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  1. I was excited there for a second, but there's not even one new song on the album, it's more a compilation >____>
  2. the title and title song of the 1st single are changed to 劣等賛歌 (Rettou sanka?).
  3. spockitty

    @xLIZ4 was offering a proxy service for the Halloween lives. She bought them for me~
  4. spockitty

    Aww I'm sorry you weren't able to get it .___. But also glad they sold it all ^^;; I'll be getting them both and that bonus SE soon as all of my proxy order ships 💚
  5. This is the best and the worst thing I've seen today



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    2. IGM_Oficial


      There's nothing good in this

    3. colorful人生


      dostedt? nihonese ga wakaranotunderstand...

    4. spockitty


      Well nothing will ever top y'alltachi, but this served as a decent b-rate entertainment :'D 

  6. spockitty

    I caught that entire shitstorm on both sides of the argument unfortunately, and I think your reasoning got lost from like the 2nd response and it snowballed from there without context =.= sorry you got caught up in that 😕 For what it's worth, I mostly agree with you and assholes on twitter are really not worth hurting yourself over. Please be safe .___.
  7. spockitty

    Debug My Video Game Error and their pretty pink logo tho. I gotta see what that band's about ASAP
  8. spockitty

    weirdly enough I was led to this by tumblr, haven't heard it live before, gave me chills~
  9. spockitty

    Ah, an announcement to an announce the important announcement !!! It better be an album >.< EDIT: yeah, no, fml
  10. spockitty

    have some bad scans of the actual cover (and the back of the cover, it's not even a booklet)~
  11. spockitty

    Uh, hey, did you make another account @HarukiTakanashi ?
  12. spockitty

    nvm the band, I need this wallpaper in my life x-x
  13. spockitty

    Tbh this CD looks like it had a budget of 5$ to release lol
  14. spockitty

    FINALLY FINALYYYYYY after a month of waiting to listen to Hueye omg Hueye - Rousoku to BLACKOUT Hueye - Anesthesia Zerocre - Seirei a crowd of rebellion - Black_24 (the "BLACK" text is printed on an additional plastic sleeve the CD comes in? so fancy??) I hypothesise that you chose the "image link" option instead of "direct link" option. if that's the case, choosing direct link should fix it~
  15. ayyy would you look at that, I've ascended to the yellow. hope it means I can now legally make yall listen to SARIGIA or else what's the point

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    2. CAT5


      Congratz, welcome to the elite! :P

    3. spockitty


      thank you thank you, I'm expecting all the VIP content to blow my mind


    4. patientZERO


      One of us. One of us!

  16. this is... a lot, and Shade still looks fifteen~ all in all, quite nice
  17. spockitty

    Update on the credits, for those who care: Hell's Kitchen - lyrics/music: Mizuki Psychadelic Syndrome - lyrics: Asuka, music: Shoma UNCHAIN -666- - lyrics: Asuka, music: Natsu Lie, Lie, LIE - lyrics: Asuka, music: Shoma I think it's interesting that they're shaking things up, still like Mizuki's music the most sorry my dudes
  18. spockitty

    Can confirm that the single actually got released, as my order is apparently on its way ✨
  19. spockitty

    Welcome welcome, enjoy your stay! \^^/
  20. spockitty

    and now Sora won't be participating in their next performance, due to family reasons. This band if off to a good start~
  21. they just... put the song on Spotify? https://open.spotify.com/track/0YeZlDHFGAF0twEbvPM2NZ (and various other streaming services too I guess: https://linkco.re/Sx5sEeD5)
  22. spockitty

    Amai Bouryoku - 幸せだよ。殺したい。(Shiawasedayo。 Koroshitai。) Amai Bouryoku - 清楚系不純エゴ (Seisoukei Fujun EGO) Amai Bouryoku - 自分を殺す、ということ (Jibun wo Korosu, to Iu koto) Amai Bouryoku - ハジメマシテ。(HAJIMEMASHITE。) Schwarz Stein - Queen Leech also crying because that delayed ZeroCre single is making me wait for new Hueye, since I ordered them together T___T
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