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  1. Keiyuh

    Is it weird the only anime I watched was yugioh dm, gx, 5ds
  2. Keiyuh

    No asking reddit will only answer you that they organise with muscle memory There was a site where you can copy your playlist to other media But its a obv scam
  3. Keiyuh

    True and because music isint one of the things I make life a virtue
  4. Keiyuh

  5. Keiyuh

    Can you use others profiles to listen the desired song Since it's being recorded by the app is there a way I can listen to it?
  6. Keiyuh

    We can't escape anguish Its what we are we can't grow up without the dark this is not about being brave or fearless a very old adage "lean on a wall and it will break, lean on someone and he will die" meaningless on other languages
  7. Keiyuh

    Chell I understand reminds me of the time I was in my heart cardiology xray checkups and there's an deformity where the ambilico cord to the baby's heart is not closed and it leaves a distinction in the chest a krater which I have well my family was worried since it was critical for my well being it was luch break for the doctors and they just postponed the evaluation to another 6 months my family was worried they didint know what to do untill a doctor came in he was yelling for the doctors acting like this and he did everything himself he took a tomography xray and samples to be safe and when the xray came in it wasent a problem it closed off my father till that day is still praying for the health and gratitude for that doctor he would say he himself was very happy whenever a doctor or nurse actually gave a crap and asked him hows it going I didint have any career interest so I just wanted to be a doctor not for the relaxed work times or the ridiculous salary I barely ever use it i just thought it would be hopeful that people like them actually cares for them Chell for you nobody is perfect I spent my life lonely in search of things that was and will never be mine sometimes I think I'm very greedy although my main involvement in humanity is philanthropic The only feeling of loneliness I ever feel Is not in daily life or in the city but at my home at night thinking what if I had that friend I didint have much to look forward so I always looked back the only people I ever care are less then my fingers but I chose a path I could've been what my heart desired but I chose the truth even as it was tearing me apart as much it bought everyone else in my spot happiness fulfillment peace it bought me chains So I ask you what's the true reason you joined this site?
  8. Keiyuh

    Why tank you
  9. Keiyuh

    Korea and Japan are like 3rd most countries with teenage or general suicide the first is what was it guatelma? Whatever the least is in middle east I actually saw a turkish guy marry a jap I thought "wow so this is how it felt to be unloved at home until a gaijin falls for you and puts you first above else" Its funny how people find happiness in a crowded city just imagine being alone in a crowd living alone is OK but in a crowd is unbearable especially if no one shares any commenry with you And that's where media, cartoons and make belief comes in everyone in their own imaginarium their own castle where they are the mc in all of their story preety relieving it's better to think rather cuming and seeing Reminds me of a proverb "the drums sounds is beautiful when in hindsight" foreign Ofc buts its good so I wanna say zombies8mylunch thx ariki
  10. Keiyuh

    OH SHIZZLE GUYS I just watched sakura con 2009 commercial and goddamn now I know where Giru Giru cums from Lmao girugamesh rofl
  11. Keiyuh

  12. Keiyuh

  13. Keiyuh

    Goddamn everything I cherished is either gone, forgotten, changed, or adapted to whatever shit trends these mindless tribes of people do its sad really YouTube was really relevant to me in like (2006 - 2012) untill most channels just left afterwords there was no such thing as memes so people had to resort to actual comedy there wasent eccentric edgy communitys so everyone didint need to force others throats Honestly I miss the days smosh were just 2 guys making skits so was tobuscus in the early days pewdiepie still played games which I loved him for Ray was still on equals 3 mystery guitar man was the summary of creative videos There wasent shitty arg's it was all so fresh But times change but as much as my victims call me psycho I gotta say Everyone has gone insane How could anyone coop with this I Could never accept this I feel old when I say it People can't stay lonely for 1 day? For 20 years out of all the millions out all the foreign countries I went conjugated with their traditions I have only met 5 people They have a name for everything these days Its all reaction reaction reaction it's all critics critics critics So ask yourself what the fuuudge happened?
  14. Keiyuh

    One does nut leave vk Its either vk or reppetitve shitty 2020 pop music or back to listening golden oldies
  15. Linkin park is dead (long before Chesters suicide) nu metals repetitive Rap is shite nowadays obscure bands have little to no chance to land a record deal Metal is forgotten from the new world Silence is better
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