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  1. fruitfork

    First time working in a place with so much women and ive come to the conclusion girls scare me even though i thought it was quite the opposite all along at the very least they leave me alone since i don't talk
  2. fruitfork

    Holy fuck I like Yoshiki now
  3. fruitfork

    ..Not very sentimental are you. I'm pretty much the same as you when it comes to organizing my library but this take and your whole post is inducing schizophrenia so I am looking away I use slsk and private trackers, before those I used to go through old blogspots for dls and still do occasionally, but more often than not I keep things I can't find immediately in my wishlist on slsk. I like collecting records and cassettes too.. does me going to shows count as consuming music..? I don't like the word consume used in this context. I avoid spotify like the plague (as with most streaming) but I have a lot of music saved on there from over the years, as much as I'd like to never touch that app again I use it when I'm out in public or at work sometimes, but once I get an ad I usually close out >_>
  4. Happy birthday! 🎉 I hope you have a great day.

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Yeah, have a great birthday bb 😘

    2. fruitfork


      Omg... thank you two!!! ;__;

  5. I tried figuring out what the fuck Mainatron Craze Space was bcus he brought it up so often and I STILL can't find anything on it. I'd want to go to the takeda shingen festival with him holy shit. The title didn't say living or dead but he takes my no.1 spot if he were still around : (
  6. I've now stumbled across your accounts on 3 different sites. 3 is my lucky number. Hi : )

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    2. fruitfork


      Wasn't aware that they were still together. excited to listen if i get my hands on one of them >:)

    3. shane


      Unfortunately they're not : ) They're just releasing previously unheard old stuff. Looks like it's mainly live and reharsal stuff. There was also a live album released last year I still need to get. If or when i get them I'll let you know!

    4. fruitfork


      Ahhhhhhhhh false hope and fantasies of being able to see them live with the remaining 2.. and maybe guest member (s).wouldve been cool. And thank you Shane.

  7. fruitfork

    LMFAO Okay the only band I can think of that hasn't been listed worth noting would be Crack Brain Also sort of related, what was with the old vk phenomenon of bands using the word autism in their song titles. it's funny as hell
  8. Wow so many INFJs I don't feel so special anymore but I'm gonna pretend that everyone else is just lying because they admire INFJs so much, so thank you, it's the best personality type for sure 😌I'm specifically INFJ-A, I've gotten INTJ, INTP throughout the years but INFJ-A these days. I guess I've softened up either that or gotten more hysterical. Funny that when I was about 14 I always got the extroverted, makes me wonder when that started to change. But to be fair I always get 60/40 for I/E. So going by myers briggs logic I'm doomed to be alone for the rest of my life both platonically and romantically but where's the surprise
  9. fruitfork

    Yeah, I don't blame him for just dipping like that but it just comes off as super social climber even to this day. He's a huge douche but he was funny, had a knack for telling stories. Great "television" personality. I feel he was pretty much the opposite of Mana, what they had in common were their huge egos, Gackt just had the charisma in areas Mana lacked. (we won't know if he really lacked though when he never spoke to begin with..)
  10. Hi. I’m Koichi Niiyama. I’m an artist involved in creative activities and stage performances. Some of you might have heard of me or seen my work. I really hope that everybody finds enjoyment in my output, both past and future. My work might not be for everyone, but that doesn’t put me off. Even if all my works were taken away from me or my activities were disrupted, I’d just keep going. I know I can overcome anything. I can swim across immense oceans. I can fly high in the sky. I can light up any darkness. I can bloom beautifully in any desert. I can face formidable enemies fearlessly. I vow to keep creating art until my strength runs out because I myself am my finest work. I am a piece that never stops evolving, and my story has just begun. Nothing makes life worth living more than spreading happiness through avant-garde works produced with the help of my greatest friends. This is my first message to you. I’ve tried to keep it brief. Thank you for reading. See you at my anniversary performance in June. With love, Koichi Niiyama Dec 22, 2017 Copypasta lookin ass
  11. fruitfork

    I've always imagined him to be kind of a shut in. He probably doesn't get out much, he looks like he's lived in his head his whole life.. if you get what I mean. From that impression alone I've always found him unlikable albeit relatable
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