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  1. seys

    and that's a good thing
  2. seys

    i meeaan it's not like kyo's lyrics haven't been sexual before
  3. seys

    how do they mistranslate it so badly though lol
  4. seys

    after a few listens i started to really like it haha really excited for the next single (and the video) since they got like 130% of the funding they needed and yeah it being blocked is really weird since nothing happened to the Suicidol MV even though it shows blood and he even cuts himself in it lol
  5. seys

    lol it's obvious sarcasm
  6. seys

    its out, also on spotify etc. i enjoy it, not my favorite song of theirs, but not bad by any means. video was cool there's also english subtitles
  7. seys

    New single tomorrow
  8. seys

    i expected something like this lmao
  9. seys

    You who were at the US shows, did you notice any cameras recording it? There was at least 1 camera recording each show in the EU, and in the one I attended, during the last song (Utafumi) there was a guy at the back of the stage with a camera. I'm not sure if he was just taking pictures or recording though. Die did point to him when he left the stage. I'm asking because if there were, I think it's pretty likely that there's going to be a DVD of the tour since they used the same name for Japan -> US -> EU.
  10. Madmans Esprit is so fucking good

  11. Remember when DIMLIM were the saviors of vkei?



  12. seys

    I use Spotify, if the songs aren't available there I just download them and put them on Spotify. Really convenient that way. If I like an album/band enough I'll buy a physical copy.
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