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  1. hopefully_benign

    Everybody: vk isn't a genre, it doesn't have a "sound" every riff in Image: *exists*
  2. hopefully_benign

    Day owaranai Endless rain sou mou ichido Once again What time is it now? wakaranai kaerenai Game Playstation2
  3. hopefully_benign

    Just putting the albums on physically (most of the time), or downloads (less frequently because my computer doesn't have a good speaker setup and I don't always want headphones blaring in my ears). I would rather abandon worldly desires like consuming media and go farm goats on some mountain with no electricity than stream. Absolutely fuck streaming.
  4. hopefully_benign

    Another psychobilly classic in the making
  5. hopefully_benign

    La'Cryma Christi - Sculpture of Time Kuroyume - 生きていた中絶児… (so it's not a full-length, whatever, play it twice in a row and pretend it is) X Japan - Blue Blood Deshabillz - 精神離脱者 Luna Sea - Image Something like that
  6. hopefully_benign

    Unfortunately the loudness wars hit vk before the mid 2000s. A handful of late 90s/early 2000s releases are among the loudest albums in my library. The waveforms on some of them look like Merzbow. I'm looking at you, Lucifer. That one's legitimately up there with Death Magnetic, Californication, et al. I think a lot of people incorrectly use "lo-fi" as a synonym for "I wish this album had more low-end." Something like Luna Sea's first album (not the re-recording) has better sound quality than Dir en Grey's last album or some other clipped-to-death modern release in terms of being able to hear everything, spaciousness, dynamics, everything being in its proper sonic space, etc. Of course it's really thin sounding, like a lot of old vk, but it's a tradeoff I'll take over brickwalling any day. Tangentially, the first Deshabillz album feels like you're watching a haunted VHS tape in some shed in a forest, and it would be a million times less creepy and awesome if it had more professional production
  7. hopefully_benign

    Classic, if maybe a little overproduced (not every five seconds of every song needs a bunch of sound effects and blips and radio broadcast snippets). Ryuichi had an emotional range beyond just the arms-waving-in-the-wind messianic drama thing and could sound pretty convincingly sinister at times, which prevents the wimpiness of it all from getting on my nerves. more threads about ancient albums, please
  8. hopefully_benign

    La'miss†fairy no fucking contest
  9. hopefully_benign

    The SSS scene was sick, as previously mentioned. Also either part of the movement or sorta peripheral to it, there's Strong Style, Cannons, Bad Vultures, Miburo, The Hawks, Growl Strike, Side Burns... Eastern Youth split the difference between Japanese oi! and cloying sensitive-dude indie rock/emo, which sounds like mixing oil and water, but it kinda worked. For a while anyway. (Later on they veered too far away from the former and too far into the latter.) Youth Anthem were cool too. They kinda remind me of Eastern Youth if they never got sappy and bland.
  10. hopefully_benign

    Ian Stuart, GG Allin, the list could go on...
  11. hopefully_benign

    I'm a little tired of vk related bands doing the artsy thing honestly (even though there are only like.... 2 bands like that?). Maybe that makes me a raging hypocrite because I don't like knuckle dragging nu-metal vk either, but oh well. I kind of go to vk to ESCAPE the middlebrow, anti-rockstar sensibilities of stuff like art rock/post-rock/shoegaze/dreampoop.
  12. hopefully_benign

    That unidentifiable vocal type that somehow sounds deep and high pitched at the same time. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say probably over half of all vk vocalists since the mid 90s try their hardest to affect it. It had its place but it's time to move on.
  13. hopefully_benign

    Obsessively distinguishing between active bands and inactive bands ('active-only' all-time favorites lists, etc). As if a band never existed as soon as they split up. As if defunct bands don't constantly have reunions, and active bands don't constantly split up. etc. afaik no other genre has a fanbase that cares so much about activeness.
  14. hopefully_benign

    I wouldn't pay a cent for something as ephemeral as music files, let alone jump through hoops like uploading some mediocre obscure demo or live performance these guys may or may not even want, but all the more power to anyone who's into it. Have japanese people not heard of soulseek?
  15. hopefully_benign

    unicode stylizations omitted because I'm too lazy X Japan (old) Madeth Gray'll Aliene Ma'rjdyij;'sia;age Malice Mizer La'Mule Cali=gari (old) La'Cryma Christi Dead End Deshabillz Antifeminism
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