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    Pandora_99 reacted to anadentone in Cheesiest Visual Kei PVs!   
    i'm gonna say it:
    I like mydora but holy shit quiet,shy, lil timid Mahiro thrusting his junk in a bee costume is fawken scary
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    Pandora_99 reacted to frayed in ♦2020 Predictions!♦   
    Mejibray remains on “hiatus”. 8P-SB keeps on its current trajectory, has another Halloween look that makes fans think for a hot minute that they’re going back to vkei. Yuutaro keeps hanging out with the Liraizo guys. When Pentagon disbands, he and Yutori do a new project together.
    Razor goes to Europe for a convention or a fan club trip. They release a few more singles, maybe a mini?
    MeteoroiD says “fuck it” and decides it’s too fun to play together, so even if it’s only for one show a year, they decide to stick together. Maybe they even come back to America for a con. (This is wishful thinking on my part but meh.)
    Kizu keeps releasing singles that they want to release with sometimes mixed reactions from fans. They release at least one solid heavy A-side that keeps people invested. Reiki keeps having drunk Insta lives.
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    Pandora_99 reacted to Himeaimichu in ♦2020 Predictions!♦   
    Nightmare officially revives,
    AINS will sign another band, but soon flop as a whole as Yukika will have been taking out too many loans. 
    Gulu Gulu will release a full length and it will be awesome
    Mitsuki Sakai starts a solo career, covers Kurara Zeroshiki, Kiryu and Mizelia songs
    Mamo will sell his pee to fangirls
    Still no god damn X Japan album
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    Pandora_99 reacted to sleepy coffee in ♦2020 Predictions!♦   
    My spiciest prediction is every Starwave band/artist survives 2020.
    Kizu will finally release a full length album.
    AINS will sign 2 more bands.
    Yuuki (ex. UnsraW) will finally release new music in some shape form (even if its just demos/teasers).
    Z from R-shitei will join Nocturnal Bloodlust, Mamo will either start up a new band w/ all new members or a solo project.
    Adding onto my prediction about Z, Nocturnal Bloodlust will have a new release this year and itll bang.
    DIMLIM will survive the year but stick with 3 members officially (cant speak for if they finally decide to add support members for lives).
    RAKUGAKI, gulu gulu, and NICOLAS are gonna be the most popular MH bands for 2020.
    and lastly (for now if i ever remember to add more predictions) SCAPEGOAT is going to go back to their "Haru has to kill his girlfriend in every single music video" phase and itll be great. (dont get me wrong i loved scapegoat's 2018 releases i just miss the edgy days. 
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    Pandora_99 reacted to Kabukichoatmidnight in Great musician but shitty person?   
    I have only scanned the rest of the posts here but so far haven't seen anyone mention Issei from Nazare. You all know. lol.
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    Pandora_99 reacted to sleepy coffee in DIMLIM   
    Tbf piracy is a digital thing and you can buy their stuff digitally. Not being able to buy a copy physically sucks but it shouldn't be a reason you resort to pirating (doesnt apply to their live limited stuff)
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    Pandora_99 reacted to Fyrnia4Maya in DIMLIM   
    Everyone seems to be so shocked about the new album and direction I just want them to leave y all with your jaws on the floor when it comes out (in a good way) 
  8. 悲しい
    Pandora_99 reacted to lstknt3b in ヴィルシーナ (Verxina) Ba.ジキル (zikiru) will leave the band   
    It seems like Zikiru will leave the band on 2020/3/11 due to different musical orientation...
    The 3 remaining members will continue activities.
  9. 悲しい
    Pandora_99 reacted to Alkaloid in ラオウ (Raou) (ex-ぺんぐ☆王 (Pengking)) has passed away   
    ラオウ (Raou) (ex-ぺんぐ☆王 (Pengking)-->kanga L Kangaroo) (real name 清水知行/Tomoyuki Shimizu) has passed away at 2019/12/13. (age 30)
    He was assaulted by two security guards at a bar while intoxicated, with injuries being so severe he passed away. The security guards involved have been arrested. (Full article on the incident) (Another article)
    His band kanga L Kangaroo has decided to continue activities.
    Memorial tweet from ex-ぺんぐ☆王 (Pengking) vocalist あきら (Akira) (now in Free Aqua Butterfly)

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    Pandora_99 reacted to Saishu in DIMLIM   
    Before Issei left every Dimlim song sounded like it was recorded while the band fell down the stairs 
  11. LOVE!
    Pandora_99 reacted to Paraph in DIMLIM   
    離人 forever slaps tho m i rite
  12. I feel ya..
    Pandora_99 reacted to Joel in DIMLIM   
    I think they just don't know what to do. Ever since they realized that they were in this position they probably started to rely on Retsu to pull all the strings more than usual and he probably is just as lost as them in this situation. All of the decisions they're making are so sporadic, like when they dropped their visuals it just seemed like some sort of desperate last effort attempt at trying to appeal towards western fans or something. All they have to do is focus on getting new members and then take some time with the album.
    It's a slow yet sure and unfortunate decline that I don't see them recovering from.
    Pandora_99 reacted to Seelentau in DIMLIM   
    Sounds like the lim is dimming, guys
  14. LOLOL
    Pandora_99 got a reaction from suji in Scarlet Valse new single "Heaven" release   
    I feel kinda bad for laughing at this...
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    Pandora_99 got a reaction from FOSCOR70 in DIMLIM   
    I'm hoping Jared Dines reacts to them in one of his videos, even just for like a minute like he did with DEVILOOF. I think that would help their popularity a lot since Jared has so many subscribers.
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    Pandora_99 reacted to FOSCOR70 in DIMLIM   
    Um... Can you guys can try writing some goodass reviews on popular music sites like rateyourmusic? People there really dig reviews and ratings. My English sucks but I'll try too anyway. Better than nothing.
    I also requested some music youtubers to feature this band and made some threads on other forums in which im active at featuring this band. 
    They need advertisement. I don't see any reason why any metal fan won't like them. 
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    Pandora_99 reacted to platy in DIMLIM   
    Let's start a movement by buying dimlim's next release, digital or physical... Doesn't matter. I understand most of us are broke but this is for the greater good. Issei's (possibly having a) smug smile on his face gives me cramps. 
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    Pandora_99 reacted to TheZigzagoon in DIMLIM   
    I so desperately want DIMLIM to survive what they’re going through rn. I agree that their next release (should be their second album) we should all attempt to support them 
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    Pandora_99 got a reaction from raspberrynilla in DIMLIM   
    Now that's just depressing, imho Rijin is way better than IDEAL. I bought it both digitally and physically.
    And I can't stand the thought of Issei being comfortable in NAZARE, wearing a smug grin, while DIMLIM are struggling.
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    Pandora_99 got a reaction from nomemorial in ヴィルシーナ (Verxina) Coco. will leave the band   
    Major bummer indeed! 😭
  21. 悲しい
    Pandora_99 reacted to lstknt3b in ヴィルシーナ (Verxina) Coco. will leave the band   
    The band announced that Coco. will leave on 2019.11.25 for familial reason but the band will continue activities with the 4 remaining members.
    Corrections are welcome >_<
  22. LOLOL
    Pandora_99 reacted to spockitty in DIMLIM   
    I'd not even suggest my own country but get them to anywhere in Europe and I'll fcking kayak there~ >.<
  23. LOLOL
    Pandora_99 got a reaction from Zalemu in Scarlet Valse new single "Heaven" release   
    I feel kinda bad for laughing at this...
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    Pandora_99 reacted to Duwang in DIMLIM   
  25. LOLOL
    Pandora_99 reacted to Paraph in New band 『ALTL code name:alice to tales』 have formed   
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