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  1. Hey everyone!


    I just wanted to say I'm sorry for making that post about the Western Fans shit. 


    Just to be clear that I am against people taking photos at concerts, however, I am not against just taking one or two photos at concerts. I will still say that I don't mind the whole "no camera" stuff.  At the end of the day, it depends on the band. If they say no, then no and if they say yes, then go ahead. 


    I want to apologize for sounding too defensive in my post. I get really defensive about stuff that I like and I want to say that I will stop that. I didn't even know that most fans on here don't like the "no camera" rule. 


    Lastly, I want to say that I really regret making that post and I want it deleted.



    Best regards

    R O Z E N

    1. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      I wouldn't worry about it too much...I've only been here about a year but, though people are strong in their opinions it's not an actual attack on you or anything just different feelings on the topic.

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