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  1. Seimeisen

    Mamo, the creepy old pedophile
  2. Seimeisen

    I'm not expecting this year to be all that interesting The lynch. album will bring nothing new to the table, but it'll be just a bit better than XIII If the GazettE don't release their next album this year, they'll at least announce its release (or announce the announcement) BUCK-TICK will release an album, it falls into the two year pattern they've seemingly settled into; it'll have an electro-retro sound to it ザアザア will churn out more singles with really good A-sides and very bleh b-sides, but they will not release an album because they are stupid MERRY will be so focused on trying to sell that nostalgii jewellery that they'll forget to release any actual music R-shithead members will do unmemorable side projects; with or without music, Mamo will do something heinous #mamoisoverparty MEJIBRAY will not get back together; their side projects will continue to be astonishingly terrible ARTiCLEAR will put out a solid release (but they'll probably disband sooner than TBS did; Jin is cursed) BORIS will mostly tour this year, maybe do a collab with ... Merzbow 🙄 Anybody else I didn't mention will either churn out skippable singles or tour around Japan; like I said, not all that interesting Here's the BP RECORDS CALENDAR (besides what's already been announced) コドモドラゴン: new single in mid September, another one announced in December 己龍: new single in late August (and not a single guitar will be heard), next album announced in November Royz: new album in early September (it will S U C K ), a single announced in December
  3. Seimeisen

    I'm not seeing it on Safari, Firefox, or Opera; the buttons all show as they're supposed to on each browser. I don't use Chrome, so I can't confirm for that one.
  4. Seimeisen

    This is essential to enjoying anything they’ve released after 2016!
  5. The new DEZERT album is not as bland as I expected it to be. I'm actually enjoying it more the second time around.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. platy


      It's actually pretty good 

    3. Disposable


      I've only sampled a couple of songs and it's a definite improvement on TODAY for sure. The guy from Moran is finally playing like he's from Moran too. 

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Just ended to listen to it now! OMG! They improved a lot since Today, which I liked too :-D

  6. Seimeisen

    If you're in the mood for pop music, you'll maybe enjoy this. If you liked TODAY, you'll like this too, maybe more. If you need heavy music, and/or cannot reconcile the fact that DEZERT aren't usually heavy anymore, stick with Dark In Black Hole, maybe 感染少女 and 神経と重力, but skip the rest. Quick track-by-track: Dark In Black Hole: epic compared to what's ahead; going on your best songs of the year playlist バケモノ: slightly above meh; generic 2010s vk; key-change chorus doesn't help Thirsty?: actually a fun song; not as lame as the preview suggests みぎて: has a cool intro, sounds like it could get heavy, but it doesn't; still, not as lame as preview suggests [2] 白痴: nice guitar melody, not into the beat though Call of Rescue: just good, fitting slow song 半透明を食べる。: interesting, kind of like 血液がない 御法度: not as good as the preview suggests, key-change-chorus; might be another song that grows on you (?) 神経と重力: really cool; serving the judges THE NOVEMBERS' 鉄の夢 vibes 天使の前頭葉: wonderful, beautiful, slow ballad that puts Stranger to shame; feels vaguely Christmas-y without being "seasonal" Rhapsody In My Head: weird, but not always bad weird; it's a grower; jazz, key-change-end 感染少女: YaAAss sequel to 蛙とバット機関銃, wErQq True Man: dying is your latest fashion in Japanese I'm sorry: the pop intro from Filth in the beauty (minus the Engrish ladies); another example of "great guitar melody, bad beat"
  7. Seimeisen

    Judging by the preview, it sounds like we're in the same situation as TODAY, where the first track is awesome, the tracks we've already heard are good, and ¾ of the rest are a load of bleh. I'm starting the album just for the hell of it, and Dark In Black Hole is more impressive than anything off TODAY.
  8. Looks like it's an exclusive on his web store; can't get it on Amazon or CDJ, which means you'll need a shopping service. I don't know if I can trust From Japan (or others for that matter) to handle records. Sounds cool though 😒🙃 https://www.ffb.tokyo/ryuutaro-a/html/products/detail.php?product_id=1
  9. Seimeisen

    @Zeus As somebody who is borderline obsessed with tracklists, I'll try out a few of these you've made, particularly MARROW, kisou, and MACABRE. I find it quite interesting that you'd open MARROW with THE PLEDGE. I'm glad you agree that 腐海 could should have been on VULGAR; it actually would have fit nicely between DRAIN AWAY and NEW AGE CULTURE. Some things I highly disagree with: snubbing 蛍火 and embryo; and most of all, listing the Japanese version of GLASS SKIN as UROBOROS' 3rd worst; it should have been 我、闇とて, with the Engrish version of DOZING GREEN as #2. As for your top 3 picks, I pretty much agree with them. Unpopular opinion confessions: I prefer the album version of CLEVER SLEAZOID, and I don't really care for ain't afraid to die. I'm gonna rank these albums too! I'm basing the ranking on the number of favourites from each album. Deducting points for "objectively" bad songs, adding extra points for true classics. The Well-Insulated Room (5, -1 for Values of Bullshit) DUMB SPIRO SPERO (6) ARCHE (7, -1 for Sustain the unshit, +1 for 輪郭) 鬼葬 (7, -2 for the first two Shinsou tracks, +2 for Bottom of the death valley and 蟲 -mushi-) MACABRE (4, +4; title track gets double points and cancels out any bad songs) THE MARROW OF A BONE (7, +2 for CONCEIVED SORROW and 艶かしき安息) Withering to death. (7, -1 for Jesús Crust, +3 for dead tree, 悲劇は, and 鼓動) GAUZE (8, +2 for Cage and アクロの丘) UROBOROS (9, +1 for VINUSHKA) VULGAR The lower ranking albums are still not bad, in my opinion. At worst, The Insulated World is an above average album.
  10. Seimeisen

    The fuckery that happens in this thread, ffs 🙄 Casual antisemitism is a form of hate speech and hate speech is something we don't take kindly to on this forum. Hate speech is something that gets people banned.
  11. Seimeisen

    Most excited for 消えたい and 嘘をついて. 3-5 were kinda the weak point, but maybe the full versions will win me over?
  12. Seimeisen

    If you’re wondering how long it normally takes for the seller to send an invoice, it depends on the seller. It’s been years since I’ve used Discogs (it’s mostly flippers in Europe), but the longest I’ve had to wait for an invoice is 12 hours.
  13. Seimeisen

    I'm repeating the entire album, but this track is my current favourite
  14. Condragulations @nullmoon, you're a Champion of Thread Necromancy! Here is your award: on-topic, I will never not be bitter about this band fading into nothing after one measly single
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