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  1. psychonnect_rozen

    I assume you don’t like Nightmare? From what I heard, they get A LOT of hate
  2. psychonnect_rozen

    Ugh, metal elitists are the worst. Never encountered one, but I’ve heard many horror stories
  3. I remember it like it was yesterday. October 2018. I was a bored kid looking for some new Japanese music. I was already a fan of J-Rock but more in the Alternative scene with bands like Ling Tosite Sigure, nano.RIPE, Hello Sleepwalkers and The Oral Cigarettes. I was already a fan of Rammstein so finding heavy music in the Japanese scene was gonna be pretty interesting. Wasn't after I found an AMV with "Obscure" on it. I thought to myself "Yo this is dope!" and I proceeded to check out the band. That band was Dir En Grey and I was really interested in listening to their stuff. I downloaded Gauze onto my phone and I remember the day I listened to the album at school. I'll never forget my reaction when I heard "Cage" for the first time. My reaction after listening to it was "Holy shit, what the flying fuck was that!?". Been hooked on Diru ever since and VK is now my number one obsession. Dir En Grey is now one of my all time favorite bands
  4. psychonnect_rozen

    At my age people used this app called Yubo (formerly Yellow) its basically Tinder for horny teens. I used it once and never used it again. I rather just meet someone in person than on a phone. Hell, I’m not even interested in a relationship at the moment. Although, I’ve had like a crush like back in December. Love sucks XD
  5. psychonnect_rozen

    Here’s mine: I actually like Yoshiki Yes I know, his ego is huge, he puts off the new album a lot blah blah blah But you gotta commend the dude. Without him, X Japan would not have become the band it is now and VK would not have been as big. It sucks that people tend to forget that Yoshiki did a lot of charity work for many good causes such as the 2011 tsunami. If his ego is really big as people say he has, then he wouldn't do stuff like this. I think people just tend to forget that And here comes the anti-fans...
  6. psychonnect_rozen

    I don’t know much about X Japan’s new album or that whole situation so I can’t comment on that. I will admit he has a big ego, I won’t deny that. Then again, I’ve seen artists with even worse egos. At least Yoshiki seems like a decent person I honestly do think that Yoshiki does have a...questionable attitude and I will admit he can be annoying at times. But you got to remember that he’s basically the reason why X Japan is the face of J-Rock. I mean, you gotta give it to him that he’s a talented drummer. This is coming from someone who’s a Hide and Yoshiki fan
  7. psychonnect_rozen

    Just made this account like a couple days ago. Why do people hate Yoshiki? I have heard of reasons why such as he has a big ego, he ruined X Japan and almost every Hide fan hates him Granted, Hide was an amazing guitarist but I never understood why Yoshiki gets hate
  8. psychonnect_rozen

    How can anyone hate them? They’re like the most influential VK band ever! Plus, they basically introduced me into the VK scene and have been one of my all time favourite bands ever since
  9. psychonnect_rozen

    How can anyone hate Yoshiki? Dudes a legend lol
  10. psychonnect_rozen

    Are you kidding? I freaking love exist trace! Probably one of the best all female bands I’ve heard of. Definitely the most underrated VK band ever!
  11. psychonnect_rozen

    Read the whole thing. Jesus, even the comments are fucking awful
  12. psychonnect_rozen

    I have been getting into them recently and I love their sound and I like their VK aesthetic. I feel like they deserve more attention!. Thoughts?
  13. psychonnect_rozen

    I have to go with like half of Dir En Grey's songs. Kyo's songwriting is just amazingly wicked and Macabre (hehe get it?) Tsumi to Batsu (the Gauze version and the 2011 version) is just intensely disturbing. Who knew a song about child rape can be so strangely addicting. Mazohyst of Decadence is just creepy as fuck. I mean, we all know what this song about. Songs that also fit into the disturbing category include: Berry embryo Bottom of the death valley Obscure Myaku Agitated Screams of Maggots
  14. psychonnect_rozen

    Trust me, I usually hate being part of fandoms sometimes. I'm in a ton of fandoms that are considered toxic and I always hate being lumped into them. That said though, the fandoms I'm in are good when good and are REALLLY bad when bad. Shipping bandmates, calling people "fake fans", death threats and harassment of the band is what I'm tired of seeing. I have not seen this kind of stuff in the VK community yet, but I have heard some stories. I have met some of the nicest people in these fandoms so just calling all of them lunatics is a bit of a stretch. So far, the community on here and in VK in general is one of the nicest, kind-hearted, and just all around full of awesome people!
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