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  1. MarkOfSacrifice

    Oh? So to maybe take a forum-wide poll and supply data from people from MH and what they bought from what years? Not a bad idea but my project would need to be edited by quite a bit..
  2. MarkOfSacrifice

    Are bumps allowed? If so, bump
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  4. MarkOfSacrifice

    Some stuff I got from Anime Weekend Atlanta, mostly. Seeing as I don't really have separate pics for everything, I'll just post my entire AWA merch haul with non-VK stuff blanked out. -Phantasmagoria and Rentrer en Soi/Phantasmagoria Cure Posters -X-Japan Pin -X-Japan Stickers -Gackt Necklace -Mana poster -Moi-meme-moitite clear file -Vidoll concert DVD -LARIENE - Doukeshi no Bukyoku single (CD and DVD) -Moi-meme Moitite sticker
  5. MarkOfSacrifice

    Yeaaaah, it can't be falsified data. It has to be real data. Thank you, though. That's the type of stuff I was looking for. I don't have to use recent bands since I was planning on doing 90s bands anyway. I'll have a look through this. Thank you!
  6. Alright, so I have a final project for my computer science class and I decided to code a J-metal/Visual kei database that generates popularity/top 10 lists (I equated number of sales to popularity for simplicity's sake. The band with the highest number of sales in year 199X would be the most popular band that year). My question is if there's some sort of way I could access old Oricon charts or if there was a database that had the amount of sales of visual kei/J-metal bands. I'm hoping to use this data for my final project. Really would appreciate some help. Thank you!
  7. 9 days until Anime Weekend Atlanta...can't wait for the Lm.c concert and to meet Mana-sama...

  8. MarkOfSacrifice

    Heya! Thanks for the welcome! I've only attended Indy PopCon, Indy Comicon, and Anime St. Louis. I know that there's apparently a visual kei meetup/panel at ASTL every year but it just so happens there was none this year :<. I've heard of the rest of the cons though and I plan on going to ACEN next year hopefully.
  9. Heya guys, a while ago I acquired a bunch of Raphael merch. I was mostly interested in the CDs and a magazine but got other stuff that I'm afraid I can't keep due to a lack of space (and IRL judging). Hoped I could find someone interested in my merch! If you have any questions or want more pictures of items you're interested in, don't hesitate to ask. VHS tapes are still wrapped and photobooks & magazines are in great condition! Items for Sale Photobooks Kizaki Photobook - Evergreen / $30 Kizaki Photobook - Teen Age / $33 VHS Lilac / $13 Pictorial Poem / $13 Pictorial Poem II / $13 ($24 if buying both Pictorial Poem I and II VHS) VISIONS OF EXTREME II / $12 Raphael Special LIVE.「graduation」/ $12 [First / $15 Last / $15 ($28 if buying both First and Last VHS)] - FIRST AND LAST ON HOLD UNTIL 1/3! Magazines SHOXX Vol. 82 / $7 SHOXX Vol. 73 / $7 Vicious 1999.9 / $10 Payment & Information I'll take payment via PayPal only. More cases than not, I'll also want you to pay shipping. I'm open to negotiations though! Also something to note is that I live in Indiana (midwest USA). Keep this in mind seeing as this will affect how much shipping will cost. Comment below or message me if you're interested in purchasing anything! Cheers! ---
  10. MarkOfSacrifice

    Hello everyone! I'm a 19 year old visual kei/J-metal fan from Indiana, USA. I got into visual kei some time last year by accidentally stumbling upon Grieva's Wish PV through a game called Board Game Online. After attending a visual kei panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta a couple of months later, I only became more fascinated by J-metal and visual kei as a whole. I'm a massive fan of Kamijo, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, and Dir en Grey (surprise) and I'm also looking more into indie bands such as Dear L'Novel, Vallquar, and Madieduor. At the moment, I'm just eagerly waiting for AWA 2019 to get to meet Mana-sama in person. Cheers, everyone! Great to be here!
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