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  1. Kami_no_yume

    All their songs are great, I do have my favourites, but this is the reason they're my top band, because I don't get bored listening to any of their songs 😊
  2. Kami_no_yume

    Hiii, that's a hard question, I love all their songs 💜 but I have to go with RAD MUSIC!! and Sairen, also Sousou is really good even tho I didn't like it at first, since it didn't feel like Codomo Dragon, but afterwards I realised it SCREAMS Codomo Dragon 😂 Love all their songs 🥰
  3. Kami_no_yume

    Thank you! 😊 He just said Arigatou, but still I was happy I could tell him this 😄I also kinda made Reita apologize to me, even tho I didn't want him to apologize haha
  4. Kami_no_yume

    Thank you 😊 yeah haha, but everyone is the same, even if it was 20 years ago or just yesterday that they started loving VK
  5. Kami_no_yume

    Thank you, I actually told him I love his voice during the meet and greet 😆 but you definitely should listen to Codomo Dragon more, since they're finally on Spotify, though I'm still buying their CDs, but it's easier to listen to them there haha
  6. Kami_no_yume

    Haha, dind't think there was going to be someone else from Czech Republic, but wait are we allowed to write here in Czech or not? 😂
  7. Kami_no_yume

    Thank you, I like all kinds of games, but game that I love is Borderlans, but otherwise I play PUBG, Dead by Daylight, Crew etc. there's a lot of them, but lately I only play Minecraft 😂 since I can be a bit creative and still listen to music while playing 😊
  8. Kami_no_yume

    Hi, I'm Yume ˄˄ Honestly I found this forum by accident but thought it might be fun to join, since I don't know a lot of people who listen to j-rock T_T , only the ones I met through The GazettE concert, which is like 4 people haha... Anyway to say something about myself, I was always listening to music, around 5 years ago I started watching anime (oh, I'm 18 btw ˄˄) so since then I enjoyed listening to japanese music, but I never really knew what visual kei was... So around 2 years ago, I think, for some reason I looked up visual kei and listened to random song on youtube, none of them were really like "WOW" so I just kept on listening and then... The GazettE - DOGMA, I was blown away by Ruki's voice, such beautiful voice... Two years passed and I was able to meet them, they were all so sweet, gah I want to see them again... So this is how my journey started, after The GazettE, it took me a year to find a band I would enjoy listening to, until then I still wasn't as interested in visual kei, but these 3 bands changed my way of thinking a year ago... And who else could it be than B.P.Records's Kiryu, Codomo Dragon and Royz! It was mainly Kiryu at first with the song Muku, can't believe a year already passed since then haha. So well that's enough about my little story, honestly I love all the bands from B.P.Records and thanks to Baby Kingdom, I was able to find them, some of you might know who I'm talking about since it's quite obvious thanks to my profile picture, yes it's ZigZag. Seeing Kagemaru's passion being a drummer, of course I would fall in love with him, seriously I'm not joking. And then thanks to Kagemaru I discovered Kizu and that's how I ended here, I was looking up their lyrics and the first thing that showed up was this forum. Now this should be enough of my story, I tried keeping it short, but I was so happy I could let someone know about this, I just couldn't hold back my feelings. There are other bands I listen to, but it's mainly just the ones I talked about here, oh and Lynch. which I also discovered recently ˄˄ I also play games, read books/manga, watch anime and sometimes I draw, for some of my drawing and my recent fanart of Kagemaru you can go look at my instagram: kami_no_yume Thank you for reading this far and it's nice meeting you all, hope we can become friends ˄˄ Oh also I probably didn't make it clear enough since I didn't talk about them almost at all, but my no.1 band is actually Codomo Dragon, there's just something about them, I love all the bands I listen to, but for some reason they are a bit more special to me, Yume out!
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