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  1. Saga

    and we keep rockin on with the weird structured songs
  2. Saga

    I am a simple man. I see Kisaki's name, I click to see the comments. 🦋
  3. Saga

    as we know, he is not a man of much words
  4. Saga

    Of course Mana will always think on him as a potential... Moi-même-Moitié model.
  5. Saga

  6. Saga

    Generation Y. Got the timing to be a teenager when the nu metal hype train was going on.
  7. Saga

    Oh, the Richard Wagner dilemma. Guilty am I to have sinful ears that can still appreciate the work of monsters.
  8. Saga

    These are crops of mikoto from some advertising pictures. Like the ones they use on their OHP and stuff. So, you probably will not find exactly like they are in your picture. Even looks like they photoshopped the same smirk in all frames, lol. For example, the 2nd: 3nd: 4nd:
  9. Saga

    For no one suprise, their perception on sexual organs and how to interact with it are different from the western one. It's more a "THAT'S MY BOY DONG? I BET YOU GET A LOT OF GIRLS! WHAT A MAN YOU ARE, YOU LIKE IT? YOU SHAMELESS *stereotypical Japanese laugh*" than anything else.
  10. Saga

    Minha curiosidade pela psicologia juvenil - e curiosa rotina do homeoffice - falou mais alto. O estilo visual não está ruim, vai. Trocaria uma ideia tranquilamente em um NomedasuacidadeMatsuri. O problema é - a velha e recorrente questão - de achar que o estilo visual é um estilo de vida, aí o seu hobby se torna mais um limitador do que qualquer coisa. Porra, curte mais as músicas e pensa menos, bicho. Fale mais sobre no que ele te diverte e menos no que é influenciado por ele.
  11. Saga

    Vi todos os 12:25 minutos.
  12. It's funny how he still wears it anyway. "I heard you guys, but I like it so much tbh".
  13. Saga

    Lol @ 4:00 also liked their stuff, looking forward for more tales from the little red and his friends
  14. Saga

    Now that's a nice choice for an announcement song.
  15. Saga

    - It is still around - It is diversificate as hell - It changes over the time - It has no shame of its gimmicks - I just want to protect Tsunehito
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