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  1. It's official: everyone, everywhere, is sick *loud, deadly sounding cough*
  2. I know right! Bitch had the audacity to stand upright and use a greyscale filter. The! Nerve! Of some people! *tsk tsk*
  3. This never existed. It was all a lie. Somebody has been lying to you and that is not okay.
  4. -Conditionally disband- -sold in advance- -Record label scapegoat- Last few times Starwave bands have broken up, I've been very compelled to blame Kiwamu, crusher of hopes and dreams. Not sure if the label is to blame this time, because I don't think any Starwave bands have done this before. It's possible that the band members are just desperate attention whores who require it from some particular amount of girls (and only girls)?
  5. I was partnered with @diryangreyand I am late to the show because reasons, and life got in the way. Anyway, diryangrey went with a ballad theme for this trade-off mix, yielding a whopping fifteen tracks! Let's see how they do! Tracklist 01. vistlip - Dr. Teddy 02. Fatima - 消せない雨 (Kasenai Ame) 03. D≒SIRE - DREAMS BURN DφWN 04. MoNoLith - 葬 -saw- 05. Yeti - nagashi 06. オトイロハ (Otoiroha) - Christmas Rose 07. BAROQUE - SKY WALKER 08. Nirgilis - JuJu 09. boris - a bao a qu 10. BUCK-TICK - ILLUSION 11. BiS - primal. 12. exist†trace - Lost in Helix 13. emmurée - Lovers 14. La'Cryma Christi - Blueberry Rain 15. NIGHTMARE - Aquaria Overall   This was a rather long trade-off, but I think the experience paid off, as it gave me a chance to hear some VK bands that I’ve automatically ignored, and even encouraged me to seek out a few particular releases. There were a few things that could have (and very well should have) been left out, but everything else I was glad to hear. Thank you @diryangrey!
  6. I never really believe in doing "New Year's resolutions," or at least calling them that, but I plan on joining a gym, learning some (actually useful and important) Japanese before my trip in July, and if my blue pig bank filled with loose change gets all the way full, I'm gonna invest it all 'cause why the hell not (it'd probably be only $25 anyway lol). Organising digital music collection sounds like a great idea, though that's something I've been trying to do for more than three years! 😆
  7. Yes, back in 2010 but it was a very basic, very unnecessary best of album. Just singles between NIL-DIM eras, placed in chronological order, no remixing/remastering, pretty pointless IMO.
  8. happy birthday man!

  9. Happy Birthday, Seimei! Enjoy! :'D

  10. Happy b-day!!!! Hope your new year goes well :grin:

  11. happy birthday sei-tan christ!!

  12. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Let's keep supporting Merry, shall we? ♥

  13. Uh, maybe a week or two? I dunno, and still no artwork either, it looks like. I'm curious about the tracklist, though. I was hoping we could get a shorter version of Brilliant World that doesn't trail off into random Christmas songs...
  14. Happy birthday, @Seimeisen! Hope it's a great one. :rock:

  15. Happy b-day Seimeisen! <3