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  1. Bunny-Usagii

    Late, but I managed to find the DVD somewhere online Not very high quality tho, so sorry for that
  2. Bunny-Usagii

    And another DVD rip
  3. Coming in with another live DVD upload Found this one a little while ago, I'm working on torrenting another one as I'm typing this
  4. Just managed to get a .mkv of the entire live DVD and I don't know where else I could share this bc the search option isn't showing me a post for the actual live DVD, so here I am You're welcome
  5. Bunny-Usagii

    Making-of before it will go public This is on my throw-away channel that I use for VK stuff, I'll make it a public video some time later, but feel free to watch it now ^^ (Yes I bought the CD, and I had to pay 15 bucks extra because my country decided to check my package because it "was suspicious", so I hope you will all enjoy ^^) Little note, the rip isn't in high quality, but neither the Making-of nor the MV are HD, so I'm not too happy about that TwT
  6. Bunny-Usagii

    We just got bamboozled lol
  7. Bunny-Usagii

    I sometimes just go "おや?” at something or say "もう" when I'm irritated. Never have said these out loud with other people around luckily for me -w-
  8. Bunny-Usagii

    I'm reaaaaalllllyyyy late to this oof I went to the show in Rotterdam, it was really great! I had drawings signed I made of them. Kuze was literally shook lmao, he actually jumped with a "Woh!" sound I also caught Teru's pick ^^ For my very first concert (ever), it was a great experience! I had eye contact with him and did the "Yo" head sign, and he just broadly smiled and nodded his head to the side. My heart. How can a guy be that cute?? Not like attractive cute, but traditionally cute lol
  9. Bunny-Usagii

    We lived at a 2 hour distance with the train (our usual transportation) from each other, but he also watched it when we were together because it "helped him get off", 🅱️okay..? He also wanted to reenact one once, but he ended up only watching the girl on the screen hnghfghfh Literally every single time he did something like that I felt kinda angry, and when I tried to talk things out he said he hated how I suddenly am angry sometimes because of nothing. This fkn guy hhhhhh Enough ranting now about a jealous ex boyfriend that was also kinda a douche indeed
  10. Bunny-Usagii

    I have my best boy, and I've filled up my folder on my phone gallery a bit more now ^^ Tbh the relationship was fun in the begin, but now I look at it I was just a trophy to that guy, he loved me at first, but quickly let me be covered in dust by ignoring me and only giving me attention again when "showing me off" to his friends :)))))))
  11. Bunny-Usagii

    My ex boyfriend hated VK and had no interest in music what so ever, so whenever I was working on sheetmusic or practicing the violin he didn't bother to have a look/listen to what I was working for hours on and instead played LoL. Also, I was only allowed to like Monyo from Babykingdom because he isn't conventionally attractive, meanwhile he kept bitching about my petite body and tomboy-ish personality, we met at an anime convention both cosplaying a dude, the same dude even. Not to mention, he watched a lot of porn and somehow was very up-to-date with Belle Delphine-like things (and the girl herself), but I wasn't allowed to check Twitter and look at pictures of bands every once in a while, because that made him feel like I didn't like him enough. :))))))))))))) Not dating a guy again that has no interest in music, or is easily jealous.
  12. Bunny-Usagii

    I did a small dance cover of it in cosplay and Reno and Ohana liked it HFNFHDHFHDHFGGFH Also Twitter fucked up and tagged Ryohei twice instead of Mary the second time and I didn't notice until after it was Tweeted heck
  13. Bunny-Usagii

    Addition: They should bring out a "B-sides" album too with the songs you can only get one singles like BokuDrive and OsakaChinpunKanpunROCK (or whatever it was again), Ride on the beach and Heartbeat are on this album, so having an album with the rest is very helpful too. Otherwise you gotta buy all the other CD's too that, well, *I* haven't been able to find that are available for Europe or the Netherlands in specific TwT
  14. So I bought type C for Day swim day and the instrumentals, I knew I wanted a instrumental CD, but Deepblue just sounds so different from all the other songs. I won't say it feels out of place, but I would definitely be a song I'd skip because it takes me out of the happy mood I get when listening to their music. I absolutely love this band for making people feel happy, and I always end up smiling and moving and jumping along to the music (furitsuke or just my own random thing), but Deepblue would just completely burst that happy bubble ya know? Don't get me wrong, I would buy Type D and maybe Type A later too, but so far I'm not too sure. Also because I then pay for songs I already own and be stuck with multiple CD cases that I don't have a rack ir what ever for. I just have put my Don!BURACO and AGE+PLUS CD's somewhere by my desk on display, but I'm unsure where I'll put Muddy candle and Mysterious parade that I'm planning to order soon, so putting away those other CD cases would be troublesome... Isn't it possible to buy all files at once as a "Master CD" or whatever and keep the "Type CD's" for people who just want a few files or don't have the money?
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