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  1. There was Fukou na meiro. It isn’t that impressive when you compare it with their singles.
  2. Boys are fast, looking forward to it
  3. Regular editions are almost 50 bucks cheaper. I went with yokohama concert on blu ray, regular edition. Documentary from dogmatic tour was very boring so i guess i won’t miss much anyway if the one from ninth is similar.
  4. Fingers crossed for album announcement during anniversary live
  5. Kaile

    Xaa Xaa, Dadaroma, Dimllim, Rakugaki, Monstllow, Kizu, Jiluka, Gulu Gulu, Dexcore - those are my favorites I check out releases from Arlequin and Razor every time they release anything but i only end up listening to few selected songs. Other japanese artists i follow are Band-Maid, Bridear, Eir Aoi and Babymetal. (babymetal was formed before 2012 but their first release is 2014 so i guess that counts)
  6. Yeah, buyee has some good coupons. 2 months ago i bought some cds without any service fee there. I only had to pay 1000 yen for them to pack all the small packages into bigger one so they can send them together.
  7. Kaile

    Ugh, contender for the ugliest cover of 2020
  8. Kaile

    EU tour, let’s go
  9. I’d rather see something else, instead of releasing best of albums again, box set with every song they ever released would be much cooler. If they really want to release bunch of cds separately, they could just release them as Nightmare 1, 2, 3... Also gianizm shichi is on 3 of those
  10. Kaile

    Live limited releases are probably the most annoying. Especially if there is no digital release.
  11. Kaile

    I used amazon japan twice last year and both times it was delivered by dhl.
  12. Kaile

    Surprise physical release out of nowhere. Too bad it is not available on cdjapan. New MV was not as good as rijin but it is definitely a good song, makes me want to order the album and check it out.
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