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  1. What’s a good Codomo Dragon album to start with?

    1. Axius


      I would say start with Gekokujou if you want to hear songs from older releases. For newer ones definitely   テグラマグ ラ


  2. Does anyone know the anime in the Rusty Nail video?

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    2. psychonnect_rozen


      @Arkady Thanks. I always thought it was some weird obscure 90s anime that had like 3 OVA’s lol

    3. Jigsaw9


      Dragon Ball X

    4. Lereku


      It's a anime music video produced by CLAMP and included on VHS as a first press bonus for the "PERFECT BEST' compilation album, released in 1999.


  3. Is anyone willing to ask 5 more questions for my project? They're pretty easy

    1. saiko


      Me! Although English is not my native language, maybe I can try my best!

    2. YuyoDrift
  4. How deep do you have to look for Kisaki’s nudes? I was on Discord and my friend said she had them.


    Like what kind of person LOOKS for Kisaki’s nudes? Or literally who would wanna see that shit anyway

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    2. platy


      No penis shaming pls

    3. libertine
    4. psychonnect_rozen


      @libertine Kisaki comes out of your mirror and steals all your money

  5. Yoshiki and Mcdonalds are working together now.


    Never thought I see the day when this would happen but it has

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    2. psychonnect_rozen


      @platy What would that even taste like?

    3. ghost


      @psychonnect_rozen the taste of too much red wine

    4. YuyoDrift


      Pretty sure it’s for the Chicken McNugg”X” lol

  6. Kiryu goes fucking hard. 

    1. IGM_Oficial
    2. Himeaimichu


      Oh yeah, there are some songs that almost put some brootal-kei™ bands to shame.

    3. saiko
  7. Any Kiryu fans in here? What should I start with?

    1. IGM_Oficial


      The best album, "2007~2017". I hope you like them!

    2. Himeaimichu


      I started with the album Kyouka Suigetsu, and I think that's a pretty good starting place. Either that, or Shuka Ensen. I definitely would also recommend their best-album as the rerecordings are really good.

    3. platy


      I think their older albums are really good

  8. Does anyone know how to scan something? I might scan my Les Soiree booklet

  9. Arisu from Missalina Rei is freaking adorable 

    1. Himeaimichu


      He is! It's sad he kinda disappeared from the Vkei scene. They were supposed to revive in like 2015 or something, but it never happened. The dude's probably a salaryman now, the ultimate betrayal a bandman can do lmao

    2. psychonnect_rozen


      @Himeaimichu I was looking all over for a Twitter or Instagram account he owns and I was sad to see him gone! I hope he’s doing well tho

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      him and the rest of noir fleurir probably work in a pizza shop somewhere

  10. Someone on RedBubble plz make some Phantasmagoria shirts. I need em lol

  11. So I ordered Gauze from Japan but I’m having a hard time using Japan Post to track my package because the item won’t show up even if I put in the shipping number on the website.


    Any help?

  12. My CD’s have shipped!! If anyone is wondering I ordered:


    Matina - Prelude 2

    Syndrome - Nostalgia Single

    Aliene Ma’riage - Les Soiree

    Syndrome - 蘇生


    Fucking excited ❤️

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    2. Zeus


      can you pls rip les soiree in 320?

    3. psychonnect_rozen


      @Zeus I’ll try. I never ripped before but it shouldn’t be too hard. Just for y’all 

    4. Zeus


      ripping in itunes @ 320 is good enough

  13. Which Aliene Ma'riage album is better? Les Soiree or 21st Century?

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    2. Zeus


      21st century is more easily accessible. les soiree is the more technically proficient album. too different to compare imo. really shows you how quickly vk changed in two years considering one came out in 1999 and the other in 2001. i prefer 21st century myself.

    3. Naaaaani


      Les Soiree of course, without a doubt

    4. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Les Soiree for me. Suicide, 僕『しもべ』, the clock packaging.

  14. I look fuckin pissed off



    1. lichtlune


      I don't think so :)

  15. Just ordered my first set of VK CD's. So excited to play them!

  16. Has anyone bought anything off Japan Discoveries before? Is it shady? Probably gonna get the 1st Press of Gauze from there

    1. suji
    2. ghost


      If you're at all interested, and have incredible patience, I'm selling Gauze LE and a bunch of other Dir en grey CDs/DVDs but can't ship until like January:


  17. Is anyone here interested in answering a few questions related to Visual Kei for a school project? One person is needed for this.


    PM me if interested!

  18. Can’t wait to spend my paycheque on my first VK CD’s. Probably gonna get the Lu Ciel single. Gotta get the rarities! 

  19. Any good websites for VK looking clothing? Looking to do a Shion cosplay for Comic Con next year


    Also, any sites with anime like wigs maybe? It’s kinda hard to pinpoint exactly which kind of wig you’d want

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    2. suji


      hot topic x

    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      wanna see outfit up here bro

    4. psychonnect_rozen


      @suji Lol I only get band shirts from there. Although they do have some good non band clothing I heard

  20. VK Twitter is wild. 


    I’m not even sure if they just pulled these rumors out of their ass or this is some Tanuki shit. Kyoka being a rapist? Gackt and an illegitimate child from Canada? Wtf

    1. Komorebi


      The Gackt rumor is sooooo old and I was active in the fandom when it all started. The theory came after some audit source revealed Gackt was sending money to Canada and made regular visits too and it kinda sounded like child support... and there were other gya rumors that added to the story.

      Idk where the Kyoka one came from.

  21. Nobody:


    Instagram Bot Accounts: WANNA SEE MY NAKED PICS???!!!! CLICK HERE

    1. suji


      literally my instagram dms

  22. The world just gets better and better


  23. Just found out my friend listens to Syndrome. In a school with like thousands of people, two people listen to Visual Kei. Out of all bands, fucking Syndrome


    Well, at least I’m not alone now ❤️

  24. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it!!!

    1. spockitty


      i saw it too late, but thank you! ^^

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