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  1. hopefully_benign

    I'm a little tired of vk related bands doing the artsy thing honestly (even though there are only like.... 2 bands like that?). Maybe that makes me a raging hypocrite because I don't like knuckle dragging nu-metal vk either, but oh well. I kind of go to vk to ESCAPE the middlebrow, anti-rockstar sensibilities of stuff like art rock/post-rock/shoegaze/dreampoop.
  2. hopefully_benign

    That unidentifiable vocal type that somehow sounds deep and high pitched at the same time. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say probably over half of all vk vocalists since the mid 90s try their hardest to affect it. It had its place but it's time to move on.
  3. hopefully_benign

    Obsessively distinguishing between active bands and inactive bands ('active-only' all-time favorites lists, etc). As if a band never existed as soon as they split up. As if defunct bands don't constantly have reunions, and active bands don't constantly split up. etc. afaik no other genre has a fanbase that cares so much about activeness.
  4. hopefully_benign

    I wouldn't pay a cent for something as ephemeral as music files, let alone jump through hoops like uploading some mediocre obscure demo or live performance these guys may or may not even want, but all the more power to anyone who's into it. Have japanese people not heard of soulseek?
  5. hopefully_benign

    unicode stylizations omitted because I'm too lazy X Japan (old) Madeth Gray'll Aliene Ma'rjdyij;'sia;age Malice Mizer La'Mule Cali=gari (old) La'Cryma Christi Dead End Deshabillz Antifeminism
  6. If there's somebody I'm going to listen to about how wrong it is to "accumulate wealth," it's definitely a guy who has about 40 million dollars.
  7. hopefully_benign

    Personally I'm really enjoying their new psychobilly direction. They've come a long way since their oi! roots, although their mid-era harsh noise material remains my favorite stuff by the band.
  8. Everything he's done for the past couple decades has been pretty interminable to my ears, but it's hard not to love the fact that he's still doing his thing. GRANDMA!
  9. hopefully_benign

    everything about it screams rushjob, from the dodgy production right down to the cliche grieving polish mother cover art that about a dozen other bands used before them. but for me there's more charm in that sort of spontaneity than in the overwrought, plastic sterility of something like DSS. Not too sure about my least favorite. It's either DSS, or The Insulated World, which moves away from some of my problems with DSS but towards even more new problems. Can I just lump the entire Monster energy drink-pig squeal-core-Mike Patton-time signature wanking era together as my least favorite? I'll go with Gauze as a favorite. But I have days where I'd go with Macabre, and some trve kvlt days where I'd go with Missa (whether it counts or not). Not far below is Kisou (some of their best songwriting, despite being the audio equivalent of chewing on tinfoil) and Vulgar (nothing with the song Sajou No Uta deserves to get labeled as "that album where they listened to too much Korn").
  10. hopefully_benign

    wearing makeup and screaming is sort of a young man's game, sad but true. He found an avenue for potential artistic 'maturity' when he ditched the "I'M A SCHOOL SHOOTING ABORTION BUTTSEX SATAN haha j/k (OR AM I)" babby's-first-provocation thing and tried to recast himself as the heir apparent of Bowie and Bolan circa Mechanical Animals, but he's done nothing but regress since then.
  11. hopefully_benign

    It depends on the band. I've said it about DeG, but in that case it's a shorthand way for me to say "they're too influenced by modern metal now for my taste, and modern metal is mostly awful because it tends toward the gimmicky and overproduced." I'm not saying western influences are intrinsically bad, just those particular western influences. Rock wasn't invented in Japan, of course all vk is western influenced. But-despite the received wisdom that vk "isn't a sound"-it has certain musical signifiers running through its history that are unique to it. Like, you could erase a Madeth Gray'll song from everyone's collective memory, re-write it in English, and you could immediately tell just by listening to it that it doesn't sound like some American or British band wrote it. I guess maybe it could be mistaken for some unusually metallic-yet-poppy, ultra-theatrical goth rock, but even that's a stretch. From my experience, in music and media in general, what looks like the most stalwart gatekeeping usually has experience and some well thought out thought processes behind it. At the end of the day, it's bad form to attach motives to other people's taste. "Elitists" could just as easily label you as being a "raving poptimist," having no discernment, or yadda yadda.
  12. Apparently Machine Head are still a thing, and they just released something that's up there with Illud Divinum Insanus in the metal cringe canon. choice lyrics: "I don't give a fuck about your stupid little scene Reaction videos and all your pussy little memes" "I'M FUCKED UP IN THE HEAAAAD!!!!"
  13. hopefully_benign

    I assume most people here know this, but the name Anti-Feminism has nothing to do with feminism. It was an ironic comment on "feminine" fashion in vk at the time. I guess feminism was one of those English loan words that kind of had a different meaning in Japan, kind of like how "bitch" means "slut" over there instead of "mean woman." Drawing the line at nazi imagery seems pretty extreme. That renders like half the 70s punk canon off limits. Would you seriously refuse to listen to Siouxsie and the Banshees or The Stooges or The Ramones because they played around with the imagery once or twice? Around the 80s, real fascist bands mostly moved on to more discrete symbols like celtic crosses and kolovrats--ironically a swastika is a pretty good indication that a band isn't seriously political in any way at this point. Basically a modern satanic pentagram circa the satanic panic. anyway, 'au†ism' were pretty ahead of their time, people definitely weren't obsessed with memeing that word back in the 90s like they are now.
  14. hopefully_benign

    I don't hate any of their eras, but I'll basically third that. Tetsu era is kind of barebones in a way that doesn't suit their concept, and doesn't have anything as close to a perfect song as Le Ciel. Klaha era is just too Castlevania/proto-mallgoth for my blood. As a general rule in music, I start noping out the second I hear harpsichord
  15. hopefully_benign

    "Do you like X Japan? They made Vanishing Vision and Blue Blood, so yes. "4) Do you think they are overrated? If so why?" No. The gray area they inhabit between metal and vk means they get seen as a non-entity in the Western metal community (despite their best stuff crushing any 80s material by, say, Judas Priest) and they get seen as crusty dinosaurs in the latter community. Everything else: don't care. A musician's personality, political opinions, latest feud, who they had dinner with last night, or whatever is none of my business and shouldn't take away from the fact they get to have a legacy. I mean fuck, you can't even have a meal with a China supporter without being a China supporter yourself? part of the reason I'm AGAINST communist gonverments is because I appreciate things like freedom of association.
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