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  1. If I see one more comment that's not related to MEJIBRAY's new release, I'm locking the topic and handing out warnings! @frayed @Gichi Gichi @rvrgf @sheepprincessgara I don't know if you've heard, but there is a function on this forum that allows users to send private messages (PM) that aren't posted publicly for everyone to see. So if you wanna call each other idiots, argue about using the words "homosexual" and "pedophile" in the same sentence, you now have a fun new secret place that doesn't derail a thread from its topic. How insane is that? @CarmelzorsIs there ever a time you don't make some half-witted attempt at "calling out the staff" for "not doing their jobs?" Here's a super fun, amazing, awesome idea: if you see problematic shit, report it! Does that idea just blow your mind or what?! Another cool idea: if you have any "suggestions" for how us staffers should do our jobs, take that "suggestion" to us directly, and if it's not a wall of text, we'll take it into consideration.
  2. Bitches
  3. None of that surprises me. I've read in the past that all of their shows are pretty much musical funerals: everyone is required to wear all black and be silent as fuck, and if anyone's making any noise, kyo will yell at the audience to shut up. I honestly don't get this "funeral show" theme. The only thing not beautiful or pleasant about their music is kyo's dumb screeching. I love me some VK metalcore with all the screaming and such, but I'd love to hear math rock/post-rock incorporated into VK
  4. Please upvote this and downvote the rest, thank you!
  5. Why does a song called "Go to the Bathroom" have a music video about a girl preparing to eat her ex? At least that's what I'm assuming is going on. Which raises another question, why do I even bother trying to make sense out of VK music videos? Confusion aside, I dig it. And also getting pre-hiatus vibes. The bass sorta reminds me of マグロ from 7.
  6. Closet Child is trying to sell a live-dist. Chanty single for ~$600, how fucking stupid can you get

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. nekkichi


      tbh the rabid mitsu who could beg their parents for this kind of money would've probs bought it from bandmen direct :<

    3. emmny


      bitches were buying dezert live dists for insane prices so NOW ITS TIME FOR CHANTY TO SLAY!!! QUEEEENNNNNSSS!!!!

    4. xriko


      never gonna spend 600bucks for a 2014 official distributed stuff ahah   

  7. I don't believe it! It's an April Fool's joke, I'm calling it. What would they even announce at this "one-day revival?"
  8. Is anyone else arbitrary about keeping some obi strips and throwing others away?

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    2. YuyoDrift


      I really don't care honestly.

      I'm more interested as to why you would throw them away.

      Is there a reason to, if it makes no difference?

    3. Seimeisen


      I usually only throw them out if they're damaged (cut/torn), but sometimes I might throw one out if it's entirely blank.

    4. YuyoDrift



      I guess the same goes for the other slips of paper that can come along with a CD/Game case.


      As a person who buys used video games/cds, seeing those kinds of things when I open up my cases, really adds to the nostalgia factor. Like, reading those little slips with DLC Codes or a flyer for something else coming out soon (even though it was "1995" lol), gives me a mental picture of what that year was like and , and makes the purchase more enjoyable.


  9. Wrencher in soy

    1. YuyoDrift


      At least they tried.

    2. Biopanda


      auction stream flashbacks

    3. Ito


      sounds like a lovely marinade

  10. OMG this Plastic Tree banner is giving me so much life <3

    1. Seimeisen


      OMG AND MIRROR-ERA D'ESPA!! MIRROR is my favourite album of theirs!

    2. Ito


      It's almost like I should have done a Plastic Tree one earlier... XD
      (also, that D'espa one was absolutely my first thought when I was starting these oldschool banners.)

  11. Not gonna lie, when I read the initial draft, I thought it was gonna be an April Fool's joke. Guess the Zess is all about unpopular GazettE opinions... Before this release, I never really cared for tracks like Cassis, reila, 白き優鬱, or 絲, but I'm really starting to like these new versions, and they all work well on this album. The reason I never really liked 白き優鬱 is because it just didn't work well with the other tracks on DIM (I think WITHOUT A TRACE or 暪し would have fit better), but it works just fine here so I'm able to enjoy it more. My favourites are 枯詩, D.L.N., 体温, and maybe 絲. If I haven't said it enough times, new 体温 is my everything! This track proves that they should do another re-recording set that consists of heavier, more live-oriented material. My main complaints about this release are the mixing/mastering job, and RUKI's vocals (some of the time). One example is PLEDGE; I prefer his deeper vocals on the original TOXIC version. On this new version, he kind of sounds like he's auditioning for an oshare-kei band. There are a few other moments in other songs where I think he sounded better in the original, but I've grown used to the new versions, so again, I can enjoy them more. And regarding the mixing/mastering, I do hope they would have brought a professional on board to do the job better (or that they'd have at least consulted someone), or used high quality equipment for testing. I might edit this with more thoughts...
  12. Well geeee, that sounds an awful lot like censorship...
  13. Wow... really? I used to keep up with the set lists from the first two DOGMATIC tours, and they all had HEADACHE MAN, even the setlists I checked for the ANOTHER FATE tour, so I just assumed they'd include it in every set list (lol)... ETA: I just checked the set list for the DOGMATIC FINALE Blu-ray and that song isn't even there. I've made a false assumption here 😅 That'd be nice! Not sure if it's something we should expect. We did get a DVD for the 10th anniversary, but I don't think we got one for the 13th. Guess we'll have to wait and see...
  14. Shit, now I'm thinking of postponing my trip to Japan for an entire month so I can catch this show
  15. That's gotta be the first set they've played in years that didn't include HEADACHE MAN. Seriously wishing I made plans to attend that show