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  1. Romlaw

    Yeah I am pretty sure that kyo lost his virginity just before the time they released anima, not that they have no sexual themes before that but they certainly doubled down around that time
  2. Aoi always perfect, the hair is just to show how much of a god he is to play his solos without seeing shit
  3. These are some incredible visuals, I especially love Sizuki's! My only complaint with this band is Ryo scream's are usually pretty meh, but his clean vocals are superb. Putting out a mini-album already is pretty prolific of them, I consider them the band that is most giving it their all in the scene currently and I hope they continue to do well!
  4. I am pretty sure at this point this band's objective is like the "xxx subs without vids" youtube channels but like "selling out budokan without a full lenght" By the name of the single I am hoping its a banger, even though I was confident in their ability to make ballads after masterpieces like "Yume" and "Jyuukyuu", Kuroi Ame wasn't that great, lets see where they go with this one!
  5. Romlaw

    I become such an edgelord when I see someone buying clothing just because of the brand and not because it looks cool, its one of these things that seems worth going to jail for just for the satisfaction of physically assaulting someone that retarded. The are folks who buy because of the brading AND because they think it looks good are not bad themselves, but still, branding doesn't mean shit when most of the famous brands are manufactured in the most low cost way possible in some third world country. Althouth I am aware that to buy something because of a brand is not really done beacuse of quality these days and more because of the social status it conveys.
  6. Romlaw

    What if the person who said "what's up?" is like one ok rock thinks one ok rock is heavy as fuck and we are getting ahead of ourselves based on one person's testimony? I hope if they are going in a "chillhop" direction they do it for just some songs so we can see what it sounds like but the album also have things close to what they used to sound too so its a more comparable experience of past and present DIMLIM. I also hope I am not in a denial stage even though the album have not even dropped yet lmao
  7. Romlaw

    Guys I think I just found out why D.I.D. never disbanded even though they stopped releasing stuff and doing lives. If the acronym means "Until The Day I Die" it will only disband when one of the band members die, or maybe its only when Akane dies? I don't know thats still a mistery I will keep you guys posted until I am able to use 120% of my brain capacity to figure out the rest Until then I will keep breaking PRs in the gym to Akane's beautiful voice and desperation fuelled lyrics.
  8. Romlaw

    Such a great setlist! didn't even know they would launch something from this live and who knows, if maybe it sells well the band can come back with at least a new single?
  9. Romlaw

    One of the thing I love about it is how you don't know what kind of chunni you will find. Kamijo's Castrato lore is cringe as hell but at the same time I LOVE seeing someone do the shit he loves to do without fear of judgement. I know people who can't handle seeing other people doing "embarassing" things, but I just feel at home when I see a frontman doing edgy poses thinking he is cool as hell and that he has some kind of special power lmao
  10. Romlaw

    For the west it is mostly the same reason new non-rap / non-edm music doesn't get popular. Like previously stated here, its way less costly to make (giving consequently bigger profits/less risk for the creator) but at the same time a lot of people see the possibility of doing it themselves, which regardless if the person is actually doing it or not it still creates more instantaneous attachment. Saying they should do the same thing korea did would not work because most famous kpop groups are still composed of mostly singers / dancers which is not the same as having to buy/learn about an expensive instrument AND find other people that play the other instruments that you don't so you can actually start getting somewhere. Also, I going to be a retard here and say the main reason k-pop exploded the way it did its because it got the people that liked the androgynous look PLUS it had the benefit of going the same way musically that was getting popular (rap/edm). They just had to add coreographies and multiple members that raises the chance of the listeners getting attached to at least one of them instantaneously. Although, obviously they are not the inventors of the boyband concept they did it with such efficiency (and mercilessly if you see how most k-pop trainees live) that it could only result in a lot of money.
  11. That plus he can have other normal life reasons, it depends what the member does next he either goes to a band that he thinks its a better deal or just leave the scene altogether
  12. Romlaw

    I hope what they mean by sounding like one ok rock is something close to 怒 (jazzy/not heavy but feels good to listen), otherwise sad reactions only and I will be only following them to see IRL pics of Retsu's moustache
  13. I believe not knowing the band well is one of the main reasons people scream out of place in western concerts, of course the concept of only screaming at the "right time" is not organic but I bet most people who are screaming at Kyo doing Inward Scream probably think he is improvising for that show specifically. Although that theory probably doesn´t apply to retards who screams at Ain't Afraid to Die, I refuse to believe that you havent heard that song before when you bought a ticket to a DeG concert
  14. Romlaw

    This. I personally belive that marrying someone that sleeps around ever is a huge mistake, because changing habits just because of a ceremony is not happening. Of course people can change, but only after extreme low points in their life, that is the only thing that can trigger true change from within, not external factors. Since it is something that is not necessarily guaranteed to happen, if you still go through with it, you are playing with fire and the amount of hurt you get in divorce is enough for probably 10 times the hurt of a breakup with the bonus of having third parties hearing bullshit about the relationship from both sides for weeks/months.
  15. The solution to that is of course start singing everything in engrish, but the lyrics have to be localized. The final will be about teenage love now
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