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  1. spockitty

    I have a fucking childhood trauma from an 1997 episode of The Angry Beavers, where they decide to stay up all night and amongst other things have a brilliant idea to watch b-rated horrors. This thing Was from a movie called "The crawling spleen" and the dude in the gif is saying (look how I still remember after 20 years) "watch out or it will crawl into your ear". Since that day, and funnily enough it was a day before we went on a trip do Disneyland in Paris, I always, ALWAYS cover my ears when I go to sleep. I can't fall asleep otherwise anymore, but it's not every night that I go down the memory lane to remember the origins. So glad I did this time! Fucking yey~
  2. spockitty

    haha -5 points to my shame. honestly though, I'm really surprised they even did. I expected them to forever remain outside of the digital world. glad they decided to move with the times! ^^
  3. spockitty

    wowowow, I didn't know they're releasing an album! kinda thought I'd never get to see it in my lifetime lol I loved 10,000 Days, and I'm 100% sure I'll love this one too, this band can do no wrong by me~ The song is fucking perfect, just makes you want to hit the lights, close your eyes and immerse yourself into the music completely. Even better on second listen. It's over 10 min and doesn't even feel long. Ahhh thank you for bringing this to my attention, you made my day ❤️ btw, when did they appear on Spotify??!! boy but did I sleep on this.....
  4. Today's livestream: I shall just... leave this here without a comment lol If ya want to download it for some reason -> DL
  5. spockitty

    Haha ok, zgodzę się, ale póki co nie było do kogo gęby otworzyć
  6. spockitty

    I refuse to watch this MV, but hey the song is nice! :'D
  7. Uh, hate searching for Merry's CDs online, because if I'm not more specific all I get is Christmas carols =.=/ 

    1. suji


      what i do is search "merry メリー" in music and i get more accurate results

    2. spockitty


      well yeah, if I search internationally I do the same, but believe you me, it wouldn't appear to anyone in my country to insert Japanese into the listing title :'D what is more, some shops' search engines don't even recognize kanji/kana as an actual language lol~ 

    3. suji


      oh, that's just how i search for them on jp sites xD yeah, searching for them locally is a different story lmao

  8. spockitty

    @CAT5: "I ain't no expert or any of that shit" @CAT5: proceeds to roll out a well thought-out essay that would make marriage counselors weep
  9. spockitty

    Garnet ❤️ But also, everything? There's not that much on Spotify, just go through their singles, see if it's your cup of tea ^^
  10. spockitty

    ok, now I'm interested!
  11. spockitty

  12. spockitty

    Haha, I used to throw my dreams at my sister who writes stuff occasionally. Don't let this disney shit fool you tho, most of my dreams are either work-related-stress-induced or a disturbing mess. also LOL. I'd also pay good money to have a stronger jaw, man but are those attractive. also NOPE, trauma incoming on the brother front~
  13. spockitty

    After some turbulence with the tracking (that was probably no one's fault but the post office), the CDs are here! Everything looks great. I appreciate the included obi and the photos. Thank you again ^^
  14. I just had a thought, are all bandmen so skinny cause they can't afford food for the most part?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Komorebi


      Tbf spending the money on vices (such as VK) instead of food is absolutely relatable. 

    3. SubThatSong


      Uh-oh I can relate too much, other vices first food for self comes last lol

    4. spockitty


      Next on the NEWS: Unhealthy obsession with Japanese twinks the leading cause of death via malnutrition! 

  15. wow, it does sound surprisingly very good! ❤️ are they going full Gorillaz and never showing their faces tho? XD
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