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  1. Thats why things like ACACIA and Hard Koala are important. People seems to forget about stuff really fast these days. Everyday there is something new to worry about that the media will be bashing in our heads at left and right, but the animals are still there suffering from the fires aftermath and is important to still think about they too.
  2. Saga

    My friend don't want to reschedule the fly tickets yet because he does not believe that DIMLIM will be still around in september. I can't blame him, can I?
  3. Saga

    I am a very simple man stuck in time. Dir en grey Malice Mizer Moi Dix Mois Phantasmagoria Psycho Lé Cemu D'espairsRay Art Cube Aliene Ma'riage THE PIASS D
  4. Saga

    Got disordered feelings from this song, just what I expect from them. ❤️ The MV and it's disturbing vibes is really cool as well, but for some reason got blocked by youtube, lmao.
  5. Saga

    Será que a mágica da enquete online funciona com Dir en grey também? https://forms.gle/bGN3k3bbj3LdjnqB6
  6. Saga

    Very close to. The promoter also said this is not affecting brazilian schedule. And I very hope so, because I already bought plane tickets, goods and stuff.
  7. Well, Kisaki probably has stories to tell, the man is out there for a while, knows a lot of people and did stupid and awesome things. Looks like a nice drinking buddie. But in that matter Kenzi would beat him easily. I also would love to hear Kyo thoughts about anything that he wanted to talk about. Walking around the city and talking about everything, like that Linklater's romance trilogy no homo tho. Art Cube's Z/Seth always looked a very acessible and chill guy, would love to picnic with him in the woods too if Mana let me do it.
  8. Saga

    Just updating: they got 100% plus extra money for a MV for the new single. Really glad for them.
  9. Saga

    I like them a lot, but this market strategy idea of stretching the hype releasing a single with a high quality pv every four months is really gay. It's like an AAA DLC-based band.
  10. Saga

    I too missed some ヴィジュアル系 gimmicks while listening to it, but better safe than sorry I guess. Still waiting the album not being too safe.
  11. Saga

    Oh yeah, sure. But all things considered, it's one more fun fact to the list. "We've changed NOW ITS YOUR TURN... but since we can't print the new album, you can pay that expansive price for these old ones btw."
  12. Saga

    So, in the brazillian pre-sale we can buy CHE DO ARA and Rijin. MISC is not even listed.
  13. I would recommend this album btw.
  14. Saga

    Not going to talk about having different priorities in life or less economincal power, but let's not forget that SA is a hellhole and minimun wage, dollar rate, shipping costs, international taxing and so on are different from one country to another.
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