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  1. I need to stop buying things from Yahoo! Auctions through FJ. They charge bank transfer and "plan" fees per item, which is total fucking bullshit, and they really add up!
  2. A sheep sent me a mixtape, but I have yet to send one back because I'm busy as fuck pulling doubles at work kill me now
  3. NO! IT'S GUNNA BE THE MOST METAHL THING EVAR!!!!1one In all seriousness, for all I know, they could either continue with the sound they established with PROJECT DARK AGE, do something different, or revert back to DIVISION DEFORMITY. Whatever it is, odds are I'll stan it, 'cause that's what I do! Pretty much the only thing I'm hoping for is that it doesn't have the same production as TRACES VOL. 2.
  4. FUCKING YAAAAAS!! So here for the new album! I knew they'd announce it around this time
  5. PM'd you
  6. 哀愁のアンティーク (Aishuu no Antique) not being a part of their digital catalogue is criminal! Anyone interested in MUCC should listen to that album.
  7. Not entirely sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I'm pretty sure it is: I really like cali≠gari's 11, maybe more than 12. I still haven't heard 10, but I don't think I'll like it as much as 11.
  8. This is why I started, back before The Incident. To keep up with others' tastes in music, and to show mine as well. It was always cool to see the "friends now listening" page. I still have my account, but I haven't scrobbled anything since April 2016. A part of me thinks about going back every now and then. I'm not gonna delete my account. These days, the site is my album artwork dumping ground 😄
  9. Yess, loving the "goth" look. The other one can just gtfo. And that best of tracklist is a joke!
  10. I didn't mention them, because I thought they broke up at the way end of 2015 (didn't know their last live was sometime last year). Tokami is another example of a band breaking up just when they improve. All of their 2015 releases were fantastic, breaths of fresh air. Their 2012-2014 releases were kinda stale. I think it would have been cool if they re-recorded various pre-2015 songs before calling it quits, because their vocalist improved dramatically since Luminescence. However, I'm not really mourning Tokami, because we have Schwarz Kain now, and they're pretty much picking up where Tokami left off.
  11. So I should just skip this, then? Okay guys, thanks for listening so I don't have to!
  12. We don't need a 新朽木の灯 (Shin-kuchiki no tou) and we don't need a 新鵬翼 (Shin-houyoku). 朽木の灯 doesn't need a re-record/remix/remaster job. The performance itself is perfect, and there's nothing especially bothersome about the production or mixing. As for 鵬翼 and onward, I don't think a re-recording would sound significantly different from the original. @Zeusand @doombox make a good point about 新是空 (Shin-zekuu); if it happened, it wouldn't have the same essence or energy that the original did, which would probably not work in their favour. It would be interesting to hear just a few re-recorded tracks from that era though, which I think we'll be getting with the so-called "This is NOT Greatest Hits" compilation. I would just like all of 是空 to be remixed, like the few tracks from the 2007 BEST/WORST compilations were. I know this thread is about 新痛絶, an album which does exist, I just need a few more listens before I give my thoughts on it.
  13. If it's not "greatest hits," what the fuck are FUZZ and utagoe doing there (lol)? I was kinda hoping for more older tracks/b-sides.