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  1. Thank you haha I hope you can enjoy~ Hopefully can go tour your place Taiwan again. eating some 711 tea eggs, drinking tasty cheep taiwan beer, and listening to Elva haha
  2. ghostpepper

    Have tried to talk to some Chinese friends and got the same "it is an American conspiracy!" BS too ☹️ though you can try hard to explain that all people deserve self-determination and freedom to fight for that, people will have that strange "if you do not like my team/side f**k you" tribal mentality and any logic won't really work. Hong kong people are lovely, very different from the mainland, and I hope they can preserve that.
  3. Though city pop is a loosely defined genre Akina's STOCK album is def not city pop nor a representation of a whole genre subset evolving, if anything this is tame compared to the shock to the nation with her releasing the experimental dark album Fushigi years earlier. Someone as huge as Nakamori Akina with such a varied career, she is just "the utahime" but some earlier albums have some songs that are more groovy/city pop-ish?. It seems the term is gaining new meaning in the west that encompasses all 70-80s jpop to some? Ive never heard anyone use it for such big jpop idols like akina or moritaka chisato, they are just majorly popular 80s jpop.
  4. ghostpepper

    Yah I learned all the movements for BFN from going to so many gigs and it was fun! But for every band, every song? haha.. the girl deserved it haha, it was not the mood for that. Yah I like more free environment too. Like stereo ck gigs, just headbanging and gawkimg at yuana and his glory. ❤
  5. ghostpepper

    Furi/teban: its ok, but for every song? Or when a band writes their songs to match those typical movements, it just seems formulated and boring. Younger fans thinking they have to move their hands to every band also are annoying. Gave the middle finger to a young girl during our set at a festival gig here when she was like *hehe how do i move my hands to this?* Maybe I sound like a visual grandpa but the younger indie bands trying to be "djent". They never seem to pull it off.
  6. ghostpepper

    It definitely feels like them trying to experiment but it is not really single worthy I think. Meh, Can't always push out perfection with the release frequency they have. but seriously, live these guys are top level. Went to see them during some of the full album gigs a couple years ago, perfection each time. Crazy they remembered all those songs!
  7. Depends, I was new to the band, they wanted to use the songs I made but also wanted to continue using a ghost writer as well. Made the choice to not be involved with that, plus I do not really think they will do well in VK scene, should stay in loud kei. 🤔 meh, to each his own.
  8. Haha not them. A popular band for loud kei but wants to switch over to VK, do not want to spread their name. Yah sure! Any questions about working in the scene over here or any technical stuff just message me anytime. Always happy to help musicians.
  9. Yah recently I got asked to join a popular band but after I agreed to join I learned they use ghost writers to make their songs so I said f*** off. I do composition for idols and jpop sometimes and have seen some bad situations haha like slaves.
  10. Not to be an apologist but I think to last so long in visual kei, plus with just being an artist, you are not going to be a normal person. That is not bad I think. I do not want to listen to normal people's music haha. ( 'ω' و(و"♪ Hope you come back soon!
  11. ghostpepper

    On the Juka scat story: his ex who was also a MDM staff member was a customer of mine when I was a host in kabukicho, she told me lots of things but nothing ever with scat haha.
  12. Yes! Are you going? Kiwamu is not the demon people think haha
  13. lol, I cannot unleash the drama llama! As tempting as it may be haha Thank you! Shiranui will retire from the visual kei scene but I am already in the studio with the next band and going to the Starwave anniversary event as a guest since from now the next band fits their artist events. I hope you can enjoy the next band as well!
  14. For taiwan music ELVA is my favorite, check out her "super girl" or "shut up and kiss me" videos. For underground taiwan music 脆弱少女組 is really great, got to perform with them on tour in taiwan. They like Japanese city pop alot ( 'ω' و(و"♪
  15. ghostpepper

    Kokeshi Doll from Hokkaido is active again now but play rarely, so if you ever get a chance to see them be sure to! One of the most amazing bands I have seen live, the recordings of their music do not do them justice at all. At gigs the singer/guitarist is like some flame of aura spewing godliness! Tsushimamire is always a great band to check out live as well,plus they are super nice people. warning: this song will be stuck in yo head!
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