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  1. Kaile

    Came few days ago I will be also getting a package from zenmarket in a week or two. Covid didn’t stop my summer shopping spree.
  2. Kaile

    Thats because he lives in the past. Ba dum tss
  3. Kaile

    1. The Gazette 2. Kizu 3. Girugamesh 4. Exist trace 5. Xaa Xaa 6. Dir en grey 7. Nocturnal bloodlust 8. Dadaroma 9. Lynch. 10. Versailles
  4. Kaile

    Not what i was expecting at all but i like it. Already preordered new album on cdjapan.
  5. Kaile

    I don’t really have opinion about them. Most of the japanese bands i listen to were formed after 2000 and they don’t have any miniCD releases. And slightly older bands i like don’t have any 8cm singles i want in my collection. If someone decided to release mini version of the single right now, i would rather buy 12cm version anyway, just because some CD players only read bigger CDs(in my car for example, even though i usually connect my phone via bluetooth and keep my CDs at home :p). Size doesn’t matter to me at all, especially since i already have some irregular size cases like Leech from Gazette or Chuudoku Shoujou Ni from Xaa Xaa.(or limited edition of Dogma which is like 3 stories high)
  6. Sounds better than Life is Once. I would rather see physical mini album though, hopefully it is coming later on.
  7. I mostly buy CDs, sometimes DVDs. Other than that i have few t-shirts i bought during concerts and some posters(never bought one though, the ones i have are from preorder bonuses). I also have a photobook verwelktes gedicht from the gazette but i only bought it for the CD with Kareuta, don’t really care about the photobook. And my laptop has some band stickers that were bonuses that came with CDs
  8. Kaile

    I keep all of my CDs on the same bookcase, separated into 4 sections. 1. The Gazette 2. Japanese artists 3. Polish artists 4. Everything else Then, i just sort them alphabetically(roman alphabet , not kana) by artist name, albums from oldest to newest. If i have any singles, singles first, then albums. One shelf in the middle for signed CDs.
  9. Kaile

    @Kabukichoatmidnight It probably will considering that all their singles are available. Preorders start today so hopefully it will appear on cdjapan soon.
  10. Kaile

    Gonna buy red edition definitely, fact that 2 songs are available only on the white edition is annoing though
  11. Kaile

    Hey, i am looking for STAGE [Jazz up the party] by Monstllow, if anyone knows where can i get a copy or has one that needs a new home, let me know
  12. Kaile

    I really like B side on this one. 15.2 is my favorite song from the single, Mr. big Monster second, try them out. To be honest, most of their singles are similar for me in that aspect, except 0, and maybe Kawazu, i usually prefer something from the B side.
  13. Kaile

    Love the cover art. Is there a release date yet?
  14. Kaile

    Hard to pick just 5 songs but here we go: Dir en grey - Ain’t afraid to die Girugamesh - Kowarete Iku Sekai Gazette - Wakaremichi Kizu - Utsukushiki Hibi Xaa Xaa - Suibotsu
  15. Kaile

    Rakugaki - Rakugaki lynch. - ultima Arlequin - razzle dazzle, exist and ikari
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