I can only roll my eyes so much.
  3. Seimeisen

    The video won't work if it's embedded; just right click the video thumbnail for a full link
  4. Seimeisen

    I was just starting to like Scarlet, and now they send her home? And after that lip-sync? Ro'ger should have gone home, I'm just not interested in her anymore, like gtfo already! She's probably fucking a producer if she's gotten this far after being in the bottom so many times and not delivering in the lip-sync.
  5. Seimeisen

    Wow, that actually didn't suck! I hope the rest of the mini is at least this good
  6. Seimeisen

    Ohhhhhhh...... I keep forgetting that I stopped watching season 10 half way through. I'm an idiot. *looks up season 10* wow, glad I missed that episode. I'll still jump ship if they put his annoying ass on the judges panel Also, while I'm at it, I'm generally glad I abandoned season 10. Eureka in the top 3? Cracker eliminated at 5th place? No!
  7. Seimeisen

    The second they announce Ty**r O**ly as a guest judge is the second I stop watching the show forever ~tHe HoOoUuuUsE~ 🤢🤮🤮🤮 He's a great contestant, but he's not attractive. And pairing him with Vanjie? It's all just so... ugh, no, ick
  8. Seimeisen

    Why is YouTube always showing these anti-tobacco ads? I don't even smoke. Is it 2003 again?
  9. Seimeisen

    TRAGEDY OF AVALON is a good, solid track, nothing cringe-y, nothing trashy, just a good extreme metal track. I wish I could say the rest about this mini, but the rest is, well... SHET (ba-dum *tss*). The music videos for COLLAPSE and COCYTUS are so fucking terrible, the songs themselves have been rendered unlistenable. To be fair though, COLLAPSE would be much better if instead of those horrible vocals they'd just stick with your average typical black metal screeches. I'm convinced that COLLAPSE has no lyrics and the vocal track is just a microphone test (what the fuckity-fuck was he doing at 1:24? LMAO). Whoever directed those videos should be legally prohibited from owning any type of camera. CALL MY NAME was decent until the chorus. REVELATION started off bland and got worse in the middle with the fucking annoying pig squeal. Whenever I hear the pig squeals or gurgling, I wanna shove an ice pick in my brain
  10. Seimeisen

    Here's what I can remember about this week: Joel McHale looks good for a 50 year-old Joel McHale annoying Michelle was great It was weird to see a straight man be a guest judge on the show, going from "oMg yAasss GUuUUurL slEIGh" to "WHOOOO, YEAH," I kinda hoped that appearing on the show would have "gayed" him up a little~ I didn't immediately recognise Tiffany Pollard That dance instructor was a limp-wristed cunt lol I haven't mocked a 'gay voice' so much since 2012 For the second time, Ro'ger should have gone home Nina's college horror story omg (it was Nina, right? There's still too many people to keep track of) It's recently come to my attention that Vanessa Vanjie Mateo has been using chest glitter on every runway look I forgot what the preview showed for next week, nothing to look forward to I guess Can we please bring back double eliminations? Or maybe some idiot at WOW Presents can leak the Snatch Game episode?
  11. Seimeisen

    Judging by the previews on mora.jp, the main track is the worst of the bunch and the b-sides are all much better, especially the rebuild of 遊郭 (which is not an exact re-recording, it sounds quite different).
  12. Seimeisen

    I've given ANGELS a few listens and it is spectacular! My favourites are BAD DREAM, DOWN TO HEAVEN, and Close to me (although the chorus sounds like Kobayashi's singing "colostomy, colostomy" which is weird). My least favourite is Everything, as I expected, but it's still a decent song. The truth fact is this: Hallelujah < Rhapsody in beauty = Elegance = ANGELS < zeitgeist Hallelujah wasn't a bad album by any means, I'm just almost never in the mood for it. The album's saving grace was 黒い虹. Still though, zeitgeist is still their best album to date. Rhapsody was also great, but the one thing standing in its way of perfection was the last track.
  13. Can't believe I missed it, last Monday was the 10th anniversary of D'espairsRay's last good album, REDEEMER. It also marked the 10th anniversary of me being a VK fan.

    1. God


      Has it been that long already?  I remember when that came out.  A friend of mine heard it and then she got hella obsessed w Hizumi.  She printed off a bunch of his pics at the library and hung them up on her wall, then would tell me everything about them.  😂

    2. Disposable


      The last good album was sexual beast tbh 🦐🦎🐍🐍

    3. Zeus


      I'd settle for MIRROR myself

  14. @yomii sent me a mix entitled, i am thou, thou art i 〜我は汝、汝は我〜 To be quite honest, the backstory provided didn't add anything to me. I personally didn't see the yin-yang complex in the drawing itself, and I didn't experience a great encounter with strong opposites in the mixtape itself. I saw the image for what it was; a Japanese lolita-esque drawing of twins who style their hair differently and have cuts on their necks and hands. So I expected a loli-goth vibe all around, and that's what I got! While some songs got lower ratings, this was still a great listen, I really enjoyed the combination of songs, the flow, and how every song (with two personal exceptions) paired really well with the main image!
  15. I'll see if I can do a review tonight, but it'll probably happen tomorrow~
  16. Damn, that was a great preview! I fucking hate these guys for making this a live-limited disc!
  17. Seimeisen

    Whoever uploaded those videos got them out of order DEZERT -(houchou )no 1.mp4: 包丁の正しい使い方~思想編~ DEZERT (houchou) no t no 3.mp4: 包丁の正しい使い方~実行編~ DEZERT(houchou) no 2.mp4: 包丁の正しい使い方~終息編~ Available on iTunes from either ~包丁の正しい使い方~ or「暫定的オカルト週刊誌①」
  18. Seimeisen

    Team Brinty was great, I thought Vanessa should have won, she was more entertaining than Nina. When I saw that an entire team had to lip-sync, I was hoping more than one queen would be eliminated so we'd get to Snatch Game quicker. The gospel bit in Team Maria was breathtakingly terrible. Scarlet Envy's existence was less obnoxious than last week. I would have sent home Rah'jah (or however you spell it) instead of Honey. Wow, untucked is fucking awful why am I watching this, it's just Yvie vs Silky ""drama"" and it's desperate filler Also, Vanjie x Brooke? I mean, Brooke? Really? ...... That's not a pairing that I ship. I'm looking forward to next week's episode, to see Joel McHale on the judges panel and the possibility of Ariel going home (could just be a promo fake-out, though). I hope Shuga Cain steps his game up, but I think I only say that because he's the cute one; whenever he appears in the challenges I don't even notice.
  19. I didn't go to any shows, but I did a lot of shopping. If you're going to Osaka, stay close to アメリカ村, they've got Closet Child and PureSound locations on the same block. In Tokyo: go to Shinjuku for Little Hearts, Closet Child, and PureSound; go to Shibuya for Tower Records (it's literally a tower, it's amazing, they even have a cafe). If you're really on a shopping frenzy and just dying to see some more ¥100 sale racks, you can also find Closet Child locations in Yokohama and Tokyo Ikebukuro. Great thing about Closet Child is they tend to have cheaper stuff, and each location has a ¥100 sale rack (the things they have there might surprise you). I practically did a Closet Child tour last summer. I only went to Yokohama just for their CC location, and I met umbrella (without makeup) at the now closed down Harajuku location, RIP. PureSound tends to be more expensive, but sometimes they have gems you might not find at CC, so it's definitely worth a trip, even if it's just the Osaka location, but I would wait until you've been to CC. Maybe I just looked in the wrong places, but I didn't find anything interesting at Disk Union in Shibuya or Shinjuku. And for Tower Records, if you're looking for something specific, you should be able to check nationwide inventory for items online. If you're not looking for something specific, just go to the one in Shibuya and forget about the rest.
  20. Seimeisen

    Hate the band name, hate the artwork, hate the logo, but I actually kinda liked the preview, so I'm curious enough to listen to the rest when it's out.
  21. I like Kaede's boots. That's all I have to say.
  22. Seimeisen

    I agree that quarter life is the strongest song from that set. Converge - The Lowest Common Denominator MEJIBRAY - Contagion lynch. - SHADOWZ アンド - BLINDNESS Cloudkicker - Skulking in the Woods BORIS - Angel The Used - Sick Hearts OZ - Strings D - 知られざる子供達 Wrong Way To Die - Heartless Chests It's a tie between the Converge and OZ song. The Lowest Common Denominator is some creepy shit that I'm totally living for; the only lyrics are quite fittingly, "everything is not going to be okay." SHADOWZ was pretty awful, but I think it inspired Tokami's "Radiant" which is a song that I love. Sometimes VK plagiarism can work in the plagiarising band's favour (taking a sub-par song and making it better).
  23. Seimeisen

    Okay, so this week's episode, I REALLY wanted Scarlet Envy to bomb the challenge and sashay away, her interviews were just so annoying and pretentious, and talking about how she was gonna win the season and that she was a fORce tO BEe REckONed WiTh or whatever. Usually when a queen talks like that in an interview, I expect her to go home that episode. I forgot what else happened, I think James Charles 2.0 started talking shit about Silky, who turns out has a master's degree in organisational leadership or something. I vaguely remember enjoying Vanjie in the acting challenge and her runway was better than Scarlet's just saying
  24. Seimeisen

    Ew, why does this vkeifanexpozed account exist? Especially on Instagram? Why Instagram? Every post is just some shitpost quality screenshot of fucking twitter or YouTube. Just about every post is bitching about piracy (some lukewarm tea you got, "sis") and somehow trying to connect it to YouTube. And their logo. Good lord, that logo they dedicated an entire post to, what a fucking eyesore. It looks worse than a cover for a metalcore demo disc from 2002. And OMG their Twitter page is even worse. If you don't want to be annoyed to death, stay away.
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