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  1. Keiyuh

    God fucking dammit there's just not much left of the old ones the actual good ones
  2. Keiyuh

    Yeah from vk gy
  3. Keiyuh

    Yeah I know him but I don't know where he gets the albums mostly they're always all most sold out just the ones I'm searching for
  4. Keiyuh

    Guys guys I'm more into unknown ones not the tight leather wearing sadistic looking ones more like the classics like CLOUD everset babylon that sort of things cuz monochrome heaven really isn't helping me on my quest
  5. Keiyuh

    To any of the veterans I need your help I like kote kei as much as anyone but I've mostly favoured the lost and forgotten ones like CLOUD missing tear zipang kirei an cafe kra so I was wondering what could you suggest me nothing too edgy has good lyrics
  6. Keiyuh

    Anyone of you brave souls know if there is other visual kei (mainly old school) forums? It would really help since I couldn't get an answer
  7. Keiyuh

    In my profile I'm called "kiwamus bitach" I don't even want to know why but who is kiwamu?
  8. Keiyuh

    I'm not talking about the 2012 clowd Just the one from 1996-2004
  9. Keiyuh

    Just download the app and when you're done just erase it happened the same to me couldn't download more then 200 mb and it took like a hour
  10. Keiyuh

    Spec ops : the guilt
  11. Keiyuh

    maNga No srsly it's an awesome band
  12. Hope you like it Band name : maNga Song : dunyanin sonuna dogumusum
  13. Keiyuh

    All jokes aside someone who is important enough or pure to be seen in my dream and since dreams never cum true (cries) so there's a awesome Turkish metal video (which I bet my eternal soul you WILL Love) that perfectly explains my situation Band name is maNga (song name is: bir kadin cizeceksin)
  14. Keiyuh

    Sorry new to mh dont know how everything works on mobile damn thingamajig too complex anyway wanted to know as written above some classic band suggestions to get started but mostly the type of bands I'm fond of (Kra CLOUD Kirei Zipang (p.u.a pjuer pure) an cafe Missing tear) so if you can help me Please do
  15. Keiyuh

    Just grabbing a Japanese alias Id you don't mind wanted to know if you guys had any band suggestions
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