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  1. gret

    Sho's vocals (and katsuya's mixing?) is the thing that's making me stick with their releases. Also the ticking part of out of the darkness reminds me of the sound of starting a kitchen stove unsuccessfully
  2. gret

    Reserving my judgement on the music until the full album drops. It definitely takes a few listens before anything makes sense imo. ...all I have to say now is that barefaced sho is cute af

    nurié is on Spotify now!

  4. gret

    nurié is on Spotify now
  5. gret

    All I have to say is: the cover could have done without that wall of text. Or at least have it in a different font.... This album ain't my thing, really. (Thankfully?) Wish they have some songs along the lines of flight plan or entry instead.
  6. gret

    So lime sang in English(I think?) and no one told me:
  7. Incredible. Spotify just told me 8P-SB is my top artist of the year. Which means I listened to them more than even Codomo Dragon. I'm just.... Idk....



    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      At least I got Mucc as artist of the year, but having to thank Miyavi for being inspirational to me this year... ehm... i don't know xD

  8. gret

  9. I think he wanted a straighter nose, but due to the implant it also became bigger, since his nose bridge is more prominent now. Just a speculation though, not a plastic surgeon lol
  10. gret

    Played "love thyself- a horatio story" - an april's fool joke that turned real. If you want to play a short dating sim where you, a clone, get together with other clones of you, this is for you. ...that aside, the endless series of strategy games are great (endless legend, endless space etc)
  11. For some reason I now have 3 (THREE!!) followers on my vk playlist that I have told no one about, so in a sudden burst of confidence I'm just going to put a link to it here (mostly newer bands though)


    1. spockitty


      lemme just follow it too then ^^

    2. gret


      Heheh now I have 4!! It's really unexpected lol

  12. gret

    Shinee is the one kpop group I listen to. Tried others, but can't get into it. Key's solo album is great! their overall image is a little bland for me though. Vk is just a close relative of kpop tbh (remember when dbsk had visual kei hairstyles? lol) Ignoring my shinee bias, I prefer deep resounding voices generally and kpop doesn't really provide for that
  13. gret

    Oh man, I hoped they could have continued


    可食用的木薯淀粉 = edible tapioca flour...


    (Yume tried his best and that's what matters)

    1. ahnchc


      "shenzhen and taiwan went well. because of you all, i had so much fun/made many good memories. thanks to everyone who came! tapioca."


      i think he's trying to say "tapioca" as in the drink, lol. it was a good shot

    2. gret


      Yep, here I'm wondering which translation service is translating just "tapioca" to  "edible tapioca flour"

  15. gret

    Nekomanju (Cazqui's band) is up on spotify now
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