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  1. oh god this is such a beautiful mess, i love it so much
  2. tallulah


    xaa-xaa was a rly nice discovery cause i had a friend who into a previous band, other than that mamireta, shishi, obligatory dimlim mention...what's been super cute is finding out that bands who i used to really enjoy seeing (kiryu, d=out, etc) are still kicking about. it's just been really nice and my boyfriends gotten super into babykingdom which is frankly adorable.
  3. tallulah


    i'm p sure there's not a way for an intro post to not be hideously awkward but w/e. i've been lurking for the past few days so i figured i should probably make an account. i got into this kinda stuff ~2004 as a teenager when my dad's job moved us to tokyo, but i dropped out of it in 2012 after i finished university and moved back to the uk. i'm now in the throes of a predictable late 20s crisis so i've been enjoying re-discovering stuff i had forgotten about, and finding a bunch of new things (ty). so hi, nice to meet you, etc.
  4. ugh, yes. it's everything i wanted from tiw and the acoustic version of dozing green is perfect. the live version of grief is whatever, always fun but i'm not particularly bothered.
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