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  1. TZK looks ridiculous (in the bad way); MiA looks less annoying now that he's ditched the third-rate-kamijo look, but I'm sure he's still an obnoxious brat; Koichi looks like Koichi (lol); Meto is giving me serious Yuuki vibes and he is pulling this look off. The winner is obvious, and so is the loser!
  2. If you got any of this from Bing translate, then I'm 99% sure it's false
  3. Scrolled through Cassis, it didn't sound all that different, which was very disappointing, and now I'm worried that reira will also sound too much like the original. I mean, I didn't want or expect these songs to get an UNRAVELING treatment, but I wanted something more. After seeing the cover art, I started to imagine a darker sounding Cassis, maybe slowed down a bit, with no piano or acoustic guitars. I usually know better than to let album artwork mould my expectations, I don't know what has gotten into me. My opinions may change, since these are shitty quality radio rips being played through my shitty MacBook speakers... I've always really liked 紅蓮, so I don't give a fuck if it sounds the same as the album version (though I didn't listen to that one entirely). It's a good song, sue me bitch. I wonder if any other tracks will get corrected Engrish? Will RUKI actually pronounce the L in reiLa? I'm especially curious about the Engrish in 体温.
  4. I'm psychic. I predicted that it would happen sometime this year. I called it. I have powers. In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to this. I haven't really sat down to listen to a full cali≠gari album, except for 5 and 8, but I dig a lot of what I have heard from them.
  5. A part of me was actually kinda hoping they'd replace reira and Cassis with better songs. Silly me! Great artwork, though. ETA: 菫 and 千鶴 would have been great picks
  6. @crossparallel @r... I'll have to give your MERRY mixes a try! @lenI checked your Plastic Tree mix and liked how it flowed... although I made some changes: I put そしてパレードは続く at the end, as I felt it was a more appropriate way to end the mix, and I used the ネガとポジ re-recording of "hate red, dip it," since I don't really like the Chandelier version. Still though, I love the variety in this mix. I have a GazettE mixtape in the works, 'cause who would I, notorious gaze-stan, be to not make one for this thread (lol). Sort of tempted to do another MERRY mix, except there's already two. I have a few other possible bands in mind.
  7. I've made peace with them disbanding. They're probably the most flaky, uncommitted band I can think of, and I guess they finally realised that they cannot get their shit together. I'm not getting my hopes up for a "new album" or digital single or whatever, I'm just glad they followed through with WOD II and Fatal Error Race. Weren't we waiting two years for that? I would at least like a formal release of the SKP re-recording, but again, not getting my hopes up.
  8. Taking all the b-sides in a compilation and calling it "COUPLING BEST" is dumb. A lot of those tracks are junk! The only one I'd say is worth being referred to as a "coupling best" is Monopoly, which should have just been thrown in on "THE END OF THE WORLD." I never listened to the remixes, I'm sure those are junk, too. As for the BEST OF MUCC II discs, it's nice that they include Diorama, 暁, and those three songs that came with the live DVDs, but everything is in exact chronological order, which is lazy af. Wanna do a best-of compilation, do it right! Get your shit together (lol) Also, "yens" is not a word. The plural for yen is actually yen. Better yet, just use the actual yen symbol (¥), as in: ¥6,920+tax
  9. They just have to be doing this in June, couldn't wait 'til July when I'll actually be in Japan (lol). Anyways, serious note, I wouldn't look into the one-day revival of 彩冷える-ayabie-, I think they do these one/two-show reunions whenever there's an anniversary event for AREA or SPEED-DISK.
  10. I for one missed the Daria avatar haha

  11. > Doujin "band" that covers Touhou songs gets butthurt about piracy The amount of stupid here has made my brain short circuit
  12. Any more arguments and this topic gets locked, and posts get deleted. Keep it civil, you guys!
  13. VK DARIA is back, and maaan is she hyping them CODOMO DRAGONS

    1. Spectralion


      Does she love 廃SOCIETY?

      Because I'm still HOWL it thru my speaker like WOLFMAN.

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    3. Seimeisen


      Context: avatar background is a WOLFMAN/HEMLOCK blend

  14. Welcome back Daria-san!