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  1. Hells yeah, I gotta make it to either the Sacramento or SanFran show, I was gonna see them on the PINK tour but I couldn't
  2. Damn, I kinda wanna try and get the live-limited 新葬ラ謳 just for that outline cover 😆
  3. Fuck, I wish this wasn't live-limited. I love the "normal" version of MASK, I'm sure this "gore version" will be awesome and much much heavier. I'm also sure asshole flippers will hawk this for ¥7,000+.
  4. Of course it's another goddamn single. I skipped PERSONA and RAGE. Sorta lowkey thinking of giving RAGE a chance, but PERSONA previews turned me waaaaay off! I'm seriously doubting it
  5. Wasn't 銀河ノヲト was supposed to be their "rebirth" release? ... well, anyway, as long as they don't release anything resembling Superabortion, I'm down for new Alice Nine.
  6. Well, I'd love to go, especially since I missed all the HANGMAN shows when I was in Japan, but I don't think I'll be able to go back for at least a year or so. All the hotels, the airline tickets, and rail pass really did a number on my bank accounts (lol). I am curious to read reports on the tour, though; if there will be any encore sets, if the band will be as apathetic/done-with-the-band as people claim, if they'll only play single tracks/b-sides. Also, just wanna say, I'm sorta disappointed that they didn't make a proper 3rd album. Instead, they just released 500 singles.
  7. The obligatory key change is old af and they need to stap, but I still love コドモドラゴン, so I'm always down for more!
  8. I'm not interested in hearing any of the bands cover these songs either, but I wouldn't be surprised, since they're the more "popular" songs. Aside from obvious and overrated singles, I really don't wanna hear anything from Karma or SHANGRI-LA eras.
  9. ^ I upvoted the second one Please upvote this: More HQ cali≠gari covers coming soon...
  10. Now let's see how many days it takes to rip these 40 CDs...

    1. 蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      I feel your struggle... *collects cds*

    2. Yukimoto


      I just devote a day to it lol or 2.....or 3........

  11. Will it be an actual album this time instead of just a mini? I guess we'll find out in several months
  12. It probably will not happen, but if they rearrange/re-record 螺旋と水, that would make me very happy. Still though, I'm intrigued to see what they do here!
  13. Keep it sis [2]
  14. I was gonna buy a copy today but Kyoto hates visual kei. I'll get a copy when I get to Tokyo, probably sometime tomorrow.
  15. In Osaka, there wasn't even a ¥100 box, it was just half a shelf of CDs on sale, and only some of them were ¥100. That being said, the CD section of the store was just a small corner. And as for PureSound, the CD selection was barely half the store. The rest of both stores was just lolita garbage. I'm planning on going to Shinjuku before I head back home. I'm sure the CD shops over there will be much better than the ones here.