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  1. R/O

    Couple of interview translations off of Scape forums. Both of them are MM Q&A interviews. I’ll try to get more work done this afternoon.
  2. R/O

    I might see if I can use google sites or something... so it’s going to be somewhere more organized for it than a forum.
  3. R/O

    Information shared—very good idea to suggest vk.gy! Is there a place to upload interviews/song lyrics though?
  4. R/O

    I don’t know yet... right now I’m saving stuff on a google doc, we’ll see how it’s gonna be organized...
  5. R/O

    @Zeus and I came up with an idea to archive information from VK-themed websites that contain valuable information but are dying/semi-abandoned/etc. The discussion originated about the dying Scape forums (and by extension Scape itself), but I hope it expands to other dying sources of information. If anyone would like to participate in the archive work, help organize it, or nominate a website, say it here.
  6. R/O

    Most of it is unfortunately already lost courtesy of broken 10+-year-old links, but we need to salvage the salvageable. Any Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, and/or Kaya fan willing to help with it? I’ll try to go and archive written info.
  7. R/O

    That one’s specific to a very, very narrow set of artists, not to mention dying, but it’s a veritable treasure trove when it comes to trivia and info over those very few artists.
  8. R/O

    Oh, absolutely. When you expect you’ll need cat pictures to recover from what you see on someone’s Twitter and instead the first post you see is this: In case it refuses to load: concert schedule w/picture of extremely cute kitty
  9. R/O

    If I may comment on my own thread— He keeps the cat tweets to a reasonable level, but CHARGEEEEEE... seemingly has an extremely adorable kitty
  10. R/O

    Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. I am aware of a handful of repeat cat tweeters, but I’d like to find out about more of the fellow cat lovers in the genre —A crazy cat lady in the making
  11. R/O

    Yuuwaku by BUCK-TICK (1993) Night Creature by ZIZ (2012; original solo version 2007 I think) Granted, it’s pretty predictable that the first VK band to be also unambiguously goth would go on to influence a VK (mostly by association these days, but still) goth artist. However, the resemblance in this case is absolutely remarkable.
  12. R/O

    If I may ask... any website that ships to the US or shop in the Southern California area where I can find some VK-ish fashion? I’ve been trying to go for the look, but I can’t really find much. thanks in advance
  13. R/O

    I ranked TIW at the bottom, but that’s mostly because of the production disaster. DSS... oh boy the songs on Uroboros are better, but the way DSS flows together more than makes up for that. And Macabre is the album that introduced me to their music, and the title track is amazing.
  14. R/O

    https://images.app.goo.gl/97V471frruWRgryf9 What do you think of this guy?
  15. R/O

    1) YES. They fascinated me since... approximately forever. I remember first hearing about them... I was about 12 dare I say? For a while all I knew about them was that someone in that band got worshiped like crazy and everyone who wasn’t a rabid fan thought it was pure madness, but they still intrigued me. Then I read up a bit about them and... well, you can’t deny no screenwriter could come up with that storied a story. By then I’d made up my mind to actually listen to them. And then I heard “Rose of Pain”. They immediately became one of my favorite bands. 2) I feel like most haters hate the fans more than the band. Hating X Japan is like hating Black Sabbath—they were the ones to make a musical tendency into a true genre. Also, there’s a difference between disliking someone’s fans and saying that person couldn’t play an instrument despite ample evidence to the contrary. 3) Should get off his high horse, but quite the artist nonetheless. I understand neither the boundless love, nor the boundless hatred. 4) See what I said about 2. They didn’t “invent” the genre, but they gave it an identity. And that’s a big part of why it didn’t peter out after a few years. 5) Again, they gave VK its identity and a point of reference which still stands to this day. And their classic lineup was startlingly good. One of the world’s fastest drummers, the best bass player in Japan, two world-class guitarists (with complementary styles to boot), and a genuinely impressive singer. And the songwriting was extremely good. They deserve the love. That being said, individual members can be overrated and over-worshiped. I think that’s disrespectful. What makes artists great is that they are people who bleed like us, cry like us, laugh like us, do stupid things like us, die like us... they’re not gods. And it’s sad seeing a human raised on that kind of a pedestal. It’s a disservice to that person. 6) Musically, hide all the way. Sugizo is very good, but he tends towards generic shredding a little too much. Overall... see what I said in 5.
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