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  1. Dxrk1sm

    Imagine if all their songs were like this and Oboreru Sakana. I'm so salty that they wasted their potential making ridiculous Circus Kei.
  2. Dxrk1sm

    Had a short convo with the vocalist of the underground band Suggestions. Highly recommend their music if you're into downtempo deathcore.
  3. Dxrk1sm

    the GazettE - Ugly Dir En Grey - Vinushka Dir En Grey - 我、闇とて Nightmare - Alumina Girugamesh - END
  4. Really digging this band. I wish more Black Metal bands had this good of a production, most of them sound like they have been recording on a Casio calculator. The vocalist comes from a Deathcore background, which explains why I'm liking this so much.
  5. Dxrk1sm

    The online live concert this morning was a good initiative from the band. They've made a respectable sum of money from the YouTube donations.
  6. Dxrk1sm

    My criticism is about as similar as a lot of people here, the bass is almost non-existent. Other than that, it's way too djenty for my taste.
  7. Dxrk1sm

    You should be mad at the 2/10 guy. At least I gave this a 6 boyo. XIII is a much more homogeneous record. This one sounds like a debut album of a new band trying to show off all the different styles they can play. I gave it a decent rating though because the brutal tracks were a blast.
  8. Dxrk1sm

    Yeah It would. At least it would have its own niche for people who are in the mood for ballads. This chaotic mix just doesn't do it for me. XIII takes a deuce on this record.
  9. Dxrk1sm

    Meh, they should have sticked to music style like Oboreru Sakana, the whole circus rock killed this band for me.
  10. Dxrk1sm

    If all the songs were like Allergie it would probably be my favorite album of the year. Too bad we got a bunch of mediocre ballads with 0 personality instead. Will have to give it more playthroughs but don't think my opinion would change much. 6/10.
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