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  1. spockitty

    Welcome welcome! \^^/
  2. spockitty

    sideeyeing Velvet Eden for naming an album "Double Twelve" then having one CD have 11 songs and the other one 13......
  3. spockitty

    we didn't take a single photo during the anime convention lol but my bff insisted that I at least send her the photo of my outfit so here I am, after 13 hours on foot with no AC X'D
  4. just ate half a wheel of camembert because it was the only thing in my fridge that didn't require cooking, it's 2am and Idgaf

  5. spockitty

    Welllll, I'm lame and I use walkthroughs from the get to. It just brings me so much anxiety that I could not make the right choice, that it's taking out of my enjoyment lol especially considering that it could cost you hours O-O I wondered if it's frowned upon among the genre enthusiasts, to just go along with a walkthrough. I also often speedrun through the bad endings .///. Hell, Hakuoki made me cry enough in the good endings, that I don't think I'd have survived the bad ones >.> I didn't know there was an anime?!?! Is it actually worth watching contrary to the Hakuoki one? XD Ken maybe? Ah, Kent! Yeah, he was the most harmless one among the selection, from what I remember X'D Ohmy, it's easy to choose when there are 5, but 12????? excluding Kazama duh, Harada was my first choice (he's flirty but genuine and funny and tall and I think fighting with a spear is sexy lol I love him), then the two new guys, Iba and Sakamoto (not gonna spoil you here ^.~) and maaaaybe Okita. Other than that, I was very surprised to like Heisuke as much as I did, Nagakura was like a brother, I had 0 interest in romancing him lol, Sanan was a mistake. I don't really get the hype over Hijikata and Saito o-o if you do, please enlighten me. What about youuu?! HAHA, don't, save the remains of your free time while you can XDDD
  6. taking my 15yo niece to her first anime convention tomorrow~ \^^/ gotta prime the next generation~ 8D

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    2. spockitty


      @monkeybanana4 haha nothing that exciting, I was Road Kamelot from D.Gray-Man with Lero as a prop (I still have that umbrella somewhere!) ^^ I don't even remember why I chose that one, I wasn't that big of a fan but I did get a few surprise jump-hugs out of it XD

    3. monkeybanana4


      @spockitty Oh, I loved that umbrella character XD But that's pretty cool~ I'm sure your outfit must have looked really good :) I loved Road Kamelot's outfit with her thigh high stockings. It's been a while since I last watched the anime, though😅 The last character I remember cosplaying as was Magician's Valkyria (from Yugioh). So many years ago, lol 😂

    4. spockitty


      @monkeybanana4 Haha I still wear the skirt I sew with my mom for that cosplay to this day X'D I've never gotten into Yugioh but that outfit looks complicated O-O kudos dude!

  7. Hmhmhm, sooooo~ I like the intro the most LOL I assume it's an intro I'm gonna have that shit on repeat for a while I can tell~ there's some hope for the title track but the other remaining two??? kinda lukewarm ._.
  8. spockitty

    Yeeeeah, that's why I rely heavily on reviews, there's not enough hours in a day to plow through all of it, and as I get older I value my time more lol XD It's too bad that there's probably not much overlap between the titles you and I played, I'd love to compare notes some more! ._. I have one burning question though. How do you play your average otome, do you check on walkthroughs or do you just choose the answers organically? I feel like finding an otome with good art, good story and good voice acting (if applicable) is already borderline a miracle, expecting it to not have some weird and/or disturbing kinks is perhaps asking too much ^^;; Though generally, I find that the western-made VNs are much more... tame? At least that has been my experience so far. I feel like there's an entirely different cultural discussion to be had here and maybe that's better left for another time Yes! The amnesia part was what made the story exciting; you never knew who to trust or what to say, and that godling-or-whatever-he-was guy was not making things easier at times ^.~ Please, I don't think I'd have dated 75% of the otome guys in real life, which funnily enough makes it so interesting to experience those routes. Morbid curiousity, a guilty pleasure here and there and none of the consequences lol I honestly can't recall what was Ikki's route about. I remember all of the rest and this one escapes me uhhh There was something about his eyes having hypnotic powers or sth? Wait, I remember! That fanclub he had and the heroine pretending she's nothing to him, and him treating them better than her? Omg that pissed me off so much >.< Maybe that why I decided to forget it lol Def let me know when you do! I'm super curious of your opinion ^^ I haven't had the chance to play a Chinese one yet, but Korean ones do feel different than Japanese. In subtle ways though, if you have both some Japanese and Korean culture knowledge, you will be able to tell, but otherwise, it's just another story in the same format. The meaningful difference is the medium, while in Japan PS Vita is the go-to platform for otome, in Korea it's just mobile phones, so there are a lot of Korean otome for Android. Basically Korea has their lightspeed internet and Japan has the nostalgia The art style is subtly different also, like a difference between manga and manhwa. Now western releases are a mixed bag or everything and anything, and you can never know what to expect X'D I like how you can tell from the quotes that it took me 4 hours to write this answer lol I had to actually work at work, who would've though ^.~
  9. spockitty

    Naah, I'm not discouraged by any means, if you lack good content any trash will do for us despertate consumers The thing with Steam is, tbh there are heaps of visual novels on there. 90% of them are tiny, indie ones though, a lot of them are kickstarter projects, some are outright porn, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, hell weirdly enough Russian. I have like 40 VNs on my wishlist but I'm trying to pace myself and maybe finish the 20 I already own first???? I'm also an achivement completionist =.=/ I know some publishers make polls to gauge the interest of bringing certain titles to the Steam/western market but I honestly don't know enough about what's out there to participate. Dogenzaka is (at times a beautiful) trash pile. I played through their Destiny's Princess, got bored (and slightly uncomfortable) halfway through and made a speed run out of the rest. I mean, one of the guys was her brother, another her FATHER (there was some reincarnation/other dimension stuff included so they were not TECHNICALLY related IN SPIRIT but the dudes didn't know that????) and one was a really abusive asshole. Neither of these facts is unique in the genre, hell, what's-his-name in Nightshade was heroine's cousin and that one crazy dude that locked the heroine in a cage in Amnesia? whooboy~ The point is, it can be done.... I hesitate to say "tastefully" but in a way that you can swallow those facts. This was not The story was nothing to write home about either. Then there's The Men of Yoshiwara/Ohgiya, which has amazing character art: I've attempted to play this game two times and uninstalled it after maybe half an hour each time =.=/ The premise is, all the love interests are basically (not entirely willing) high class courtesans and the heroine is this poor, shy, virgin waif that stumbles into the brothel and gets showered with (not entirely consensual) sexual advances every 5 seconds from 5 different guys. Could have been some quick, cheap fun, don't get me wrong! But if the lack of consent, forced nudity and coersion didn't put you off, the quality of the translation/port will. It's atrocious. And I had to play it in a window half my monitor size because otherwise I ran into multiple weird UI issues. AND IT'S NOT CHEAP EITHER. The prize is the same as both parts of Hakuoki on Steam. Thank fuck I got it on sale. Phew, onto a more pleasant topic. Amnesia! It was the first otome I played I think (aside from that Russian one). I really really liked it! I liked that the story was interesting outside of the romance lol and yes, the art was great ❤️ My 13-year-old emo ass would plaster those guys all over my wall LOL Toma's route though ^^;;; I did not expect it, I was kinda disturbed and didn't know what is up and what is down after I was done with it I liked Shin the most, surprisingly ^^ On the topic of getting thrown into cages, I've been playing Mystic Messenger (it's a Korean mobile otome, REALLY GREAT) and apparently one of the routes has similar tones in the bad ending... so I guess it's A Thing™. Oooh so you haven't played the reworked version? I'm not sure how you will feel from the perspective of someone who knew the original, but I think they're worth it! ^^ Yeah, that was my reaction also! XD I mean, both Miki and Takeda are pretty tasty but yep, both antagonists. Not even really a spoiler since you can tell from the first time they open their mouths ^.~ ~le gasp~ why didn't I think of emulators???!! I need to get on that! Aaah yes, but it was over 10 years ago and only for a couple of years, my knowledge is pretty basic and rusty ^^;; I do get your point though, I think with a bit of extra effort I could get through an otome. I could even undust my ancient denshi jisho, though tbh these days google translate has reached a pretty good level, even with japanese, so it might be obsolete at this point. Hell yeah there are! The only one I could find on short notice is Lost in Secular Love, which is about romancing monks? Actually I think, there are more Korean then Chinese otome. There's Nameless, Dandelion that are pretty big in scale, I think they're from the same developer as Mystic Messenger I've mentioned before. My mind went into an entirely different, far dirtier direction lol halp At this point I'm kinda worried someone will come along to kick us off this thread for barely clinging to the topic
  10. spockitty

    Yeah, sorry it wasn't really that bad but it made me cringe
  11. spockitty

    Wow, ok, and I felt kinda bad for my long post XD ❤️ Well, to start of, that's very sad news that there might be no otome on par with Hakuoki atm. Now I kinda wish I didn't stumble upon it quite so early on in my otome journey, so maybe the B-rate games would have seemed like masterpieces without that comparison. I was hoping you would magically provide me with some hidden gems and my thirst could be finally sated, but alas I shall settle for everthing and anything available on Steam I suppose ^^;; I think the only other Otomate game that's on Steam is Amnesia: Memories, which I really liked also, but is much smaller in scale. Everything is smaller in scale comparing to Hakuoki geez, I think it took me over 100 hours to finish, which is like an AAA RPG game scale. Ah yes, the main character is kinda ridiculous if you look at her from certain angles. She's supposedly a badass demon with healing powers, has some sword training and enough of a brain to disguise herself as a dude and travel alone AND on foot to another city, and all of those facts get barely any screentime. I wish she would have stayed in some sword fight for more than 5 seconds. That's why Kazama's route was one of my favourites, at least she had some spine SOMETIMES. When I think about it, it must have taken some serious work to rewrite the entire story to fit 3 more characters and not make them seem like a slapped on afterthought. And each of them got a fairly original storyline too, which after dozens of hours with the same story from different angles, was a breath of fresh air. As for the new artist, I really don't understand the drama, but then again I'm not a longtime devoted fan or anything, so I'm not as invested I suppose. Before I even knew those 3 were drawn by a different person, I did notice that they're kinda more....shiny? XD As in, frankly, they're prettier (to be clear, not that they art is more pretty, just that they were drawn as prettier men?). I'd wager that Takeda and Miki were also drawn by the new artist? They pretty shiny too. And oh that lucious hair. Yes I saw that an anime exists lol I was wondering how does it work, does it follow one route or something, do you know? Probably Hijikata if so. Thank youuu for that handy link of this guy's work, it's quite lenghty lol and wow aside from the games and animes, there are some interesting roles : Castiel in "Supernatural" (Live action), Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in "Fifty Shades of Grey", Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) in "Black Panther", Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". Kinda want to hear those FOR SCIENCE. HAHAHA so you're saying there's no escape from this money sink? Damn but are some of those so expensive. Yeah, they've stopped producing the PS Vita a while back from what I remember. So maybe I should just bank on all those otome porting to something different sooner or later, as the consoles will eventually die out. It's a moot point anyway, since I really couldn't afford that at the moment lol Thank you for your opinion though ^^ You're right, I'm probably not quite as obsessed yet as to get a dedicated console just for this one genre. So, do you speak Japanese then, if you play those in Japanese? I've seen some people playing the Japanese or Chinese releases without knowing the language and it's mindboggling to me o-o how? Pleeease, your brain? I was confused about the Switch because in my drunken brain I was thinking of Wii and was wondering what kinds of moves would you have to make to play an otome game LOL Seems like we're just two peas in a pod there ^^;;;
  12. spockitty

    How could I've forgotten Gara?! 90% of his insta is hats ❤️ I think THE POINT of this outfit/photo is to look at the thighs, let's not make the effort go to waste
  13. Nothing like being still kinda drunk at the gym at 6am~ Adulting level 150~

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      What's the point of working out drunk lmao

    2. spockitty


      I work out with my lil sis, if I didn't come she probably wouldn't either, so sacrifices had to be made :P 

  14. spockitty

    Dude I was so drunk writing this, I barely remember even doing it. Sorry in advance for...everything I guess ^^;;; From what you're saying, it's kind of amazing how Hakuoki is holding up through the years with the art and quality of the story. Taking aside the encyclopedic content of feudal japanese history, it's a pretty compelling story that I've yet to see surpassed by another otome (translated into english). So, Hakuoki-veteran-san, seems like you've been trough hell and back with this game, I wonder how do the previous releases compare to the Steam thing. Is Iba, Souma and Sakamoto's route a thing in the previous versions? I've seen some reviews criticising the art for these routes, because they were drawn by a different artist than the whole original content. And while Souma may just quietly die in a corner, Iba and Sakamoto? YES PLEASE. Also, let's go back to Kazama's voice actor, could you point me to any other otome/project he stars in? Because YES, that VOICE. Otome bringing me back to VK is pretty simple if you consider I used to major in Japanese language/culture in college, AND what brought me to that major is VK ^^; It just reminded me that I used to love all things Japanese. If you want to be precise, the first otome ( that's not really an original otome) I've stumbled upon was Sounds of Verity, which is a Russian anime visual novel that I bought for like 1$ on sale and once I realized it's a whole genre, the rest is history. So is PS Vita still a thing? Do you think it'd be worth acquiring at this point, solely for the purpose of playing otome games not available for the western market? As for Steam otome releases, it's a slowly growing genre but it's pretty hit and miss depending largely on the amount of funding? Like the Dogenzaka Lab's releases, they are B rate otome at best, but the translations drag them even lower geez........... I feel my brain melting reading those stories T-T Switch?????? How do you play otome on switch? does not compute~
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