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  1. Seimeisen

    fixed 😉
  2. Looks like it's an exclusive on his web store; can't get it on Amazon or CDJ, which means you'll need a shopping service. I don't know if I can trust From Japan (or others for that matter) to handle records. Sounds cool though 😒🙃 https://www.ffb.tokyo/ryuutaro-a/html/products/detail.php?product_id=1
  3. Seimeisen

    @Zeus As somebody who is borderline obsessed with tracklists, I'll try out a few of these you've made, particularly MARROW, kisou, and MACABRE. I find it quite interesting that you'd open MARROW with THE PLEDGE. I'm glad you agree that 腐海 could should have been on VULGAR; it actually would have fit nicely between DRAIN AWAY and NEW AGE CULTURE. Some things I highly disagree with: snubbing 蛍火 and embryo; and most of all, listing the Japanese version of GLASS SKIN as UROBOROS' 3rd worst; it should have been 我、闇とて, with the Engrish version of DOZING GREEN as #2. As for your top 3 picks, I pretty much agree with them. Unpopular opinion confessions: I prefer the album version of CLEVER SLEAZOID, and I don't really care for ain't afraid to die. I'm gonna rank these albums too! I'm basing the ranking on the number of favourites from each album. Deducting points for "objectively" bad songs, adding extra points for true classics. The Well-Insulated Room (5, -1 for Values of Bullshit) DUMB SPIRO SPERO (6) ARCHE (7, -1 for Sustain the unshit, +1 for 輪郭) 鬼葬 (7, -2 for the first two Shinsou tracks, +2 for Bottom of the death valley and 蟲 -mushi-) MACABRE (4, +4; title track gets double points and cancels out any bad songs) THE MARROW OF A BONE (7, +2 for CONCEIVED SORROW and 艶かしき安息) Withering to death. (7, -1 for Jesús Crust, +3 for dead tree, 悲劇は, and 鼓動) GAUZE (8, +2 for Cage and アクロの丘) UROBOROS (9, +1 for VINUSHKA) VULGAR The lower ranking albums are still not bad, in my opinion. At worst, The Insulated World is an above average album.
  4. Seimeisen

    The fuckery that happens in this thread, ffs 🙄 Casual antisemitism is a form of hate speech and hate speech is something we don't take kindly to on this forum. Hate speech is something that gets people banned.
  5. Seimeisen

    Most excited for 消えたい and 嘘をついて. 3-5 were kinda the weak point, but maybe the full versions will win me over?
  6. Seimeisen

    If you’re wondering how long it normally takes for the seller to send an invoice, it depends on the seller. It’s been years since I’ve used Discogs (it’s mostly flippers in Europe), but the longest I’ve had to wait for an invoice is 12 hours.
  7. Seimeisen

    I'm repeating the entire album, but this track is my current favourite
  8. Condragulations @nullmoon, you're a Champion of Thread Necromancy! Here is your award: on-topic, I will never not be bitter about this band fading into nothing after one measly single
  9. WILD GODS is all that I care about

    WILD GODS is all that matters

    Go listen to WILD GODS

  10. Seimeisen

    Right now I've got: Shure SE215's: longest lasting pair I've had, got 'em in late '15, had to replace the cable once last year, but I'm thinking of upgrading Burmester speakers for my car ('10 Porsche Panamera S): dropped the bass by 3/6, raised the treble by 3/6, gives it a more balanced sound, no other modifications. [doesn't have pictures of the car speakers] I unfortunately don't have any good in-home speakers. A few years ago, I got a DOSS Bluetooth speaker to use with my computer and turntable, but it sounds shitty so I use it as a book-end for my 7" records. Whenever I listen to records, I have a Creative Sound Blaster that I only use so I can adjust the volume (left). Sometimes when I don't want to move my record player from the shelf in my closet to the floor or my desk, I'll add in some Bluetooth equipment that purists would frown upon (right). Most of my music listening is with my earbuds or in the car, so what I've got works for now (unless everyone's gone and I want to listen to music on speakers, in which case, ugh).
  11. Seimeisen

    Got some Boris shit. Download cards for the records would have been nice, now I gotta digitise them.
  12. Seimeisen

    I feel like I haven’t listened to INFINITUM enough to really judge it. This time two years ago, I was listening to ADORATIO on repeat all the time. This time around, I’ve only listened to INFINITUM twice, and I only remember three songs: the second track (because of all the dumb cat yowl noises kyo makes), kisses, and ただ、まだ、私 (because it kind of sounds like 赫). Maybe with more listens I’ll grow to appreciate the album more, but right now, nothing’s making me want to put it on repeat.
  13. Seimeisen

    I’m making progress on listening to their albums. So far, I’ve heard (in full, at least once): darker than darkness: gothic synth-y nu-metal Six/Nine: definition of avant-garde COSMOS: noise pop, I think, one listen wasn’t enough to remember much SEXY STREAM LINER: very ‘80s, made me think of that show Moonbeam City ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH: the nostalgic cyberpunk trail continues 極東 I LOVE YOU: mechanical animals, white disc Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE: mechanical animals, blue disc 13階は月光: I C O N I C , absolutely wonderful 天使のリボルバー: A W F U L ! It has this sort of “spaghetti western on broadway” vibe that I am NOT fucking with. RENDEZVOUS was simply annoying. REVOLVER is the only good song No.9: the first song is cool, but I forget the rest No.0: “CITIES ON THE MOON... Thank You!” I still have a lot to listen to, and quite a few to go back to, but I’m getting there. Not exactly as I planned
  14. They digitally distributed all those demo tapes from last year, maybe they’ll do the same with these. I honestly don’t really care about them though, the live limited demos from last year were okay at best and in no way memorable.
  15. They might as well And that fourth track is probably the two songs glued together. They did something similar with b-sides on 春の日.
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