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  1. SubThatSong

    Can't wait! Only sad that I just spent money on CDJapan so I won't be able to buy this right away lol, probably will buy it later with the release of Dimlim's new album
  2. SubThatSong

    Weekends have mysteriously been the most full of anxiety for a few months now, and it's trickled over into weekdays. I guess I'm officially in a worse place again, without proper reasons why. Woosh, feelings of being useless and aimless. Screw you irrational feelings that won't be swayed by logic.
  3. I once translated a Nazare song as a request on YouTube and Nazare asked me to remove it (which I did, and was grateful for them to not report it instead straight away), and today Nazare followed me on Twitter. Now, we KNOW it's not thinking about who they're following and more following for more followers - but it's still funny!

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    2. SubThatSong


      Not quite, they basically just asked me to remove it from my channel and added that if I didn't they'd report it for copyright 😂

    3. Fyrnia4Maya


      They followed me on Twitter when I had been following them long long before, and they still follow me, it's weird 

    4. SubThatSong


      That's so weird - I actually noticed my other twitter (that actually follows stuff, 69 follows to be exact) has gone unnoticed by the Nazare crew 🤔 I wasn't following Nazare on that one, I'll just keep it like that and see how long it takes for them to find me lol

  4. That sense of success when something doesn't have a character limit and typing into a text document first as a precaution wasn't needed and you can skip cutting it into parts

  5. 0.1gの誤算 -【K】0626【渇望】had SO MUCH lyrics, good Friday project. You'd think repetition of lyrics would make it easier, but it sure doesn't for me - at least not with this amount of text lol

  6. SubThatSong

    Aaaaw yiss, it's happening! Spotted one day ago in LA
  7. SubThatSong

    It's kinda like IKEA, no matter what day of the week it is or what time it is, always too much people
  8. SubThatSong

    Can confirm, it was that one - no clue why they cleared it tho 🤔
  9. SubThatSong

    I don't think so, I really really want to do this a lot. Alas, no money. If I could afford it I wouldn't hesitate
  10. SubThatSong

    I don't know, for some reason Kubrick's version just never really did it for me. I always thought that Jack Nicholson was great in the movie, but overall I've felt it's a bit overrated. I will however admit that these opinions do stem from a much younger me that hasn't revisited the case. I should watch Kubrick's again, I suppose it's possible I'd appreciate it more now. But, in the end, it's all subjective anyway!
  11. SubThatSong

    Kubrick's movie or Stephen King's miniseries? The Stephen King version is soooo much better
  12. SubThatSong

    I still get asked, and I turned 28 this year. I personally can't see it as anything else than "yes, still get asked, not looking old af" hahahaha EDIT: also, ha, I see I have some fellow short people (163cm which suddenly didn't feel super short lol)
  13. Hoooolllyyy shit is all I can think of. Damn. Imagine being in that situation, that's some harsh stuff
  14. This video showed up in my feed today, even tho it's over a month old, I had no idea of it. He used my video for the reaction and spoke some kind words of what I do. It feels so weird, but so nice - even my subscribers, absolutely amazing people with so many kind words to say... it's definitely hard to get used to being praised haha  (´-﹏-`;) I'm just so happy that I make people happy doing what I've grown to love as a hobby (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾

    1. saiko


      I love your work! Keep on doing it like you do!

    2. SubThatSong


      I sure will! ♡

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