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  1. コドモドラゴン (CODOMO DRAGON) will be releasing a their 6th single since WOLFMAN, "想葬" (Sousou), on November 7th. As per the exhausting BP routine, the single will be released in four types, submit all obi strips to get a tour pamphlet, they'll do a one month tour for the single (from November 10th to December 16th), and play a tour final on January 9th, 2019. Maybe at that show, they'll announce an album... I dig the look tho
  2. Seimeisen

    I like this look! I approve! Like others, I haven’t been impressed by the past several singles but I’m still hoping they can make a solid record. Now we just need コドモドラゴン to announce their album
  3. Seimeisen

    I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I prefer re-recordings over new music from Alice Nine. Their compositions suck these days, I don't care for anything from PLANET NINE, and IDEAL was just okay. But their sound/production/instrumentation have improved greatly, and Shou's vocals are so much better than they were in 2006 (compare the album version of jellyfish to the 2014 re-recording). On the other hand, I would have preferred a different selection of songs. The only ones I'm really looking forward to here are Time Machine, Gradation, 光環 and Velvet. I'm somewhat curious about Dice, CROSS GAME, and GEMINI. The rest of the tracklist I'm not that interested in. I would have preferred that they just focus on material from 2004-2006... or to re-record everything pre-GEMINI.
  4. Just let it die already
  5. Seimeisen

    I was ready to hate this album, but after giving it a listen, it's okay. I will admit that I'm pressed to like this album because I absolutely love 沈黙 and おやすみ. My problem is not because the songs are soft or "pop" (they've done soft songs in the past and have done it well), or that there's no more screaming; my problem is the compositions. A handful of songs on this album start out promising, but then we get to the chorus and I completely lose interest, examples include 蝶々 and insomnia. I absolutely loathe insomnia just for its chorus. I thought I was going to hate オレンジの詩, but I actually like it, even though it's a throwback to DAMY's 雨音, which is a throwback to Plastic Tree's Melancholic. I liked Hello the first few times I heard it on 撲殺ヒーロー, but in the context of the album, it does not interest me. Since I'm such a tracklist critic, I wonder if 幸福のメロディー would have been a better choice for track 6. When it comes to albums, I'm usually all-or-nothing, but with "TODAY," there are a few tracks that are worth saving and a few that aren't. Another reason I'm not too devastated by DEZERT going soft is because DAMY exists.
  6. Seimeisen

    Only half the songs are translated. Why do people do this Doesn't matter though, I'm not taking this whole album, just "Silence" and "Frogs, Bats, & Machine Guns" But honestly, if it's not original kanji, I'd take English translation over Romaji any day if it's done right $14.19 is bullshit for an 11-track album that's mostly gonna suck. $1.29/song is the norm now, but full albums should usually be $10
  7. Seimeisen

    Got the iTunes link? I googled it and found nothing. I did find it on mora though, and yeah it does cost extra (¥324/song, ¥2,592 for the album)
  8. Seimeisen

    We don't need this album. They should have just nationwide re-issued おはよう with 蛙とバットと機関銃 as a b-side, and おやすみ c/w 沈黙 (or just put all four of them on one maxi-single). I have no interest in the other songs.
  9. Really? Dwango exclusive? This is fucking bullshit!
  10. Seimeisen

    1 was not bad, 5 sounded okay, I hated the melody for the title track, the rest was forgettable. I really hope the rest of the album sounds nothing like this
  11. Seimeisen

    Glad you enjoyed everything! That's too bad that the M3U file didn't work, it was why I posted the original tracklist in the PM with the zip file I sent. The Shodai, Retinwaav, and Cloudkicker albums are all on Bandcamp for free (or $1/release)! That cali≠gari song is not what you should expect from them. Their sound is impossible to pin down, it's all over the place. The rest of 13 is a jazz album. I used to ignore everything on IMMORTALIS after elizabeth addict. I don't remember how, but I was going through the album and amongst the 80 minutes of boring, hemimetabolism managed to catch my attention. LISTEN TO KATATONIA'S "THE FALL OF HEARTS" IT IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE, IT WAS THE BEST ALBUM RELEASED IN 2016 THE NOVEMBERS' output between 2013-2015 is all gold! I'm curious what BORIS stuff you've tried in the past... they're another band with a lot of variety, although maybe not as much as say cali≠gari. Their drone-y, 30 minute tracks are definitely NOT for everyone (although, if you want interesting background music if you're ever taking online midterms) In conclusion, listen to every album featured in this mixtape (except IMMORTALIS obviously)
  12. Seimeisen

    @Ro plz here took two songs I've known very well, then threw in 7 seven songs I totally slept on, and one I never even heard of. These are all great songs, and they all flow so well. I'll be going back to this playlist frequently in the future. 10/10
  13. Seimeisen

    The b-side is called "叢雲" (そううん; Gathering of Clouds) and the regular version bonus track is a re-recording of 朔宵. Judging by the preview, I actually prefer 叢雲 to 無垢 It's on iTunes and mora and shit: http://mora.jp/package/43000033/A65780/?fmid=newRelease_all_0001
  14. Seimeisen

    Nothing’s gonna touch their untitled album But goddamn, now I’m really kicking myself for spending ¥2,000 each on おはよう and おやすみ
  15. Actually, the tracklists for both versions are entirely different. They're on the OHP: http://keel.tokyo/DISC.html There are a total of 12 songs that do not appear on either version: It's like they intentionally left out at least one song from each release.