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  1. This is probably my favourite Plastic Tree album (rivalling Ink and ammonite). On this album, their heavier/metal influences really show without going too far. We do have heavier songs like 不純物, Sabbath (which I could say is their heaviest song), and the re-recording of hate red, dip it, but we also have softer songs, like スピカ, Andrometamorphosis, and 眠れる森. While this heavier sound makes appearances now and then on later albums, it's most prominent on this one. The only tracks that I'm not super fond of are 無人駅 and オレンジ (although the latter is certainly better than the former, *holds up monocle*), however, in the context of the album, I'm able to appreciate them. When it comes to an album, flow is absolutely everything to me; when an album flows well, the "worst" tracks of an album can still be enjoyable. On this album, everything goes together perfectly. Even the bonus tracks fit in with the album, sort of picking up where Andrometamorphosis left off; they don't feel tacked on at all. Sabbath is hands-down my favourite track off the album, and I wish more people would appreciate it! From Sabbath, to the end of the album, everything is just pure fucking gold! My other favourites are エレジー, 涙腺回路, and スピカ. I love how they improved the album version of スピカ, the single version was very bland, but the extra guitars and atmosphere on the album version make it a wonderful song. Back in 2010, this is the album that pulled me into obsession with Plastic Tree.
  2. Ugh, I don't know what to say. Last year they released one of the best VK albums of the year, and while they've really been phoning it in on the post-album singles, I had hope that they'd still be able to write really good albums. Oh well, this is making me not wanna listen to/buy the new single, and honestly, I'm ready to just ignore them/be a bitter bitch about them. Thanks for RUVISH, I guess.
  3. #8 Album of the Week 10/08 - 10/14 Plastic Tree - ネガとポジ selected by @Seimeisen Everybody knows about Plastic Tree, they're the oldest shoegazers of VK. They've been around since 1993, and went major in 1997. Ten years later, they released this album. I'm too lazy and rushed to post info about all their lineup changes, but on this album, their drummer was ササブチヒロシ (Sasabuchi Hiroshi), who left in 2009. Later on, their current drummer 佐藤ケンケン (Satou Kenken) joined. 2007.06.27 01. 眠れる森 (The Sleeping Forest) 02. 不純物 (Contraband) 03. エレジー (Elegy) 04. スピカ (Spica) 05. ザザ降り、ザザ鳴り。(Pounding Rain/Thundering Roar) 06. 無人駅 (Ghost Station) 07. オレンジ (Orange) 08. Sabbath 09. egg 10. 涙腺回路 (Lacrima Roulette) 11. 黒い傘 (Black Umbrella) 12. アンドロメタモルフォーゼ (Andrometamorphosis) Bonus Tracks: 真っ赤な糸 (Red Strings) hate red, dip it (loudest sound edition) Let's discuss!
  4. Just downloaded Heaven Upside Down and I am not impressed. Revelation #12's opening riff was the best thing to happen on this album. SAY10 was surprisingly good, and Blood Honey was fairly decent, but I am not digging the rest! I just can't deal with the electronic "drums." If this album wasn't so watered down in electronic bullshit, I'd probably enjoy this album a lot, I might even look past the cringeworthy sense of humour in the lyrics, although I think I'd still hate JE$U$ CRI$I$. I will be listening a few more times to see if anything else will grow on me, because I want to give this a chance.
  5. Limited Edition: New Dead[en]D is garbage, the PV version is better. I'd be interested in hearing a full version of こんな壊れた世界 (I don't actually have a Spotify account, I just managed to be able to get an embed link for this release)
  6. I think I'm becoming obsessed with this band, I've been listening to them non-stop lately
  7. DOUG-LY... I'm not digging this at all
  8. I used to be super obsessed with this band, but I kinda stopped following these guys right around the time they left Starwave. I just haven't really cared for anything they've released on Danger Crue, but damn, I'm digging this! Here's a full preview vid: Not gonna lie, not super into the b-sides
  9. "suspend the expiration of activities" ...... what. So, basically, they're taking a 3 month hiatus? Um, yeah, that's gonna change my life drastically. But yeah they definitely deserve some time off
  10. ugh why couldn't cali≠gari have picked a more interesting track At least FUZZ ain't here. I mostly wanna hear the lynch., MERRY, and sukekiyo covers
  11. Why can't they just revive full-time? Enough with this one-day revival shit, quit yanking my heartstrings
  12. Metal and only metal. I think liking VK is how I've been able to slightly broaden my horizons (and by that, I simply mean, acquire the sensibilities to appreciate indie rock/shoegaze/ambient music).
  13. Everything but Jin's flu voice was fantastic!
  14. I voted for クランケ because why not