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  1. gret

    There's that one of chamu from codora, no?
  2. I prefer culture shock more, this seems like a generic summer bop to me.
  3. gret

    The album is up on spotify now.
  4. Saw the image on twitter yesterday, didn't listen to it because I thought it was going to be some kind of harsh brutal song....I guess not lol I mean I usually favor the lighter side of vk but this?? The dissonance between the image and the song is too much for me...
  5. Kanon has a website now: https://www.neconchirecords.com/ ...Also did he just take 10 years off his age??? There's an unlisted lyric video:
  6. gret

    I would feel bad fighting him but Yume from Codomo Dragon seems like an easy target
  7. Stardew Valley! It's a paid app though.
  8. gret

    Been playing a minimalist city builder called Islanders. Quite a nice relaxing game, but people who like city builder probably don't like it for its shallowness. Would be great as a phone game imo
  9. Yeah! Heard some of their more promoted songs before but didn't really like them, so thanks for telling me about the this song!
  10. gret

    This is like the 3rd vk ballad-y song I ended up liking recently lol. The singer's voice has also grown on me, will be looking forward to the release!
  11. Sounds like it, considering the song titles. Just listened to 影, nice song too!
  12. I'm really liking 光!
  13. gret

    this is the content I'm here for 😎
  14. gret

    they previewed starry night too
  15. gret

    wow fireworks is actually listenable now!!
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