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  1. ghostpepper

    The most important things to me were the complexity of the music and the juxtaposition of heavyness with beautiful things(melody and visuals). The unique sound of 90s VK has specific musical qualities that define the genre and those are the things I enjoy about it mainly. Have no interest in the newer generation of クソガキ who have no knowledge of vks roots but just use the image along with djent, metal core, nu metal etc. Have sadly met tons of guys like that. But of course if thats what you like, that is cool, different strokes for different folks. Love the pre-vk having a name roots bands as well, lots have become friends and it is always fun to hear how they all where all mixing western influences at the same era though in different parts of Japan. Those older guys who were all crazy and real rockers, not menhera appeal host looking things are infinitely cooler to me ❤️
  2. ghostpepper

    have enjoyed some korean pop songs before like one from Lena Park, but these are not the modern "This is Kpop" stuff by any means. Lots of it seems ,even for pop, to be a bit too contrived. Hats off to them for using their cultural complexes to fuel a thriving industry though. Great production value but nothing with any soul. Like over using Quantization on a performance to the point where all life has left it but you sure do have something that lines up on every beat. If that kind of music makes you happy though, different strokes for. . . At a club I do designs for I saw some BTS on their TV backgrounds and it was all kinds of ridiculous watching these super skinny baby faced guys trying to act hard and imitate black gangster culture.
  3. ghostpepper

    X-Japan - Rose of Pain Hide - Honey Blade Prince & The Revolution - Computer Blue Vidoll - F stein to M NIN - Somewhat Damaged
  4. ghostpepper

    Honestly not into any new bands but Jiluka maybe will tickle your fancy!
  5. ghostpepper

    Hyde has been living in LA for a few years now if memory serves ^_^! With a lockdown in Tokyo seeming likely now everyone is acting a fool again. Just went to go buy some coffee and saw everyone in my neighborhood panic buying again. I do not know why people here do not have enough toilet paper yet after the last go @_@;;
  6. ghostpepper

    For J hiphop check out Darth Reider, he is pretty famous here and when a mutual music friend introduced me to him he is one of those guys who has that "it" factor if that makes sense. Was raised overseas too so has the best of east and west in his sensibility too. Usually hate jhiphop but he is amazing.
  7. ghostpepper

    in a mystery school for a decade now. whenever I have met people in "witch" groups or whatever here it always odd to me how they bastardize things or just have a general "at face" /fashion view of the occult. For "witchcraft" in Japan or any actual mystery school/secret society of merit it is very hard to get any reliable information online, the most famous tibetan tied group that was first persecuted in the past and then hit harder times in it's evolved form during it's cooperation with nazi Germany is most likely still continuing in its former protection area with far right, yakuza top, government etc. But it is not like how things like Freemasonry can be easily researched if you actually truly want to learn. The stigma of Nazism also covers any reputable historian from covering the interactions outside of Japan. If you are looking into hermetic stuff that is the main thing to look into! Find THAT booK
  8. ghostpepper

    Those places in PVs are just rental spaces available for anything you want to do with them. Not part of any religious thing so technically they are not really churches, just spaces used mainly for marriage to match the western ideal. Just search チャペル レンタルスペース and you can find lots of the places used in PVs on spacemarket website.
  9. ghostpepper

    Thank you! Love More and Loki is a great guy. Thanks for sharing the song Suji! ❤️ Mr.Antonini is a studio musician living in Rome,Italy that we are using for the 1st releases live support will be the drummer of Anatomy. badabing badaboom! haha. Will try for a bit longer than that. Maybe 3 months and a hotpocket. yussss. /m/
  10. ghostpepper

    Never had any problems with p2p software. Soulseek is still a great way to download and if you are new to vk great for discovery. Search a band you like, check the users shared folders and download a buncha bands you dont know (•ө•)♡
  11. ghostpepper

    geocities, strange small fansites etc. P2P file software like Winmx, limewire, soulseek etc.
  12. If you ever come to vist should check out Hit Parade bar in Machida, I think youd love it since you are exploring the 80s jpop stuff (•ө•)♡
  13. ghostpepper

    No no xD To get specific stories out of me would envolve lots of alcohol in person haha.
  14. ghostpepper

    Basically how Juka had mental issues and mentioned how the MM camp was trying to work on a reunion but was tight lipped back then. This was about 2 years ago.
  15. ghostpepper

    Yah one thing that really surprised me when I first moved here was things from only a year ago on TV or music would be called "old" by people. That pressure on bands is never good and is a big part of the need for even bigger bands to accept "mitsu". ¥¥¥ noruma, Hall rental, hairmake staff, rehearsals, outfits, etc. etc. with that pace adds up big time 😿
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