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  1. Their final album is now available on Japanese digital platforms like OTOTOY, and should be up on Spotify soon (tomorrow probably)
  2. Seimeisen

    Available on iTunes JP, mora.jp, etc. Judging by the previews, the new songs all sound good, first and last song sound great especially, and the singles sound unchanged
  3. Seimeisen

    反芻 sounds really good, and so does the title track preview! On both of these songs, production sounds much better, they seem to be toning down the background "instruments," and the guitar melodies are in the forefront as they should be. For most of the singles on this album, I really hated how the synth arrangements dominated the songs and guitars were mostly in the background, sometimes inaudible. These videos though, they're giving me hope that this will be a solid album. I'm not expecting it, but I really hope they remix the singles, maybe even re-record a few, especially 月下美人. But I wouldn't hold my breath, re-recording singles for an album does not appear to be in the BP Records formula. But if they want this album to feel like an album that flows nicely and not just a last minute compilation with a mini-album thrown in, they'll have to make adjustments to the older songs!
  4. BPR posted a comment video for the single/b-sides
  5. Seimeisen

    Here's the tracklist (kanji readings are speculative) 01. 吊 (Tsurushi; Hanging) 02. 無垢 (Muku; Purity) 03. 朧月夜 (Oborotzuki-yo; Hazy Night) 04. 歪* (Ibitsu; Distortion) 05. 反芻 (Hansuu; Rumination) 06. 転生輪廻 (Tenshou Rinne; The Circle Of Transmigration) 07. 私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形 (Watashi Wa Kairai, Sarugutsuwa no Ningyou; I'm A Puppet, A Gagged-up Doll) 08. 婆娑羅* (Basara; Self-Indulgence) 09. 野箆坊 (Nopperabou; Perfectly Flat) 10. 月下美人 (Gekkabijin; Cereus Of Night) 11. 春時雨 (Harushigure; April Showers) 12. 情ノ華 (Jou No Ka; Flower Of Feels) 13. 黒闇ニ惑ウ絵空事 (Kuroyami Ni Madou Esoragoto; Perplexing Pipe Dreams In The Blackness) *TYPE C bonus track This album includes SIX singles, only five to seven songs are new! Also, I'm surprised they didn't make up any words for track titles, that used to be their thing Artwork TYPE A - bottom left TYPE B - bottom right TYPE C - top
  6. It's available on iTunes, recochoku, Mora, and probably other JP-only stores. Fire up your proxies/gift card services, people!
  7. Artwork Track Titles A-side: 想葬 (Sousou; Funeral For Thoughts?) B-side:「没」("Botsu;" "Rejection") TYPE C bonus track: ROTTEN MIND TYPE D bonus track: アートはお前なんかに壊せない (Aato wa Omae nankani Kowasenai; Art Is Something You Can't Kill) Source: MUSIC LOUNGE
  8. Wow, I am hella stoked for this! I don't think I've heard anything like this from them
  9. Uhh, the band is officially on "hiatus" but it's one of those hiatuses that they'll probably never return from like 12012 or Sadie. As far as anyone's concerned, MEJIBRAY is dead. Koichi and Tsuzuku left because of contract whatevers and turned into j-pop fuccbois who are basically exiled from the Japanese entertainment industry.
  10. Seimeisen

  11. What?! No! I just started liking them this year! Not cool!
  12. I actually agree. I'm not expecting to be blown away, but 詩踏み set my expectations very low, so I think I'm just really excited 'cause nothing I've heard yet sucks. I think I'm more excited to hear the re-recordings though, so I'm still waiting impatiently over here... *tries to remember how long it took ARCHE DISC 2 to leak*
  13. I'm digging that artwork and now I'm really considering buying a copy! I never commented on the samples. Most looking forward to 軽蔑と始まり, Downfall, Followers, and 谿壑の欲. I am totally falling in love with Ranunculus; I still don't understand why they named a song like that with a PV like that after a buttercup flower. I might be able to tolerate the album version of 歌踏み; kyo's gibberish fribble-fribble is less comical. Holy Fucking Hell, the re-recordings of 鬼眼 and 理由 are going to be incredible!
  14. コドモドラゴン (CODOMO DRAGON) will be releasing a their 6th single since WOLFMAN, "想葬" (Sousou), on November 7th. As per the exhausting BP routine, the single will be released in four types, submit all obi strips to get a tour pamphlet, they'll do a one month tour for the single (from November 10th to December 16th), and play a tour final on January 9th, 2019. Maybe at that show, they'll announce an album... I dig the look tho