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  1. Seimeisen

    Got some Boris shit. Download cards for the records would have been nice, now I gotta digitise them.
  2. Seimeisen

    I'll be late on sending my mixtape, either tonight or tomorrow 🙁
  3. Seimeisen

    I feel like I haven’t listened to INFINITUM enough to really judge it. This time two years ago, I was listening to ADORATIO on repeat all the time. This time around, I’ve only listened to INFINITUM twice, and I only remember three songs: the second track (because of all the dumb cat yowl noises kyo makes), kisses, and ただ、まだ、私 (because it kind of sounds like 赫). Maybe with more listens I’ll grow to appreciate the album more, but right now, nothing’s making me want to put it on repeat.
  4. Seimeisen

    I’m making progress on listening to their albums. So far, I’ve heard (in full, at least once): darker than darkness: gothic synth-y nu-metal Six/Nine: definition of avant-garde COSMOS: noise pop, I think, one listen wasn’t enough to remember much SEXY STREAM LINER: very ‘80s, made me think of that show Moonbeam City ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH: the nostalgic cyberpunk trail continues 極東 I LOVE YOU: mechanical animals, white disc Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE: mechanical animals, blue disc 13階は月光: I C O N I C , absolutely wonderful 天使のリボルバー: A W F U L ! It has this sort of “spaghetti western on broadway” vibe that I am NOT fucking with. RENDEZVOUS was simply annoying. REVOLVER is the only good song No.9: the first song is cool, but I forget the rest No.0: “CITIES ON THE MOON... Thank You!” I still have a lot to listen to, and quite a few to go back to, but I’m getting there. Not exactly as I planned
  5. They digitally distributed all those demo tapes from last year, maybe they’ll do the same with these. I honestly don’t really care about them though, the live limited demos from last year were okay at best and in no way memorable.
  6. They might as well And that fourth track is probably the two songs glued together. They did something similar with b-sides on 春の日.
  7. Seimeisen

    Finally! Hopefully upcoming releases will appear too, when released. Using proxies and various payment backdoor tricks on mora.jp is getting trickier, and I never liked having to get overpriced gift cards for iTunes JP. Of course, I'd really like to see the label distribute music on OTOTOY or Tidal store!
  8. They need to stop it with live tracks! Live audio of GRIEF is gonna sound shitty I know it
  9. Seimeisen

    They should have just done a reunion+crowning special like they've done in previous years. Reunion specials look weird when they're not live at the theatre, and making a one hour thing out of a lip-sync extravaganza was fucking stupid. And the fact that they did Top 4 instead of Top 3 omg. So many bad decisions were made here 😆 Skipped Silky's section entirely, skimmed through the first two lip-syncs (on mute). During the Top 4 weeks, I was #TeamAnyoneButSilky, so I was relieved to see her lose the first lip-sync. I'm glad Yvie won, she was my absolute favourite of season 11. Brooke had great looks and all, but if she was crowned, it would have been nothing special. I'm not sure if A'keria was Top 4 worthy. I think Yvie receiving the crown may have saved season 11 from going down as a bona-fide train wreck. If Silky was crowned, it would have solidified the sheer awfulness of season 11, and would have kept her ass off All-Stars. But I'm glad that my favourite won! That hasn't happened since Bianca Del Rio! Now I hope the people at RuCo/World of Blunder (who make idiots look smart) wait on AS5 until at least 2021. They're running short on memorable, adequate queens from past seasons, and season 11 did not really provide.
  10. I just hope they don't fuck up 恍惚
  11. Seimeisen

    I'm hella late because I'm getting terrible at this, but a long, long time ago, many moons ago, I was paired with @Triangle, and her mixtape was a shuffle of tracks from 2017. Thank you for an interesting mixtape, Triangle! This was an interesting look into stuff I hella slept on when it came out, with a few things I knew about sprinkled around. Definitely gonna look into ROTTENGRAFFTY and go back to the MUCC tribute album. While I did tear into a few tracks, there were others that I absolutely loved, so I had a great experience with this mixtape!
  12. Seimeisen

    I sometimes do a cull of people I'm following on Twitter, and occasionally Instagram. Generally speaking, I follow very few people, and I'm followed by very few people. I try not to follow too many, because I want to be able to see everything from the few that I do. Admittedly, I'm bad at unfollowing people on Instagram. I'll see someone's story multiple times and think, "I should unfollow them already," but I never do. As for Facebook, I don't touch it. I only log in because I'm in a few group chats. Initially, I was resistant to using Facebook because nearly everyone in my family uses it, but now I simply loathe Facebook culture and want no part in it. Although I will say, it's a good place for music news, since a lot of Western bands update their pages regularly (and probably more frequently that Twitter or Insta).
  13. Maybe they have too much shit to sell? ...... Can’t say I’m not worried That store was the reason I went to Yokohama
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