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  1. Romlaw

    In the last line they say "For people who wants the disc/CD we will announce something officially later on" Hope they don't disband and find new members ASAP, they still have my expectations high enough
  2. I hope China doesn't get the upper hand in this but realistically speaking the only way to not lose would be to have your own military right? I doubt any country would step up to help you guys considering China has the countries with strong military by the balls economically speaking but that would be another alternative since even if HK had a army it hardly would be able to fight against the sheer number China probably can output. The way things look like right now it seems to me that civil war could break out and if that happens HK will suffer way more than it already is suffering. It is also at times like these (the information age) that I think I am glad something horrenduous like this can not be covered by the media, IMO the CPC is disgusting and the more people are aware of what they truly are the faster we get closer to getting rid of it. I only hope for the best for people who long for freedom from totalitarian regimes.
  3. Romlaw

    FUG I wanna hear 0 live so bad, I also agree that their lives are amazing. One thing that I didn't realize until a saw the 4th oneman dvd live was that Lime uses a backing vocal through most songs that I initially thought it was another member of the band doing it, these guys really are showing new things to the genre. I don't know if another band have released only singles for 2 years and made it work like they are doing, it might actually be more profitable than going full album too soon and it also makes them have more time to compose a pack of mostly good material since they don't need much material upfront.
  4. Romlaw

    If it was not alcohol it would be another drug. When you get to that point of hurting yourself by drinking it is quite obvious you are running from something you don't want to face. Like all other drugs, it will only go away if you solve or at least try to solve whatever deep problem you have that makes being sober so horrible. Most times people are just not aware of what the problem actually is though, making it almost impossible to do something about it.
  5. Damn I was a little bummed that it seemed they would repeat the hakuchuumu from the album but this is instrumental is an AMAZING upgrade, really excited now!
  6. Romlaw

    WTF Live and Learn shits all over this, if you are going to compare to something bad at least choose something REALLY bad like someone already did with the Uverworld MHA opening (I don't even think Uverworld is garbage but to make something like odd future I am pretty sure they were doing a experiment where they were trying to know how far they can diarrea a song and get away with it) Hizumi is probably afraid to restart despairsray and not be up to do they previous material to a satisfactory level, well I hope he finds a way since his vocals are one of the most memorable from "recent" times VK
  7. Romlaw

    Damn did they went to the same guy who did Gackt's until the last day cover photoshop work? Yoshihiko looks weird as hell Regardless, I love these guys music since my highschool days and this new release looks promising enough!
  8. Romlaw

    I believe he either said that a "foreigner joining the band would be pretty hard/unlikely, but not impossible" or That considering they were referencing themselves as the "foreigners" going somewhere else would be hard but not impossible. <-- this one makes more sense IMO
  9. Romlaw

    I really don't understand the amount of hate TIW receives since IMHO its tied with Vulgar as my favorite, Vulgar is better lyrics-wise though and that is also the part about TIW that generally feels lackluster. Also RED...[em] solo is so sick, I wish Die had more parts like that in other songs, that song live in the Mode of Vulgar was definitely the highlight to me. I WISH they didnt remake obscure because I hate the new one with a passion, was Kyo getting fucked over by some parts of it? I really dislike Arche though, as an album it feels so disconnected that I only ever listened to it fully the first time and after that only listened to the songs that I actually enjoyed. Coming from DSS, the album that got me into them, to this was such a drop that I am glad I actually enjoyed TIW otherwise I would have probably dropped them by now. This kinda explains the rumor/talk that I always heard about them that they don´t see themselves as friends and more like business partners, although pinpointing sales failure in someone is almost always a bad idea especially when I believe they seem to have similar creative power with Kaoru being slightly above.
  10. Romlaw

    By the quality of this artwork I have to guess its somebody's friends with the band because its pretty amateur damn
  11. Romlaw

    I love all X japan albums (excluding that big self-indulgent jerkoff that is Art of Life) but have to say with Toshi's extreme retardation in all that cult fiasco that stopped the band activities in their peak + Yoshiki's excessive melodrama that is probably all a plan to get the most attention possible without actually releasing anything makes me question if there is any correlation to making great music and being intelligent at all
  12. What color was Ryo lenses in the 夜想 mv? That was perfect for him IMO, my guess is either green or light gray?
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