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  1. GuancheVK

  2. GuancheVK

    I understand you perfectly I hope that at least when I upload it you enjoy it
  3. GuancheVK

    I have already reserved everything so far .... these two dvds and what comes in the future ... and I will upload it to share
  4. GuancheVK

    1.Gothculture -Nightimage- 2.Dresscode (LIVE “Gothculture” Ver) 3.Rituals 4.Final Act 5.Fearless Scenario 6.Ukatousen 羽化と理想 7.Mage 8.Gothculture -Joshou- Gothculture -序章- 9.Funeral Confession 1.stigmata 2.Apolutrosis 3.Ruinous 4.Albinism 5.Fate Conscious 6.Kowaku - 蠱惑 - 7.Blood -reason for existence- 8.Gothculture -Danshō- Gothculture -断章- 9.Ukatousen (Gothic Unplugged Ver) 羽化と理想 (Gothic Unplugged Ver)
  5. GuancheVK

  6. GuancheVK

    ahgg how much criticism right? here it seems that someone says something negative and everyone follows them like a herd of goats haha .. I do like the song ... it is very jiluka, it is true that it is not surprising in the musical, but it is a good song
  7. GuancheVK

    I loved your new album ... without a doubt this album will be waiting for you
  8. GuancheVK

    estos chicos hacen todo lo posible ... Espero su nuevo single. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Spw_hdbgs
  9. GuancheVK

    if you look .... joining the two editions would be 4 new songs ... and why not release the mini-album?
  10. GuancheVK

    I bought the Doku12_07 and the 08. I will wait for more to come out to buy the next ones
  11. GuancheVK

  12. GuancheVK

    I have already bought this single and I bought it as sarigia
  13. GuancheVK

    I really liked this preview ... and I have already bought the single. but ... I don't understand why the old videos have been deleted
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