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  1. Me: as per usual in utter dismay over how fast time goes. How the hell is it possible for two weeks to go by when you think it's been 3 days? Just me leaving people hanging not even realizing it :chi:

  2. SubThatSong

    It's been forever, but here: I waited for a month for rocklyric to post the lyrics to it, because they had added it to their site which usually means it's "incoming", but I grew tired of waiting and wrote up the lyrics myself off the video 😂 It's notable I've been on a journey of doing the entire Deviloof and Gallo discographies with one song of each every week, aside from the one week I pushed them aside to do the newest Dexcore http://bit.ly/gallodeathtopia had lyrics in text form for anyone interested
  3. I have a weird problem. My right eye is being a douchebag, for months now it's not been liking contact lenses - shit gets blurry, doesn't stay centered, tried new ones, tried old ones and no luck. Left eye tho is just fine and perfect with lenses that you don't even have to take out for a month...  but my right eye is fine with halloween lenses. This morning I put in lenses, they were instantly blurry on my right eye, put the same lens in left - all good, nothing wrong with it. So halloween lens it is because I hate glasses with a passion. I've been wearing one halloween contact lens for three days straight now. The normal lenses just don't work, but they work on my other eye.

    This makes absolute zero sense whatsoever. Crazy lenses are supposed to be less comfortable if anything.
    What's best is that maybe four years ago is when my left eye stopped being finicky about lenses, right one used to be fine with anything. Then right was iffy from time to time and now we're at this point. WTB non-blind eyes, thanks!

  4. SubThatSong

    I slept 13 hours of my Saturday after spending the whole week sleeping like shit. Then I slept for 4 more hours. I have regrets. Also wish it was possible to bank slept hours to tap into later. I'm tired.
  5. Another weekend where I was totally going to be productive swooshed by and I accomplished nothing smh

  6. Dear diary, today I took out my industrial piercing a usual because I was going to dye my hair. I was looking for it now on my table, not finding something small on it fast won't be unusual... but after searching for more than enough time it worried me that my cat might've stolen it and hidden it (not uncommon for items either, found my contact lens case once in my shoes on the other side of the apartment).
    I spent about 25 minutes searching for it, until it dawned on me that


    I had already put it on earlier.

  7. I love this silly site for making my decisions lol. Now I know what I'll do tonight


  8. Good I'm not the only one who doesn't know... 😂 EDIT: Totally couldn't see anything but Ray here btw
  9. SubThatSong

    Not me, but I wish people who were around me would leave me alone IRL, I can ignore what I want online.... 😅😂
  10. SubThatSong

    Can't wait! Only sad that I just spent money on CDJapan so I won't be able to buy this right away lol, probably will buy it later with the release of Dimlim's new album
  11. SubThatSong

    Weekends have mysteriously been the most full of anxiety for a few months now, and it's trickled over into weekdays. I guess I'm officially in a worse place again, without proper reasons why. Woosh, feelings of being useless and aimless. Screw you irrational feelings that won't be swayed by logic.
  12. I once translated a Nazare song as a request on YouTube and Nazare asked me to remove it (which I did, and was grateful for them to not report it instead straight away), and today Nazare followed me on Twitter. Now, we KNOW it's not thinking about who they're following and more following for more followers - but it's still funny!

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    2. Fyrnia4Maya


      They followed me on Twitter when I had been following them long long before, and they still follow me, it's weird 

    3. SubThatSong


      That's so weird - I actually noticed my other twitter (that actually follows stuff, 69 follows to be exact) has gone unnoticed by the Nazare crew 🤔 I wasn't following Nazare on that one, I'll just keep it like that and see how long it takes for them to find me lol

    4. gret


      I have softblocked nazare three times from my twitter already (which is mostly for anime 😂)


      I think if you follow visualkei bots and/or mention some band's names, then nazare's account will follow you..eventually




  13. That sense of success when something doesn't have a character limit and typing into a text document first as a precaution wasn't needed and you can skip cutting it into parts

  14. 0.1gの誤算 -【K】0626【渇望】had SO MUCH lyrics, good Friday project. You'd think repetition of lyrics would make it easier, but it sure doesn't for me - at least not with this amount of text lol

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