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  1. solaris05

    This is always so difficult. I used to be a morning shower person because it would help wake me up for the day. But ever since moving abroad I've begun to switch and take night showers instead. I do switch back and forth though between morning and night, so at this point it really depends. If it's summer or I have a concert then I shower twice a day. If I'm just working a regular day then I shower the night before so I can get more sleep instead lmao 😫
  2. solaris05

    I would LOVE to own items from any of Aoi (GazettE)'s previous bands. I have some things from Kai, which I'm thankful for, but it's not the same when it isnt my bias 🥺🥺🥺
  3. watching the NICOLAS dvd. i forgot it was our first time hearing the new songs so we aren't doing furi yet and are just standing there. but i immediately spot where me and my friends are and i'm fucking dying 😂

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      Oh, so you mean you bought it. I'm so relieved now.

    3. solaris05


       @IGM_Oficial yes! i watched the actual dvd XD theres still a week so you're good! 

    4. IGM_Oficial


      Yes, I just checked the tweet. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. solaris05

  5. I can't believe nicolas is going to livestream their new dvd after just releasing it on sale... and it isn't even sold out on the website :(( I mean, this is super sweet of them to do and hopefully they can get a bunch of donations during the stream. I think this time I should have money to donate because last time I didn't :(( I miss them and I still feel so bad. They released a new album and then corona happened so they didn't get to perform for their new tour at alllll. And they were going to a bunch of people's hometowns and shit to play these tiny af venues (ok majority of vk venues are small but you get it).  If we're lucky, the final in July can continue but it's too early to say.


    TLDR: i miss nicolas, i feel bad they couldnt tour, pls watch their live steam and donate if you can 

  6. solaris05

    NICOLAS recently released a DVD of their first live at Meguro Rockmaykan on July 1, 2019. They're also going to live stream it on YouTube! I think Saku said they're keeping in MCs and stuff. If so, it's going to be hilarious. The live was suuuper fun and there was even hella funny talk about what furi to do for their new songs. 😍 Edit: all MCs are kept and Saku never knows when to shut up so youve been warned 😂
  7. solaris05

    I finally got my hands on a ds lite again and ive bought a bunch of super mario games to play with it. Its been a great distraction and eventually i wanna get other games but just this is good for now. Except it totally messed up my sleeping schedule because one night i was playing Mario until 4am LOL as a kid i had all the gameboys but they somehow disappeared (im so convinced my dad either sold them or kids stole them during house parties idk). Basically im just glad to relive my childhood with these games lol i wanna get my old hamtaro game back too. Im even tempted to buy a nintendo 64. Damn this "lock down" 😫
  8. at first i was trying to choose someone from gazette or whatever but fuck it. anyone from exist trace. we can do anything, go anywhere, and it can be ANY one of the members. oof. an amusement park or arcade would be fun af with mally since she's so outgoing and energetic. the reptile cafe is pretty much naoto's shit. imma just stop typing now--
  9. Fuuuuuuuuuck Takuya cried so much 😭

  10. Ooof. I'd buy the guitar if i were filthy rich
  11. i'm so ready to go back to woooork. imma have 0 money when gazette gets active again.

  12. sighroigflk if takuya wasn't leaving i'd buy merch but :((( there's no point now for me especially since they're just my side boys. gotta save for rent and gaze... i did buy the new single tho

  13. trying to plan a vacation during golden week for '21 or '22 might be a mistaaaake lmao

  14. sooo if any gazette fans wanna join a fan project, theres a post on my twitter @ dimskies 🤧

  15. bro i finally bought a box of popsicles from the store and....they're tiny omg i should've just bought a bunch of regular sized popsicles from the konbini oeifnsdljfs tf

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