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  1. Am I the only one hearing Mamo growl "MISTLETOE" after the chorus? It sounds like he's saying "mistletoe" Huh, so that photographer was just some detective. Are the mother/daughter gonna kill him too? They'll make a rather interesting serial killer duo. I'm guessing the mosaic'd parts are the girls chopping up the rapist boyfriend's body. Also, 3:06 is a whole new level of fucked up.
  2. アイム・イン、ブロー!
  3. Why was that guy taking pictures of a little girl getting beaten up? Was that the PV director's way of saying "this is Mamo in 20 years?"
  4. I usually don't care for djent, I hate it's over-saturation in metal and how any band that 'djents' is automatically labeled as "progressive metal" (bitch no ur not). But, I dunno... djent-y GazettE? I think I'd be down for that! I don't think it's something they need to do, though; I think their DARK AGE era shows they don't need seventy thousand strings to be heavy.
  5. I actually enjoyed a lot of 漆黒の闇, surprisingly. I know the previews for this album are only 5 seconds long, but I'm not as into them. Curious to hear「脳内抹殺」though. I cringed at リストカットして [2]
  6. Digging 90% VERSUS, but I still think Shangri-La is a pile of garbage

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Listening to it at work atm. I'm really only half-listening, but I haven't skipped anything and it's been enjoyable background music.

    2. evenor


      agreed on the shangri-la comment


  7. So I just got the limited edition of VERSUS, and it comes in a super thick case (like the standard edition of INCOMPLETE). This right here is the cover on the booklet inside: Why didn't they just go with this for the main cover? Somebody has been lying to this band telling them that the other covers they've been promoting are better than this one right here. Still haven't listened to the album in full, but I still have high hopes for it. Still not sure if I'll like Shangri-La or Noah when I do listen, but I'm not expecting them to be as bad as I thought when the tracks were released back in May. REM will probably be my favourite, and maybe is DEAD (that song kinda gives me a suicide ali vibe).
  8. Was the part at the end with the girl gagging in front of the mirror in the original PV from 2011? I'm sure it wasn't included in any of the YouTube fan uploads. Adds to the fucked-up-ness of it all
  9. Stupid thing is, this guy should have just put a ¥20,000 buy-it-now price on GAUZE and I would have surely bought it
  10. So down for that!
  11. Hard to judge with the bit-crush sound quality (which I hope we aren't dealing with on the actual CD), but my fave previews were 屍を越えて and Dearest Actually, Dearest is enough to make me consider buying the album
  12. Super tempted to bid on GAUZE (the $100 one of course), but FJ requires full deposit of maximum bid, and yes I'll get it all back if I lose the auction, but it still feels like a huge commitment that I don't really want to make... Ugh, I wish I could just bid without any bullshit shopping service Also, if the guy selling GAUZE for $100 had a buy-it-now for $200, I would have snatched it already!
  13. Or rush production and it ends up sounding like it was recorded in a dumpster. They should have waited on announcing an album until they finalised the song selection, then it'd be easier for them to decide if they can release it in March/April as hoped, or if they'd have to push it back to mid-summer.
  14. ^ 上京物語 definitely counts in my book. I know it's just a MIDI + vocal track, but I still really enjoy it.
  15. I don't even really follow KAYA and I am TOTALLY FREAKING OUT rite now, guess I need to make a trip to LA next year...