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  1. AnchuAnchor

    Not really a fan of rap in general (unless it's from before the 2010s) but here are some artists/ mvs for those that would like to further explore this genre:
  2. AnchuAnchor

    jk (Sex Machineguns) Reita (The GazettE) And the legendary nose band
  3. Coroni macaroni has me exhausted-oni

  4. AnchuAnchor

    Also this thing I̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶j̶-̶p̶o̶p̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶
  5. AnchuAnchor

    Kiyoshi Date from SKET Dance His voice actor is GACKT btw
  6. AnchuAnchor

    Gotta love La' royque de zavy
  7. I'm sure you're all familiar with the sometimes awkward use of english in songs (not just vk). So, since this is really commonplace, feel free to drop examples in here, like unexpected russian, spanish or even greek lyrics that may have caught you by surprise! I know I love it when I spot the word "thanatos" :'))))
  8. AnchuAnchor

    Ooh remember eutuxeite? https://www.scmp.com/culture/music/article/2181313/k-pop-fans-force-apology-after-racist-remarks-about-bts-exo-and-wanna Ofc what the host(s) said was unacceptable
  9. AnchuAnchor

    https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17446393 In case you haven't come across this already, here you go! Still, the fact that this is a live from late 2009 hits differently.
  10. AnchuAnchor

    Firstly, (hopefully) we can all agree that people that carry out these kinds of personal attacks are pretentious as shiitake mushrooms. SECONDLY, that's just plain weird and pseudo antiracism. As a kid (9-year-old) I came across Super Junior and absolutely loved their colorful mvs-Rokugo esp. Didn't really become a fan since I did find everything to be a bit too manufactured and controlled for my liking but that's just personal preference. I was a tween when the bts boom begun and quite honestly I was glad that such thing was taking place since I thought that people would become a bit more accepting of minorities, you know? Still,,, Never got into kpop but imma be a bitch baby and say that the fandom could be a tad calmer about... Stuff. Also, fellow guruguru eigakan and cali gari fan, hmu!
  11. AnchuAnchor

    First of all, thank you! Yea, I absolutely agree. I came across them by total accident and I'm so glad I did. They basically got me into the vk scene. Can't say I'm a loyal Buck-Tick fan but I do appreciate their work.
  12. AnchuAnchor

    You are too kind ;v; Thank you!
  13. AnchuAnchor

    Makoto Takei and Shuji Ishii, oops.
  14. AnchuAnchor

    There was this great edit on tumblr with Mana but I no longer have it. I'm not gonna disappoint you though!
  15. AnchuAnchor

    I love it
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