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  1. Seimeisen

    I've finally listened to the album, and the only tracks I really like are SANDMAN, DEAD or ALIVE, and Superhero (kind of). This album has the same problem as Plastic Tree's 十色定理: the album features mostly good compositions with mostly atrocious vocals. IMO, Tatsurou is the weakest link and ruins most songs, except for SANDMAN. His voice has been progressively getting worse over the past few years, and I don't see it improving. I don't know how I could describe it, if it'd be accurate to say his higher notes are more nasally/grating. He should either change his style or retire. In the meantime, MUCC is another band I am ready to stop paying attention to. 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド was a fluke
  2. Seimeisen

    I still haven't listened enough to have a fully formed opinion, but these comments have me expecting disappointment. I have heard that track with Hazuki in full, which was truly nothing more than a gimmick to put a feature in the tracklist, and deleted it immediately. I'll also be deleting My WORLD (it's just garbage), and 生と死と君 (doesn't fit without My WORLD). I was never expecting this to be as good as 壊れたピアノ, but I am expecting this album to make 脈拍 look like a dumpster fire. Of course, most of my complaints about MUCC these days aren't so much how their sound has gotten less interesting, but how Tatsurou's voice has been sounding like absolute shit for the past few years. The album seems to be very top-heavy, starting out relatively strong only to water itself down towards the end. This album (and 脈拍 for that matter) did not need to be 70 minutes long. Unless you're prog, or your album has a thorough concept, your album shouldn't be longer than an hour. One of the things they got right with 壊れたピアノ was making it 40 minutes. In fact, 壊れたピアノ could have survived one filler track.
  3. Seimeisen

    Released: 2020年06月10日 01. 惡 -JUSTICE- 02. CRACK 03. アメリア 04. 神風 Over Drive 05. 海月 06. Friday the 13th 07. COBALT 08. SANDMAN 09. 目眩 (feat. 葉月) 10. スーパーヒーロー 11. DEAD or ALIVE 12. 自己嫌惡 13. アルファ 14. My WORLD 15. 生と死と君 16. スピカ Bonus Tracks: Terrace (CD hidden track) taboo (download card bonus track) 例えば僕が居なかったら (download card bonus track) Sooooo.... what do we think?
  4. Seimeisen

    Some LINGUA IGNOTA records all hail the almighty throat-slitter of the world I’m actually kind of disappointed, sound-wise. Both records are VERY noisy, and on CALIGULA, there’s a really bad skip on one of the songs. That aside, I’m still glad to have physical copies of these fantastic albums!
  5. Seimeisen

    Maybe they were being sarcastic bitches about it (or they are unaware of e+'s restrictions)
  6. Seimeisen

    I'd expect nothing more from this band. They go to great lengths to make their releases inaccessible beyond their fan club, and I just wouldn't expect them to be on board with western dominated platforms. I'm actually kind of surprised they're granting access to anyone with a Japanese credit card and phone number, and not restricting it to FC members.
  7. Seimeisen

    This can be fixed by changing the .webp part of the image url to .jpg
  8. Seimeisen

    This album is a quick one (barely 35 minutes), but an interesting one. I think I like it more than ANGELS. It‘a more “modern” than anything else they’ve done. Their tracks from the unknown flowers split with Boris could have worked on this album, especially Journey. So far, my favourites are Dead Heaven and Hamletmachine, least favourites are New York and 開け放たれた窓.
  9. I was always wondering if they’d ever release another album. The singles were very hit-or-miss with me, but I look forward to checking this out.
  10. Seimeisen

    There are only a few Japanese bands that I've slept on for more than a few years. BUCK-TICK: I slept on them for nearly ten years. I've known about them since 2009, I would receive a song of theirs in a few trade-offs time to time, even downloaded a few albums, but never really put in the effort to listen to them until sometime last year. I don't quite remember what motivated this, or which I album I officially started with, but I now listen to them all the time. BORIS: learned of their existence in 2011, but didn't really bother to listen to anything; in 2013, I added New Album to my wishlist where it sat for years and years; I downloaded NOISE in 2014 but never really listened to it. In 2016, they re-released PINK, and I decided to give them a real try, I finally listened to NOISE and got hooked. Now, they're one of my absolute favourite bands! If we're including non-Japanese bands, there's a bigger list. Each year between 2016-2019, I rediscovered a band that I hella slept on approximately ten years prior. In 2016, I got into The Number Twelve Looks Like You; in 2017, Deftones; 2018, Underoath; 2019, tool. It became a musical discovery event that I would anticipate. I'm not sure if there are any more bands I could rediscover to keep this tradition going. This all has me pondering how my taste in music has changed in the past fifteen years. I learned of these bands when I was a teenager, and a lot of them I learned about when my taste in music was narrower than ever. I wonder, would I have been able to appreciate any of these bands when I first learned they existed? Would their music have changed my palate sooner, or in different ways? Or did my palate need to change the way it did before I could appreciate their music?
  11. Seimeisen

    They did lol. tobird has done artwork for all their albums, this one included
  12. Seimeisen

    At The Beginning will be released on 27 May (CD in Japan, digital/streaming worldwide). The album is currently available for pre-order on their online shop, and orders placed by 17 April should arrive on 13 May. The album will also get an early release on Bandcamp, on 16 May. The cover, done by tobird, was inspired by the track 消失点 (Shoushitsu-ten). "The sphere of the jacket beautifully expresses the three-dimensional, clear and noisy sound of the world." "The artwork is a symbolic object that can be felt at the beginning or end, positively, negatively, naturally, or artificially." tobird set out to create something that could be put on display in someone's room. Tracklist: 1, Rainbow 2, 薔薇と子供 (Bara to Kodomo; A Rose and A Child) 3, 理解者 (Rikaisha; Supporter) 4, Dead Heaven 5, 消失点 (Shoushitsu-ten; Vanishing Point) 6, 楽園 (Rakuen; Paradise) 7, New York 8, Hamletmachine 9, 開け放たれた窓 (Ake-hanatareta mado; The Abandoned Window) 薔薇と子供 is streaming on YouTube TOUR -消失点- will go from 16 May to 11 July, and a ¥2,000 student discount will be offered on tickets. source
  13. Seimeisen

    They're doing a making-of DVD feature for this album? Really? They just thought it was that good, huh? m'kay that's not delusional It's not the steaming pile of shit I was low-key anticipating, but it wasn't that great. Starts off strong, but then just drops halfway. The weaker songs are only as weak as they are because Tatsurou ruins them, the music itself is decent at worst. What the hell happened to him, anyway? He used to be good, right? Is every VK vocalist's voice just turning to shit lately? We got Arimura, we've got that stupid nose job guy from 己龍, and now this dude. Still, my expectation: 壊れたピアノ > 悪 >> 脈拍
  14. Seimeisen

    I have one credit card and I try to keep my balance under $400. I prefer using my credit card because I get phone notifications for every purchase, and, y'know, points. I only get 1.5% back, but it beats only getting 1% back occasionally on debit. I usually only use debit if I'm making a hefty purchase (high credit usage can affect your credit score), gas (at stations that charge cash price for debit users), and car insurance (because I have to). I pay cash for my share of the mortgage and my car loan (it's a weird story) and that's about it. Having a credit card has not been a problem for me, because my card has no fee, I avoid overspending, I pay my bills on time and in full, and my credit limit is a fraction of what I have in my checking account. If someone's buying things with their card that they can't afford, I will assume that they're either a) going through an unforeseen financial crisis, or b) dangerously irresponsible with money. People I know who have multiple credit cards tend to designate a different purpose for each card. They'll have one card that gets maximum points on certain buys, another card that gets good points for others, at least one of them is Visa or MC, at least one of them doesn't have foreign transaction fees (if they're travellers, or weebs like us), and sometimes a business credit card. omg I LOOOOOVE thicc credit cards, I want one so bad 🤩
  15. Seimeisen

    I guess 自己嫌惡 = 自己嫌悪
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