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  1. Total Saikou

    Here's a few that always got me (most of 'em are great bands though) Sex Virgin Killer Sister's No Future THE PIASS With Sexy Dad aroma [The lost sequel to 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'?] Nega [Can't talk about this band irl without getting arrested for hate speech 😕] Billy and the Sluts More [I love Loki's projects but he always picks the worst band names; finding sugar's stuff is also a pain in the ass] NTT FUCKS This is a PEN. [I think the band existed for like 5 seconds before the Ensoku cease and desist but they're 100% real] 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 [Apparently most of the name is silent but if you read it in full it's "Shoujo Lolita 23ku"]
  2. Total Saikou

    Wow, an actually good sounding Kpop song--HEY WAIT A MINUTE
  3. Total Saikou

    Even OP broke the rule they made what even is this thread -65
  4. Total Saikou

    A lot of people can't tell apart Japanese from Chinese or Korean but I'll never forget that one time someone asked me to "read the Japanese" on their hoodie and it was actually Hebrew
  5. Total Saikou

    Man this thread gives me flashbacks to when I was super into... Fla$hbacks. Thanks folks, I'll be here all night. Anyway, I also used to listen to KOHH as well. Not anymore though, as I got deeper into VK my taste for all kinds of Hip-hop fizzled out greatly. The only J-hip-hop artist I still listen to is Dotama, and that's because his flow is just something else. I don't even think it's possible to have this kind of flow in English, merely because of intrinsic linguistic differences. Also idk his voice is irritating at first but it grew on me hard. His releases have always been pretty solid these past years so I'm glad to have him in my library.
  6. Total Saikou

    Even 6ix9ine's pedo money got denied from charity, Rokumeikan must be desperate 👀
  7. Total Saikou

    Links are from Google and Last.fm but I'm not sure if that always results in blank images. Usually they blank out to me too if there's a problem. If you really wanna see you can just google the bands and there should be at least one of the photos I posted in the results
  8. *On the Ellen show*

    "So, I heard you like X Japan."

    "Yeah their older works are great!"

     "And what would you say if you could meet your favourite member right now?!"

    "Omg Ellen you didn't"

    "Here he is!"


    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Ellen would just bully you for liking men that dress like women tbh 



      Then take a selfie with Yoshiki and Jair Bolsonaro

  9. Total Saikou

    Off the top of my head: Whats-his-face from OROCHI would always be wearing one in their band photos, don't think I've ever seen him without one While not always covering one of his eyes, Hora is famous for having these interesting fashion pieces that stretch the definition of an "eye-patch" And having one member wearing an eyepatch is the standard for Iryou Kei bands Lulu: +ISOLATION Nightinggeil:
  10. Seems like my skills have powered up 'cause I'm done already! I let everyone use my translations for videos/lyric discussions/whatever freely under one circumstance: You credit me as the English Translator and do not take credit for what I've done yourself. With that out of the way, here it is! You can also view it with the Kanji/Romaji [I Romanized it myself, didn't get it from the post so it might be formatted differently] on my blog. Translation notes are marked with an asterisk* 銀色馬車 by Noir Fleurir [English Translation] Credit: Me [Dasha] [I guess you could call me Total Saikou too] Faintly Overflowing The droplets from the moon are Falling unto The stage of dreams*¹ With wings spread open The Angel’s dance And sweet song Is enveloping me I’m just like a sickly cat Afraid of the white darkness Inside transparent glass, time has stopped only for me Shivering fingertips drawing a hollow sky Destroying the cold window pane*² while I’m fixated on the pain Blanketed in thick fog, the lengthy night awakens The still prison shakes from within and A single fairy rides past the moon in a silver carriage [and/so] I curse this disgusting outer world Faintly Overflowing The droplets from the moon are Coldly touching Freezing lips*¹ I’m just like a sickly cat Afraid of the white darkness flower, the place of me and always flower, flower, can rain down always. *¹Inverted the line orders to make it sound better in English; my original, more literal takes read as: “To the stage of dreams, falling” and “To cold lips/it coldly touches” [respectively] *²The window here refers to the glass prison Teru sang about earlier, in case you’re thinking of a literal house window instead of it being a massive pane of glass
  11. I'll get right on it! I will be a little slower than usual because I'm back at work but it should only take me a few days. I hope you'll enjoy it when it's done!
  12. Total Saikou

    Also just found out that the "corona disinfectant" my mom sprays on our clothes, groceries, and packages that come into the house is literally just holy water with essential oils so feel free to nominate our family for the Darwin Awards 😤
  13. Total Saikou

    I went back to work today, which opened for the first time in the past month. In one 4 hour shift, one girl paid for a 30$ sweater with nothing but quarters, one lady made everyone wait 5 minutes in line while she phoned her sister to ask if she wanted an item, Karen asked to speak to the manager, I had to redo a 40+ item transaction 'cause the buyer didn't mention that they had status and one lady nearly cut one of our girls by smashing a glass vase by her feet. If buying VK shiet didn't make me broke, I swear...
  14. Total Saikou

    Omg Junji looking fresh af 😩
  15. Total Saikou

    Whoopsie. I have like 30 Glamscure scrobbles and I still forgot that glamscure still exists 😳
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