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  1. tallulah

    it was such such such a wonderful time, I've barely slept because I've stayed electrified
  2. tallulah

    I love the look and I'm super stoked for this
  3. tallulah

    neither datenshi or luna park are my new favourite songs, but I thought they were both lovely and pleasant on the heart
  4. haha, that group photo is such garbage, I love it
  5. tallulah

    ehh. I'm not horrified or anything but what's up does less than nothing for me and the samples don't have me excited either. what's up especially I just find boring.
  6. I'm so underwhelmed by shiinas, and that was what I was most excited about. ugh. fujimaki sounds bland as hell but that was expected. got a lot more hyped for der zibet and gari
  7. tallulah

    good for them re selling well. ive been constantly baffled by them recently but I hope it goes well for them.
  8. karu looks so grumpy, i'm dying lmao
  9. tallulah

    yeah, this isn't so good.
  10. tallulah

    YouTube notification got me all dreamy
  11. tallulah

    definitely keeping an eye/ear out
  12. tallulah

    1. kisou 2. vulgar 3. the insulated world 4. withering to death 5. the marrow of a bone 6. arche 7. macabre 8. uroboros biiig gap 9. gauze 10. dum spiro spero
  13. tallulah

    ok they all look adorable
  14. tallulah

    the whole thing blends together nicely, so as a comprehensive listening experience its nice. but as individual songs, less so.
  15. tallulah

    the worst thing about this is that it is rly rly boring.
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