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  1. Oh right, sorry! Changed it now. Thanks for telling me!
  2. Full translation of the departure here: https://crimsonlotus.eu/rands-departure-of-the-guitarist-and-the-bassist What's with bandomen and chronic diseases, seriously
  3. Oof hayato is sounding pretty rough in yesterday's live. It almost seems as if he's out of breath?


    1. platy


      there seems to be a sore throat problem going around vk

    2. gret


      @platy 👀 my first thought is covid-19 lol but I seriously hope bandomen don't catch it, considering that a lot of them smoke (including hayato)

    3. platy


      I hope fucking not otherwise we have a whole lot of good bandmen going down after yesterday's live...

  4. I forgot my boys codomo dragon were doing a live today


    Please tell me someone archived it 🙏

    1. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      Hayato sounded a bit rough on it :( but the new song was nice

    2. gret


       yeah, imo his voice has been getting worse since last year? Hopefully this situation will let him rest his voice. 


      What else did they play?


      (I have no idea how to tag people lmao)


  5. gret

    Rakugaki is having a live at 7pm JST. Since they specified live and talk separately, I'm assuming they'll be playing. They are asking if there's any songs you want to see live: https://gamp.ameblo.jp/sick2-official/entry-12586661628.html? Grimoire, REIGN and 感染2 will also have a free live on icolony youtube channel starting from 5pm JST.
  6. Dude upstairs is playing his electric guitar in the middle of the night. Again. I can even hear him tapping his foot.


    I'm now open to ideas on how to screw with someone's guitar playing through a wall


    1. Peace Heavy mk II
    2. Himeaimichu


      Play something louder to assert your dominance,

      but in a different tempo and key to throw him off

  7. Singer and guitarist (Hina) from kebyo started a rap group(?) called ON'z



    1. haizuru


      haha what?! I mean it's not awful. The vocals make me think of Maya from LM.C when he does his lil rap bits sometimes. 

    2. gret


      I guess they have a lot of free time now so....

  8. gret

    No problem! I was trying to think of active bands that are similar to nurié but couldn't come up with any at the time. So I just gave random suggestions instead haha. Now that I think about it, develop one's faculties should have something in common with nurié, but I'm not familiar with them.
  9. gret

    Hi! Great to see another nurie fan! For heavy stuff you may like deviloof then. Some popular vk acts: xaa xaa, kizu, razor, hueye, acme, scapegoat, dezert, arlequin. Smaller vk bands: 蟻 (Ari), rakugaki, doku (friends of nurie!), Kebyo (仮病) These are just random shots in the dark and may not to be your taste. Check them out though!
  10. gret

    Someone who knows better about kpop imitating black culture should tackle this but yeah, it's a thing. Thankfully a thing that my Shinee boys don't do. Hopefully? I live in south east asia so kpop is unavoidable for me. I can only speak for myself, but what I noticed around me was that the people who first got into kpop weren't into jpop. They were 'mainstream normies' so to speak, so 2000s kpop being more accessible from the start meant that they had much greater exposure to kpop than jpop in the first place. My general impression back then was that kpop was seen as 'fresher', 'more polished' than jpop which has been around for a few years already. So there was the general public getting into kpop + jpop/vk/etc fans getting into kpop but little to no fans gained for jpop/vk. So that was that. Though it was obvious that kpop was taking trend cues from japanese music, like how early dbsk had visual kei hairstyles lol. But they quickly found a style that simply appealed more to the foreign public than jpop/vk did imo. I mean, they had government backing, so.... What I dislike about kpop is how they pigeonhole members, like oh guy 1 is the singer, guy 2 is rap and so on. It's weird how they introduce themselves explicitly like that. Of course they have their own strengths but why do that? I don't know about 2010 kpop but I think the surviving groups and artists from 2000s kpop are still quite good and are beginning to have their own musical input. I specifically like songs (partially) written and composed by Donghae of Suju for some reason: Also key's solo albums are prime kpop goodness. Odd eye best kpop album of the decade tbh, bts can't compare
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