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  1. Seimeisen

    They're doing a making-of DVD feature for this album? Really? They just thought it was that good, huh? m'kay that's not delusional It's not the steaming pile of shit I was low-key anticipating, but it wasn't that great. Starts off strong, but then just drops halfway. The weaker songs are only as weak as they are because Tatsurou ruins them, the music itself is decent at worst. What the hell happened to him, anyway? He used to be good, right? Is every VK vocalist's voice just turning to shit lately? We got Arimura, we've got that stupid nose job guy from 己龍, and now this dude. Still, my expectation: 壊れたピアノ > 悪 >> 脈拍
  2. Seimeisen

    I have one credit card and I try to keep my balance under $400. I prefer using my credit card because I get phone notifications for every purchase, and, y'know, points. I only get 1.5% back, but it beats only getting 1% back occasionally on debit. I usually only use debit if I'm making a hefty purchase (high credit usage can affect your credit score), gas (at stations that charge cash price for debit users), and car insurance (because I have to). I pay cash for my share of the mortgage and my car loan (it's a weird story) and that's about it. Having a credit card has not been a problem for me, because my card has no fee, I avoid overspending, I pay my bills on time and in full, and my credit limit is a fraction of what I have in my checking account. If someone's buying things with their card that they can't afford, I will assume that they're either a) going through an unforeseen financial crisis, or b) dangerously irresponsible with money. People I know who have multiple credit cards tend to designate a different purpose for each card. They'll have one card that gets maximum points on certain buys, another card that gets good points for others, at least one of them is Visa or MC, at least one of them doesn't have foreign transaction fees (if they're travellers, or weebs like us), and sometimes a business credit card. omg I LOOOOOVE thicc credit cards, I want one so bad 🤩
  3. Seimeisen

    I guess 自己嫌惡 = 自己嫌悪
  4. Seimeisen

    Here's larger covers from their OHP VIP Edition Limited edition Standard edition I have mixed feelings about this album, but I'm leaning more towards optimism. On one hand, they released a really good album last year, one that was a major step-up from 脈拍, but on the other hand, Amelia and COBALT are the only singles that I liked at all; I didn't care for the rest. I am glad that the worst of the worst (e.g 例えば僕が居なかったら, HOTEL LEMMON TREE) won't be appearing. I did see potential in room, but Tatsurou just sounded awful. His voice in general hasn't been sounding great these days. I'm expecting a decent album, hoping for something great, but also prepared for something far below average.
  5. Words can't describe how awful that was Like, it was so bad that I almost forgot that they've made good songs before. It was so bad that, for a minute there, I wanted to delete all their stuff. 😆
  6. I will never get over how atrocious those covers for the new lynch. album are. They all look like web store place holder images

    1. zombieparadise


      They are exceptionally bad. I don't get it - Their covers are usually pretty nice.

  7. This band will never release another album, will they?
  8. What the hell kind of covers are those? Ew.
  9. Musically, everything is at the very least decent, but first track aside, Ryuutarou sounds awful. He should have stopped singing (years ago) and just focused on guitar. Most of these songs would have sounded better with a different vocalist (or none at all). Guess I'm taking the instrumentals if they leak...
  10. Seimeisen

    So it’s all Takehito’s fault. He’s the one who just couldn’t let this shitshow outfit die
  11. Seimeisen

    Firstly, Roem Service cancelled the show because it was too expensive (and nobody contributed to the Patreon), and he just lost interest in Drag Race itself, which is understandable since season 10 was a pile of shit and season 11 was an even bigger pile of shit. As for the show being erased, copyright reasons. World of Blunder found it and YT threatened to demonetise Roem’s channel if he didn’t remove the videos. They’re all archived on DailyMotion right now. Probably
  12. Seimeisen

    I'm debating if I will watch the new season. Only reason I'm debating and not absolutely skipping is because I wanna keep up with Race Chaser podcast. I wish RaPal Dark Res was never abandoned and erased Don't worry, it's not Drag Race's fault; NY'ers are typically like that. And according to wiki, there are five NY girls in the new season. I hope they all get eliminated first in a shocking quintuple sashay. That would freshen things up
  13. Seimeisen

    Mamo, the creepy old pedophile
  14. Seimeisen

    I'm not expecting this year to be all that interesting The lynch. album will bring nothing new to the table, but it'll be just a bit better than XIII If the GazettE don't release their next album this year, they'll at least announce its release (or announce the announcement) BUCK-TICK will release an album, it falls into the two year pattern they've seemingly settled into; it'll have an electro-retro sound to it ザアザア will churn out more singles with really good A-sides and very bleh b-sides, but they will not release an album because they are stupid MERRY will be so focused on trying to sell that nostalgii jewellery that they'll forget to release any actual music R-shithead members will do unmemorable side projects; with or without music, Mamo will do something heinous #mamoisoverparty MEJIBRAY will not get back together; their side projects will continue to be astonishingly terrible ARTiCLEAR will put out a solid release (but they'll probably disband sooner than TBS did; Jin is cursed) BORIS will mostly tour this year, maybe do a collab with ... Merzbow 🙄 Anybody else I didn't mention will either churn out skippable singles or tour around Japan; like I said, not all that interesting Here's the BP RECORDS CALENDAR (besides what's already been announced) コドモドラゴン: new single in mid September, another one announced in December 己龍: new single in late August (and not a single guitar will be heard), next album announced in November Royz: new album in early September (it will S U C K ), a single announced in December
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