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  1. gret

    Codomo Dragon have their own channel now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_b1hVAVMQD9-OfirLUqIw
  2. Clack inc reuploaded their live on 24th March: I managed to get a shitty rip of Ari's Lyoka birthday live: (audio seems ok, video...is what it is) https://mega.nz/#!iqgjgAZS!H0tdx4KVX5n5-283JjXmrAyzJUy0j9zYcfrxohaEOMQ Ningen isu did an audience-less live at the end of their recent livestream: Terakoya label (Ensoku, gallo, roman kyukou) will have their 29th March livestream available from 1st April to 15th April on niconico:
  3. I actually caught the start of the terakoya stream but it seemed like they were just doing Q&A and maybe a few songs so I left. Went to check on it a few hours later and it's private.


    The regret is real 😭

  4. gret

    Feel likes there's something missing in the vocalist's voice. It's...restrained? But in a bad way? It's like mahiro's vocals but only at like a 20% level? and without the 'crying' undertone lol. Hakujitsu suits his voice though imo.
  5. gret

    Sho's vocals (and katsuya's mixing?) is the thing that's making me stick with their releases. Also the ticking part of out of the darkness reminds me of the sound of starting a kitchen stove unsuccessfully
  6. gret

    Reserving my judgement on the music until the full album drops. It definitely takes a few listens before anything makes sense imo. ...all I have to say now is that barefaced sho is cute af

    nurié is on Spotify now!

  8. gret

    nurié is on Spotify now
  9. gret

    All I have to say is: the cover could have done without that wall of text. Or at least have it in a different font.... This album ain't my thing, really. (Thankfully?) Wish they have some songs along the lines of flight plan or entry instead.
  10. gret

    So lime sang in English(I think?) and no one told me:
  11. Incredible. Spotify just told me 8P-SB is my top artist of the year. Which means I listened to them more than even Codomo Dragon. I'm just.... Idk....



    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      At least I got Mucc as artist of the year, but having to thank Miyavi for being inspirational to me this year... ehm... i don't know xD

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