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  1. I just had a thought, are all bandmen so skinny cause they can't afford food for the most part?

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    2. Komorebi


      I can only say that cigarrettes and beer are more expensive than riceballs in Japan so if they can't "afford" to eat why they smokin'/drinkin' so much?

    3. spockitty


      are you implying that any part of this business is trying to be reasonable in any shape or form? X'D 


      anyway, as a former starving artist, I can honestly say cigarettes & booze > riceballs 

    4. Himeaimichu


      A lot of bandmen are much fatter than they'll let on, because of tight outfits, filters, photoshop, etc. But many of them are skinny because they spend what little money their indie label pays them (if they're even popular enough to get signed) more on vices than food. And then you have bandmen who are told to stay within a certain weight range. I remember hearing about how musicians signed to BP records aren't allowed to gain too much weight (similar to how J-Idols are restricted).

      But yeah there are chubby bandmen, and you'll occasionally find some obese ones (one example that comes to my mind is that dude in GOKIBURI who never wore makeup and just wore sunglasses).

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