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  1. Seimeisen

    Glad you enjoyed everything! That's too bad that the M3U file didn't work, it was why I posted the original tracklist in the PM with the zip file I sent. The Shodai, Retinwaav, and Cloudkicker albums are all on Bandcamp for free (or $1/release)! That cali≠gari song is not what you should expect from them. Their sound is impossible to pin down, it's all over the place. The rest of 13 is a jazz album. I used to ignore everything on IMMORTALIS after elizabeth addict. I don't remember how, but I was going through the album and amongst the 80 minutes of boring, hemimetabolism managed to catch my attention. LISTEN TO KATATONIA'S "THE FALL OF HEARTS" IT IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE, IT WAS THE BEST ALBUM RELEASED IN 2016 THE NOVEMBERS' output between 2013-2015 is all gold! I'm curious what BORIS stuff you've tried in the past... they're another band with a lot of variety, although maybe not as much as say cali≠gari. Their drone-y, 30 minute tracks are definitely NOT for everyone (although, if you want interesting background music if you're ever taking online midterms) In conclusion, listen to every album featured in this mixtape (except IMMORTALIS obviously)
  2. Seimeisen

    @Ro plz here took two songs I've known very well, then threw in 7 seven songs I totally slept on, and one I never even heard of. These are all great songs, and they all flow so well. I'll be going back to this playlist frequently in the future. 10/10
  3. Seimeisen

    The b-side is called "叢雲" (そううん; Gathering of Clouds) and the regular version bonus track is a re-recording of 朔宵. Judging by the preview, I actually prefer 叢雲 to 無垢 It's on iTunes and mora and shit: http://mora.jp/package/43000033/A65780/?fmid=newRelease_all_0001
  4. Seimeisen

    Nothing’s gonna touch their untitled album But goddamn, now I’m really kicking myself for spending ¥2,000 each on おはよう and おやすみ
  5. Actually, the tracklists for both versions are entirely different. They're on the OHP: http://keel.tokyo/DISC.html There are a total of 12 songs that do not appear on either version: It's like they intentionally left out at least one song from each release.
  6. Seimeisen

    I'm in the late camp... Thank you to all the other late folks who have checked in! We still need to hear from @reminiscing2004 @indigo and @CAT5
  7. Title translations 死海文書: The Dead Sea Scrolls 予言 - The Prophecy アポカリプティックサウンド - Apocalyptic Sound パラレル世界 - Parallel Universe あのこ - She 規制虫 - Regulation Bug 月が綺麗ですね。- Isn't the Moon so beautiful! シンクロ - Synchro 死の祭壇 - Altar Of Death -ZANGE- -CONFESSION- 魅惑のサマーキラーズ - Enchanted Summer Killers 毒廻る - Poison Turning 命日 - Anniversary (of death) Composition credits (according to iTunes) Z: パラレル世界 and forest 宏崇: SODOM 七星: 月が綺麗ですね。and 死の祭壇 Hoo: シンクロ マモ: everything else 楓 didn't write shit (unless he's Hoo)
  8. Now available on iTunes
  9. Eh, this one will probably grow on me over time but right now I’m not feeling it. LOOOOVED 脳壊す。and DIRTY DIRTY tho. I hope the b-sides are good!
  10. Seimeisen

    GROTESQUE, RENATUS, SENSE OF EMPTINESS, and A FOOL are what I'm most looking forward to. FIVE is alright, but it sounds out of place. Don't really care for the chorus in FAITH, but everything before it sounds great. I rolled my eyes when I heard the laugh at the end of EXIST.
  11. I expected something darker than this. I don't know why I expected this band to make an album with a consistent theme, but I did. I'm actually not sure if SHAMBARA and 毒廻る will fit in. But then again, this is all just chorus previews, who knows how the rest of the songs will sound. Definitely digging the first and last tracks. Their albums are always scattered as hell. Also, they're putting the album up on iTunes early? That's... different! Usually if anything from SPEED DISK goes on iTunes, it's several months later.
  12. It's not supplied by Amazon. It's from some third party seller called ネヤガワ文芸堂. Pre-orders that are directly from Amazon will be up eventually, I'm sure Keep in mind that 99.99% of Amazon JP third party sellers don't ship internationally. Even if their items are marked as "fulfilled by Amazon." It wasn't always that way, though. There was a time when marketplace sellers fulfilled by Amazon would ship internationally. So many things I regret not buying.
  13. Seimeisen

    I thought it was okay. They look disgusting here, I have a lot of complaints about the music, and I don't like where they're going, but I don't wanna give up on them, at least not until they release another album. I don't like the key change, I am so tired of BP bands doing key changes in every song, it's stale as fuck. My other complaint is one I don't think I could describe well: I wish they would be more subtle with the MIDI traditional/folk arrangements. There's way too much going on, the fake instruments are not complementing the real ones, they're just distracting.
  14. Seimeisen

    Just says "all music written by the GazettE" and it's always been that way. Individual composition credits come from interviews I think
  15. Seimeisen

    @Takadanobabaalien thank you for not ghosting us. anyone interested in double-partnering with @YuyoDrift? everyone else should have sent their mixes out by now. i'm sure this could have easily slipped some peoples' minds, with certain new releases last week~