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  1. GuancheVK

    I plan to buy it, if I like it, it is different .... I will upload it in case someone is interested
  2. GuancheVK

  3. GuancheVK

    No mini....no single.....what????
  4. GuancheVK

    A copy of the DVD is on the way to my house, I really want
  5. damn .... I'll have to buy it haha
  6. GuancheVK

    That is your opinion. My opinion is that everything they do has a lot of quality. I look forward to my original cd.
  7. GuancheVK

    in a few days I will receive my original copy and upload it in this forum to 320 and if you also want it on flac I also have a new DVD
  8. GuancheVK

    Here the tracklist
  9. GuancheVK

    best audio
  10. GuancheVK

    audio and video are out of date later
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