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    I just bought all of the Shilfee & Tulipcorobockles albums available from bandcamp. Had to help my man afford another flight to tibet lol.
  2. Teru from Versailles because I'm a shameless fanboy and I really wanna know wtf he uses on his hair to keep it from falling out. Years of bright silver hair can't be good for the scalp lol
  3. zimzalamateo

    I just recovered some of my old music and this post made for the perfect excuse to dig this album out of the vault. Its been so long that its gonna be like hearing it for the first time again. I'm only two songs in and its a banger, but I'm getting all of the nostalgic feeeeeelllssss. Edit: Move On Darkness stands out from the previous songs in a good way and the ending vocals gave me tingles. B.C. is just one of those songs that is very easy to listen to without being boring. The guitar solo breaks it up nicely, so for that I love it. I'll listen to Eve just for the piano intro. Freesia is definitely the perfect way to end to the album. Overall, I'm team Move On Darkness as my favorite. I just viiibbbe with it. The album is very cohesive and like others have said it has that story telling quality that sets apart an album from being just music, to an entire experience.
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