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    If he did I think it would of been earlier in his career, he's also very good with makeup. I've seen modern pictures of him without makeup and he still looks young though. The first sign of getting old for many of these musicians will probably happen in the hands & neck.
  2. cinnymoncinder

    Thanks everyone for the welcoming, everyone seems friendly That's awesome, how long have you been a fan? What's your favorite song by them? That's cool, what are some of your favorite songs? masa is a really great guitarist, not many fans of the vocals but I think they fit the band well, I think masa is currently in the band solo but has plans to continue soon. Will be interesting
  3. cinnymoncinder

    Hi everyone, some of you may already know me but for those that don't, my name is Cinny. I've been into visual kei for almost five years now, I was introduced through Miyavi, but the first band I listened to was SULFURIC ACID. My background is punk, so by nature most of my favorite bands are from the beginnings or proto (Extasy, Free-Will, Anarchist Records). This is my favorite period because I feel like it contained the most soul and creativity, I'm generally not into many modern bands but I still enjoy listening, I like seeing a newer band with innovation because it feels fresh for the scene. I've always felt that I've had a personal relation and connection to Visual Kei since I learned about it and heard some great old school bands for the first time. Making an introduction here is long overdue for me, I hope I can get along well with everyone and have nice talks! These are some bands I like the most, I also love a lot of more obscure music, I can be put into a 90s or Kote fan category. Dué le quartz COLOR 妃阿甦 X/X JAPAN SEX-ANDROID THE DEAD P☆P STARS SISTER'S NO FUTURE かまいたち MALICE MIZER SEX VIRGIN KILLER AION ect. Nice to meet you all 🐸
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