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  1. For me I would love to meet gin oF gyAkushunojisakujienya. I'll tell him how he got into VK, What was he doing before being musician and what did he do when he was younger. I'll even asK what bands and influences mad him be person he is today and how he would describe his life right now after years of being in bands and singing. I'll also personally say I'll love to know more in depth the lyrics of all his songs including scaRlett era songs and Also talk about how He got ideas to make the music videos the way they came out. I'll treat gin like a brother never had But I'll also say his lyrics and music are like a reflection of how I feel some days and his fashion sense similar to miNe. And I'll love Togo everywhere with gin he just amazing I miss gyakushunojisakujienya
  2. I love them all just yeah but to be honest recordings Styles changed of gazette and it has to do where they recorded too and it based on eras versus gyAkushunoJisakujienya it all blends together and they have this idk what it is but I love how they record their music trCks the energy and effort to create the only releases they left us before they disbanded. Gin is key voice to jienya like daichi if not mistaken he also was in scarlett
  3. Lol I meant gyAkushunojisakujienya better than the gazette and Rawer better than them just hearing Scarlett proves they better especially The one video where gins with a chess game reminds me same video Scarlett did with the Japan battle flag of the sun. And yeah Shellmy I feel also recently starting to look like kizu even if they nearly started while back Shellmy been around longer but their current video of Shellmy looks exact like kizu steroid with a twist no doubt kizu amazing no surprise why shellmys toured and played together last years shows together
  4. Of course I love Scarlett I always watch their older stuff and videos to cope with when they began. But now without there music it is so incomplete I mean they just fantastic and I love each member everything they put to record and do videos is what made me love them over the gazette years ago even if I personally love both bands since I know gin also has similar aesthetic to Ruki like in the early years madara ep of the gazette.gazette made me find myself and know and love VK and gyAkushunojisakujienya was band makes me keeps me Alive and living including Shellmy
  5. I miss them too I'm a fan was horrible last year reading gin exiT statement in august 2019 of gyAkushunojisakujienya last show in December2019 I was not mYself since I relate love them so deeply as my fav band I even have a shirt and omg yes it's horrible how low key they kept their exist and no reason of why they disbanded instead we hunt down for inFo online
  6. Yes I do I followed them for years I read in an interview naru was forcefully kicked out and that made band just gin Daisha and hibikiand rio they were quiet for entire year I even red Daichi seasons in others bands and I've even read he hAs a son and family last Instagram I saw and rio has Instagram also but hibikiand and gin no exit statements no nothing for a year even last site message I website was like they didn't care of music anymore they just wanted to end the band in August after they release the last video in circle suits.they co tinted doing shows regardless after saying they called it quits and it was until December we saW the end they didn't even live streamAm or said exist statements the website was suppose to be updated but they never did update it and idk what happened to gin or Hibiki after the last show in December they don't have socials and twitter they don't post anything anymore last time I saw them post something's naru left I felt everything was coming back to them for kicking him out forcedilla since some members didn't want hn the band anymore idk what happened after decemthey don't update us of anything gin is doing either. but not sure about anything else
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