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  1. spockitty

    They posted it and then deleted it but since it's the internet and there are rabid stalkers around *cough* It's just info on instore events for the new single but I have vested interest so here you go the tweet is officially up~
  2. spockitty

    they popped up on my twitter feed and the art got me curious, great 5 seconds of music huh! all of their media screams 2006-emo in big bold letters, complete with fishnets and striped shirts god on an unrelated note, damn Kai's art is actually pretty fucking good~
  3. I hit cancel on a post I've been working on for the past 3 hours... that was some 5 seconds of horror and disbelief. thank fuck for the restore option omg~ 

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    2. CAT5


      Ohhhh, i see what you mean!

    3. IGM_Oficial


      This, so much. The "restore" function saves lives.

    4. YuyoDrift


      I’ve been there for sure haha

  4. fck Miyoshi followed me back on twitter five seconds before I was about to rant how he really doesn't need 3 twitter accounts with 3 songs to his name =.=/ 

  5. I like both songs, if Rosoku to Blackout a fair bit more. I haven't heard their first single but damn I'm loving the vocal ❤️ They're both available on CDJapan in case anyone's wondering (1/2).
  6. spockitty

    I come back with the info on the tracklists, we were almost right ^.~ The bottom, middle one is 6 tracks: 01. RED SORROW 02. Mercy Rain 03. THE THIRD HIERARCHY 04. Masculism 05. Envies-13 06. and this one's a surprise, it's a kind of music-box, instrumental version of AGARTHA and the bottom, right one is unsurprisingly the track from the QR: 01. 月蝕 (Gesshoku)
  7. spockitty

    you know, even if I had a favourite I don't think I could just get one shirt and then godforbid appear at a concert in that lol I saw the one with only the logo, but frankly, it's kinda plain-looking
  8. spockitty

    I saw they have shirts for each member, how do you even choose though?! I'd feel bad for the other four >.>
  9. spockitty

    wait wait wait, did you see my twitter or you meant the ones I posted above? cause it seems like every other week I get SARIGIA CDs these days LOL
  10. spockitty


    we feel you sis. soo, what's it that you're rediscovering, what new have you found? hello hello welcome ^^
  11. Still no one selling the CD.... ya know maa liked my post on twitter, we're basically friends at this point, maybe he could help me get my hands on it =.=/ someone help me translate: "dude, I need this CD, tell me who to throw my money at" so I can send it to him
  12. spockitty

    they certainly look it... that was one of the most awkward 3 minutes to sit through for everyone involved srsly tho, with better mixing this instrumental has potential~
  13. spockitty

    Sry it's on twitter but I dont have those photos anymore~ SARIGIA - RUIN SARIGIA - DESTINATION Merry - for Japanese sheeple Acid Black Cherry - Aishitenai (which I got for like 3$, since the person who was selling it had no idea what it was basically) aaaaand this gem: ex-RAINDIA Miyoshi's 1st Bootleg DVD『October, 2018 in Tokyo』with a "bonus" CD with his hit song 飛べない小鳥 ❤️
  14. spockitty

    r u srs???! I saw "live-limited" and didn't even think to check on cdjapan, what a fail. thanks!
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