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  1. GuancheVK

    I already have my copy reserved .... I really want to hear the complete songs
  2. GuancheVK

  3. GuancheVK

    This is very good news. I will follow it closely
  4. GuancheVK

    dadaism # 4 was an incredible album, I have good feelings with this new release
  5. GuancheVK

    I want it now
  6. GuancheVK

    I like it
  7. GuancheVK

    we will have new songs coming soon from this great musician ..... I join this
  8. GuancheVK

    Lilith song sounds brutal
  9. GuancheVK

    I think that type B convinces me more and you?
  10. We don't all think the same. Not at all sounds light or happy .... true that their sound has changed as many bands do ... it sounds heavy metalcore with melodic touches .... in fact we knew we were going to find it. I give it 8.5 / 10 that gives them a three is respectable but it smells more like a recent fan with the change
  11. GuancheVK

    I love this group.
  12. GuancheVK

    A few months of many interesting releases await us. I will have to save haha. I like to have everything in physical and original, it's my drug hehe
  13. will come out in physical no? I'll be attentive
  14. GuancheVK

    a pity ... I would have liked to have them all original ..... ohhh shit
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