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    Initially I was thinking of focusing on just one band but I have come to realize that people have (naturally) more than one favorite visual kei bands. Therefore, multiple bands are also okay
  2. gamze

    Thank you so much for doing it! Do you mind if I ask which part was difficult as a feedback? (so that I can use it to improve it for my future research)
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Gamze, and I am a Master's degree student. I am writing my thesis on Visual Kei (which I am also a fan of) and visual kei fans. I am currently carrying out an online questionnaire for my thesis about visual kei fandom and their SNS habits as well as fan event participation. The questionnaire is completely anonymous. I would really appreciate it if you participate in the questionnaire. You can access it here: https://forms.gle/BTFbwfn5b7Y8AfRv5 Thank you so much, and I am very sorry if I caused any disturbances.
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