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  1. And I vaguely remember reading an interview where AOI (or maybe URUHA) mentioned wasting a lot of money on some expensive guitar, and I'm just like "BITCH! What's the point of getting a different guitar if production sounds like garbage? You could have spent that money to hire a producer/mastering-engineer/mixing-engineer/all-of-the-above who actually knows what the fuck they're doing!!"
  2. I am glad Trixie won, I'm guessing most people here (and people I follow on Twitter) aren't, but she should have been lip-syncing with Shangela. The fact that she didn't make it to the top two was the only twist this season. But whatever, what matters is that BeBe didn't win haha, she was the only one I actively rooted against in the end. Not sure if I'm gonna watch season 10. I might consider watching the premier episode, but "might" is the key word here.
  3. NOOO, these guys were supposed to be the second-wave Tokami. What the fuck do these idiots think they're doing? If they come back as a new band, they better not join Starwave again, but they probably will because they're that fucking stupid Tokami should just revive permanently and join a new label, they just started doing great before Kiwamu murdered them. Coincidence, I think not If Google Translate isn't lying, they all say at one point or another "it's not due to personal reasons or creative differences"
  4. I alway think to myself that I want drag queens to start a black metal band, but then I remember we have visual kei ... that kinda counts, right?

    1. AimiGen7


      Madeth Gray'll is almost sorta kinda close enough? lol


    2. diryangrey


      don't ask me why but these guys sound somehow like the middle point between black metal & nagoya kei
      not sure if that's anything like what you were looking for when you made the update lol but they're a quality band i don't think enough people know about

    3. WhirlingBlack


      Drag culture and VK culture thankfully have very little in common.

  5. I fucking loved that song; I still remember it, and it's been getting stuck in my head lately, I need to go back to it. I consider it a very important song that began shaping my music tastes then and now. I haven't listened to that band in ages!
  6. Keeping Kennedy and BeBe is pointless, they might as well have left with Morgan. Everyone knows next week is just gonna be Trixie vs. Shangela
  7. As of now, probably. Every music video for DOGMA was included on the deluxe edition. Each DVD/BD version of NINTH only has one music video.
  8. No proxies needed, you're good to go
  9. ✅ I wanted heavier ✅ I wanted a summer album ❎ I wanted less english ❎ That intro was... a tad off-putting I am shocked beyond shock that the super limited Blu-Ray edition isn't HERESY ONLY, but I'm not surprised in the slightest that it's ¥13,000.
  10. Booklet romanised 遠国 as ENGOKU, and also romanised エクジステンシャリズム as Existentialisme (but I went with Ecsistentialism anyway). I wouldn't say they pulled a Träumerei with the singles, since they didn't re-record them or re-arrange them in a different key, but there are some changes: ・雨中遊泳 was remixed: it's muddier, giving it a more 'rainy' atmosphere, and there's the sound of rain sample in the beginning ・Silent Noise has some studio noise in the beginning ・念力 has some extra fade-in sound effects in the beginning ・静かの海's drum intro is compressed
  11. Ecstastentialism? Ecsistentialism?
  12. As if their label would allow them to do such a thing. Ha. I'll rant about BP Records some other time, though... Judging by the previews, the song is not good enough to be a single and the b-sides are bland. It's not so much that the compositions bore me, or that I don't like the idea of the traditional synth, but they just drown all their music in synth nowadays, it's overkill! They need to go light on the background synth stuff and focus on the instruments that they claim to actually play. They did a much better job achieving a balancing of actual music and synth until a few years ago. Maybe I'll grow to really like 春時雨 when it surfaces on an album, but in the mean time, I'm skipping it. Let's just see what コドモドラゴン and Royz have to offer this month...
  13. I say グリーヴァ as well. Although for me, I thought they started going downhill with 終焉; the title track is their most incredible song, but everything else sounded kinda ... average. Pretty much everything they released post-終焉 just sounded like leftovers, and some even sounded like straight-up rehashes of alkaloid. There are a few songs here and there that I like from 2014 and on, but nothing they ever did after 鬼ト影 lived up to it, which is a strange thing to say about a compilation of blatant rip-offs. As for bands that haven't disbanded: NoGoD. They started a change for worse with 欠片, which I liked and still do, but they kept going with that sound, and have been going sort of up and down. 欠片 was good, 現実 was average, V was decent, Make A New World was garbage, Renovate was great the first them then average the second, proof was poop. They should either renovate their sound for real, or just call it quits.
  14. OMG CAN MID-NEXT WEEK COME ANY QUICKER I WANT THIS NOW Silent Noise is most likely to be the weakest track on the album, while I'm sure it'll grow on me in the context of the album, I think they should have used Synchro instead (they're both pretty much the same, but IMO Synchro is better).
  15. Previews of the entire album are here: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B079J3DBGT/ They're on chocomaru so the quality is shittier than shit itself. Not feeling 最低 [2] or 貴方だけを, but really digging 謳う心臓, 比較対象, and 揺らめくあの日は万華鏡. I have a feeling I'm gonna order this soon, but still not really sure.