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  1. GuancheVK

    I hope it can at least be bought with the proxy system
  2. I live in Spain and I can buy in cdjapan or anazon.co.jp without problems, but this cd is not yet to preorder. I really liked the song, I'll be attentive when it can be preordered
  3. GuancheVK

    I am very curious about what will be the features of your new album. I hope there are not many songs from these last three singles
  4. GuancheVK

    Great great great notice man
  5. GuancheVK

    I have certainly already eaten it, that is soon my copy. Is incredible
  6. GuancheVK

    there will be 13 songs of which 4 songs will be new and one SE
  7. GuancheVK

    You can now book on Japan Japan David - Gothculture - Dansho - [Limited Release] David-Gothculture -Nightimage- [Lanzamiento limitado]
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