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  1. Luckily 7up is sometimes in soda machines here, the Cool Spot video game engrained me with that western marketing imprint too.
  2. ghostpepper

    Am pretty sure Pata was paid well and Heath's contract was renegotiated(that is like almost 10 years ago now too?) So thats just old stuff anyways. As for no money being in CDs anymore, its X Japan in Japan. That western ideal doesnt completely fit here, they would still sell butt loads and make profit in country. Do not like to hate on Yoshiki too much, but comparing him to Masaya is pretttty crazy haha?? One abuses human beings, even children it seems, yoshiki may be living in Yoshiki-land but he is charitable and not abusing people physically etc. \=͟͟͞͞(꒪ᗜ꒪ ‧̣̥̇)/ We will always have the actual era of X to look back on anyways so meh
  3. ghostpepper

    I think to understand source of vk's vibrato stuff and singing style check Morrie from Dead End and Kiyoharu from Kuroyume.
  4. ghostpepper

    For Luna Sea look up Image live should see their recent performance of it. Really amazing. For X Japan tears is amazing. If you are not impressed by Toshi I do not know what will impress you. He is like the steve perry of Japan haha. Hide is not really amazing technique wise, just he studied was all. Ishii of kagrra has really great falsetto. Was a soprano from jr.high. ❤️
  5. ghostpepper

    This lady does a really good job of explaining what Kyo is doing technically. Maybe it can be perceived as "he does not have control." At face value but he is really pushing the boundaries on himself all the time so. Metal techniques are harder to grasp at face and can seem easier than they actually are. Just the breathing aspect of it can be so hard.
  6. ghostpepper

    Kyo's technical abilities are really amazing, if you are actually a pro musician it is easy to recognize that he does some things that not really anyone else can in the scene. You have mostly people who do not really try to learn technique and those few who actually make the effort, same with most positions. Kagrra's Ishi was someone I know who actively studied theory, Jui from vidoll also. Ryuichi from Luna Sea really studied hard, hide once made a comment about how he was amazed how much he progressed. Hide also made a big effort with the same Vocal trainer Toshi used. Toshi still trains with international and japan based vocal teachers.
  7. happy birthday! 15e116a9105c0e60740a3f4e2afabca7.jpg

    1. Jigsaw9


      wow such macho, many man!


      sankyuu spooky pepper-san~ 👻🌶️

  8. ghostpepper

    Oh man thank you for noticing the mix haha ❤️
  9. ghostpepper

    Am but a single lil foreign man in a sea of fakeness but I try to put my love for all things oldschool VK into these songs ❤️ hope that can be felt in these songs. Have had a lot of people put that save VK thing on me, maybe should make some kind of Jihad song? Kill zee infidels. Spit on the false Queen my bruddahs
  10. ghostpepper

    Sweet baby jesus the new single is out now. Next month I will be a guest on Tokyo Borderless TV on 7/15 & 25 Will reveal artist photos for band and new member as well. I hope you can enjoy it ヤッフ〜(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ
  11. ghostpepper

    Yah after buying is a good way to do it! Breaking even on tunecore is not hard from itunes or amazon music sales but if the trend of people using only streaming continues without change in policy god diggaly dang yah, for a full album price youll need a buttload of streams (  人  ) ゚д゚) #musiciansneedpizza
  12. ghostpepper

    yah if it is actual big big money have heard about problems with them. >.<;;; Spotify is the biggest streamer but the cheapest when it comes to paying the artist T_T;;; That said still super happy when people listen to even my stuff on spotify, play a song 1000 times so I can eat some pizza.
  13. ghostpepper

    yah, but you'd be amazed at the boomer logic in the music industry haha. "if they really like us they will buy the CD." or dumb sh!t like that. can understand as someone who shells out 99% of my existence to be able to create music but the reality of this age wont change. you are gonna need to play 1000 times just to get a band 7.50$ haha. honestly the current streaming format is lame but if people can get access to music its coo I guess.
  14. ghostpepper

    The bands/labels can set the limitations not spotify themselves. and for reason wise, spotify is convenient but some bands/labels would rather you buy the cd or itunes etc. version. basically for an artist to make just 10yen/10cents they need 25 plays, so it is not really good for money. so there is that train of thought too.
  15. ghostpepper

    【En'Cell♰Dis'Dein】 †NEW SINGLE COMING SOON† 精神異常者センチメンタル Lyrics: 宗 Music: Kairu Advanced preview for Monochrome Heaven:
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