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  1. When I saw the GazettE live (in 2015) I felt more excited than I had felt at a couple of other concerts I’ve been to so that made it unlike concerts for bands I had been into for awhile (yet at the time I had been a new fan of the GazettE) I was impressed by how much energy that they had! As soon as they started performing I thought I would fall over and get squished because everyone in the crowd started going crazy (I quite understand why) The only non-energy-filled part was Ruki’s voice.. He sounded really tired! I could tell he was straining his voice from listening to him.. But nonetheless he wasn’t disappointing in any way (He never disappoints!) I’d say that Reita had the most energy out of the entire band, especially when they played Inside Beast! That was my favourite song that they played. I don’t really have much more detail to add as I don’t remember much more, but it was an amazing night! That was way too long, wasn’t it?
  2. Gackt will forever give Karen vibes no matter which way you look at him So much that I once wrote a fanfiction about him going into a store and demanding of the manager.. Oke nevermind ... P.S. I love your edit
  3. hiko

    Welcome! I am new as well hehe.. and I love 90’s jrock! P.S. I love X JAPAN! They’re my favourite band and I wish to see them live someday! ♥️
  4. Hi, my name is hiko. I’ve been a fan of Visual Kei for a really long time now, many years, but I have always listened to Jrock anyway I am from Japan, though Japanese is not my first language as I’ve always been bilingual with English and Japanese I am a big fan of X JAPAN, and for X I’d say I idolise Yoshiki and Taiji the most. I also like L’Arc~en~Ciel, I have been their fan ever since I was a child. I have been to various Jrock concerts, though I can’t go to many since I live on an Island in south Japan (Awaji Island) and am unable to travel But some of the Jrock concerts I have been to are: HYDE x5 VAMPS x2 Dir en grey x1 the GazettE x1 L’Arc~en~Ciel x3 Plastic Tree x4 My actual name is Hideko (it sounds like a grandma name so hiko is cooler) You can send me a message whenever you want!
  5. hiko

    Guess I’ll see that song that way for the rest of my life 🤣
  6. hiko

    I also have a feeling it could be a rumour that was just started on Tanuki that somehow got to people who don’t know the source of it
  7. hiko

    I was just curious about it, as I had heard it being heavily rumoured
  8. A few months ago I found on some website (I don’t remember where) that was giving information about X JAPAN members and it mentioned Toshi is infertile. As I’ve never been much of a Toshi fan, I wouldn’t know whether this is true or not. I assumed it was most likely false information until I saw some comment in one of his Instagram posts, in Japanese language, saying something along the lines of “It’s too bad you can’t have children” So I asked one of his fans about it and she said that it was true, and that he has always been infertile.. but I’m still pretty skeptical. So I became really curious from this as I saw this again. Is this completely made up or actually true?
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