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  1. Saga

    Feliz aniversário!
  2. Saga

    Got some chills from that. One of my most vivid memories from Deg's live was hearing people singing Kudou ❤️
  3. Saga

    I am just here for Sena's makeup tips it's 3 months already
  4. Think about how Madmans Esprit are doing their own thing and Kyuho used to do DEG covers as well (although not much as Nero). Maybe the "look how good of a Kyo I am" is just a way to show his stuff, not necessaraly what he is going to do in DESESPERADO. also looking forward to hear them. 4 sure it will gonna b good.
  5. Saga

    Olá. Sou um dos guerreiros de Soulseek que se afastaram da cena com o tempo, acompanhando-a de longe mas que pretende voltar a dedicar um pouco mais de amor a ela <3. No meu caso, o vício voltou a alguns meses por causa do - pasmem - Spotify.
  6. Yes, please, more love for the old and good aesthetics.
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