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  1. Keiyuh

    When I mean old school I mean bands from 1998 - 2007 max Mainly because vk bands are using the same cord progressions and have shitty lyrics
  2. Keiyuh

    Leader singer of metro station
  3. Keiyuh

    Just realised that too Oh ima retard
  4. Keiyuh

    I've just realised I said "favourite bands" Oh my god I'm dumb
  5. Keiyuh

    Isn't favourite bands supposed to be singular
  6. Keiyuh

    Its a copy paste of battlefield mate Only reason to play it is to see Simon riley
  7. Keiyuh

    Holy shit WTF did you guys do so many bands this is gonna be a long read
  8. Keiyuh

    Yes not even that one
  9. Keiyuh

    I've just realised that I may have to buy these albums after all despite their raritys thank you for the assist
  10. Keiyuh

    You're favourite band if you have the courage to share the name Edit : damn autocorrects me in 3 languages
  11. Before this gets moved to another thread I want to state out the fact I've searched every other threads and they've have not been helpful at all so I'm asking the masters of vk if you guys have any good blogspot or any other sites to download old rock presumably 1993-2007
  12. Keiyuh

    God fucking dammit there's just not much left of the old ones the actual good ones
  13. Keiyuh

    Yeah from vk gy
  14. Keiyuh

    Yeah I know him but I don't know where he gets the albums mostly they're always all most sold out just the ones I'm searching for
  15. Keiyuh

    Guys guys I'm more into unknown ones not the tight leather wearing sadistic looking ones more like the classics like CLOUD everset babylon that sort of things cuz monochrome heaven really isn't helping me on my quest
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