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    In a corner somewhere. Either crying to a Plastic Tree song or eating a samosa.
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  1. Total Saikou

    I'm just imagining Tbh I'm kinda gunning for Google Translate-chan to join in. I did a test run and damn girl 😩
  2. Total Saikou

    New album might turn out to be an hour of Yoshiki farting into the mic but the old songs will never stop slammin' ❤️
  3. Total Saikou

    Visual Kei PVs are probably one of the reasons why I love VK so Goddamn much. I'm always wanting a triple, heaping helping of all the cheesy Kote VK PV cliches such as: Staring into the camera while flipping their hair Awkward attempts at dancing Breaking something that's made of glass Broken English White people being used as exotic props (Let's save the racial dynamic discussion for another thread onegai) A little bit 'o fan service My favorite songs playlist on Youtube is not just for my favorite songs but also serves as where I keep my favorite PVs too! Because a good PV elevates the song, I do believe. Here's a hilarious, old school classic that never fails to make me laugh! BY-SEXUAL are so underrated Missalina Rei hold a special place in my heart as a truly unique group that could do extremely silly and serious songs with ease. This PV always makes me feel better when I'm down! This has been my favorite song for almost 4 years now, and this PV, my favorite for just as long. Despite it looking completely random, the storyline does follow the lyrics... Mostly. The rich visuals, colors, and extravagant European aesthetics within it make for a unique experience, and it was one of the first PVs that got me really into VK and especially Malice Mizer I love me some Sandwich. I adore how lots of Angura Kei PVs are super low budget and just feature the guys messing around and having fun with each other. It's so down to earth and it's nice to see that music is a fun, artsy side project for these guys and not something they care about for the money. I especially love the dancing part of this PV! This PV and song got me into Guniw Tools. I checked them out due to curiosity and their strange and unique DIY/Arthaus vibes sucked me in. The music itself is amazing with its insane genre mashing, but that aside, I love the PVs. I can tell that they're directed by FULL because NOOKICKY and SHILFEE PVs have this same direction to them, especially with the whole "foreign location" aspect. This PV seems somewhat jumbled but it actually follows the lyrical theme of being a critical look at Christmas traditions. This Pura PV has a very special place in my heart. The first time I ever saw it was when I discovered that it was a hidden PV on the Premium Best disc, with its early 2000s DVD menu and 240p quality in all of its nostalgic glory. It was the first time I ever saw it, but it also felt like I simultaneously have grown up with it by my side. I also love the PV for just how nonchalantly it treats its weird imagery. Ryutaro shoving a battery into a literal tuna mackerel and listening to the "music" in it(???), all of the falling shoes which are foreshadowing for the members being barefoot at the end of the PV, the sky portal and flying fish at the end of the PV... I have so many questions yet they never get answers. However, I do believe that is the beauty of this piece of art. As always, Plastic Tree don't spell it out for you, you have to tackle the themes for yourself. I'm far from stupid but I'm still struggling to figure out what the Tuna Mackerel Walkman is supposed to symbolize. The sounds of nature? Hmm...
  4. Total Saikou

    Taste on point ✨Glad to have you here on MH! Have fun
  5. I did not log on to MH to cry today 😭 Takeru made such a brave choice and I bet his mom would be so proud of him. This world, in its current state, definitely needs more doctors! His actions are anything but selfish and I hope that he realizes that deep inside.
  6. Total Saikou

    I mean, I never said I wanted to be mistakenly racially profiled. Apparently my last name sounds Japanese plus I speak a bit of it so people ask me if I'm Japanese sometimes. Might have like 0.1% Uighur or Kazakh in the bloodline but that's about as close to East Asian as I get. I also have people ask me if I'm Indian, pure white, Native American or Spanish. Basically all the continents except for Africa.
  7. Total Saikou

    Here's my top ten. It used to be pretty static these past years but this year was one of a noticeable change in my fav artists. I'm glad that this change is insular to VK bands though, it's a sign that my passion is still strong: Malice Mizer cali≠gari Plastic Tree Guniw Tools Dir en Grey X Japan BUCK-TICK LAREINE LUNA SEA X JAPAN
  8. Total Saikou

    Guys, I've done it. I've achieved the weeb dream. I've been asked if I'm Japanese like 2 times this month. I have no clue how I achieved it when I look 0% East Asian but I did it
  9. Total Saikou

    I enjoyed the surprise genre mixing going on in God's Gonna Cut You Down but I found We Are Chaos to be pretty disappointing tbh. It just sounds like a Rated-R version of a stereotypical 2010s indie rock song to me. But at the same time, I guess I enjoy that it feels like its own thing and not like he's trying desperately to recapture an old magic that has left him? It might grow on me, we'll see. I am interesting in that new album though.
  10. Total Saikou

    That's correct. I bought a brand new copy of Hiyori's a while back ('cause I gotta show some love for my honmei) and it also comes with trading cards of two members. Mine came with Hiyorin and Takemasa ones, their personal info is on the back (Takemasa's barely has any info on it though, meanwhile Hiyorin writes up a whole ass autobiography lol). Basically it comes with the booklet and the trading cards, that's basically it. The cover is very pretty though, and the CD is labelled with a beautiful shot of your chosen member. I can dm pictures of mine if you'd like.
  11. Total Saikou

    Tbh I'm a little scared that it took a deadly virus to stop them and not any of the critical reception or possibly (can't find any #s) low streaming/sales
  12. Total Saikou

    Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I got to watch a moonset! I was getting ready for bed when I noticed how big it was and ended up watching it. Then I realized that it was slowly but surely sinking behind the horizon! So I watched its faint light and soft yellow glow slowly ease itself past the rugged mountains... It was like the moon itself was going to bed.
  13. I will not stand for this More/逆しまな歯車を仮面が嗤う slander 😤
  14. Total Saikou

    I'm not sure if the fact that it's not a cover makes it better or worse
  15. I'm glad he's safe but I'm worried about the poor man's mental health. With all that's going on, I don't blame him for having a breakdown. I wonder if they're gonna wait for him to come back when they hear from him, or will they find a new vocalist?
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