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    nurié is on Spotify now!

  2. Incredible. Spotify just told me 8P-SB is my top artist of the year. Which means I listened to them more than even Codomo Dragon. I'm just.... Idk....



    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      At least I got Mucc as artist of the year, but having to thank Miyavi for being inspirational to me this year... ehm... i don't know xD

  3. For some reason I now have 3 (THREE!!) followers on my vk playlist that I have told no one about, so in a sudden burst of confidence I'm just going to put a link to it here (mostly newer bands though)


    1. spockitty


      lemme just follow it too then ^^

    2. gret


      Heheh now I have 4!! It's really unexpected lol



    可食用的木薯淀粉 = edible tapioca flour...


    (Yume tried his best and that's what matters)

    1. ahnchc


      "shenzhen and taiwan went well. because of you all, i had so much fun/made many good memories. thanks to everyone who came! tapioca."


      i think he's trying to say "tapioca" as in the drink, lol. it was a good shot

    2. gret


      Yep, here I'm wondering which translation service is translating just "tapioca" to  "edible tapioca flour"

  5. someone just told me deviloof is a screamo band and not a metal band like what I told them


    I have a very loose definition for genre labels myself but this....

    1. anadentone


      time to slap some sense in them :D

    2. IGM_Oficial


      Man... what have we come to

    3. Himeaimichu


      Is this the early 2000's and bands like Pg. 99 are still around? lmao

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