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  1. Saga

    I don`t blame him, Rainbow Six is a pretty cool game.
  2. First time hearing. I'm impressed. sayonara byebye
  3. The good thing about Visual Kei is that it is always around. A little different now and then, ever changing but never losing the glamour. Arlequin is still rocking a lot btw. Love these guys.
  4. Saga

    Half of the campaign and 63%. Our boy posted one of the songs to show the stuff. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/madmans-esprit-blu-ray-live-video-new-single Almost had a seizure watching this btw
  5. Saga

    Waiting for the PV with the Psico shower scene.
  6. Saga

  7. Saga

  8. He is talking about the emoji reaction that you did in the bottom right of his first comment, but with some Issei style of approach. lmao
  9. Saga

    Ah yes, 60's alien antennas are the shit indeed.
  10. Can't wait. INNOCENCE was really good.
  11. Saga

    I find early deg often too confusing. I would even say that the visual diru works really better for me in a audio-visual way. Myaku is a song that I dig the MV a lot, but without the right mood I would skip it easily in the song player. Macabre is another song that makes me think that if I had a bigger understanding of the language, the album (and maybe the whole era) would feel less deranged. Like in a classic japanese theather experience, the guitars making strange noises followed by some drumming in the middle of the song would only make sense if you know the history behind it beforehand. Of course the band never stopped in sounding chaotic, but now they are chaotic in a more ordened way, making it easier to digest. The last 3 releases are highly enjoyable albums. I could listen DSS, Arche and TIW for ages without skiping a song, but they lack of really remarkable tracks. Thats why I put TMoaB higher. Even if sometimes it is a tiring experience, Namamekashiki, Ryoujoku no Ame, The Pledge and Conceived Sorrow made it for me. Uroboros, Vulgar and WtD are things that I will protect with my life. 01. Uroboros 01. Vulgar 03. Withering to Death 04. The Marrow of a Bone 05. Dum Spiro Spero 05. Arche 07. The Insulated World 08. Gauze 09. Kisou 10. Macabre
  12. Saga

    Pois é, nada como sair do aeroporto e ir direto para o trabalho, haha pf me mata Pelo menos o local é na frente do metrô, o que facilita as coisas.
  13. Saga

    He looks like in pain, but in slow motion.
  14. Saga

    Comprei também, só esperando liberarem os goods agora.
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