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    Anime, Shinya, kote kei, lolita kei, vinyls, cute plush toys, Stranger Things, Obscure VK bands, Reita, Diru, The Gazette and Industrial Music

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  1. psychonnect_rozen

  2. psychonnect_rozen

    My favourite Ghibli movies will always be Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo. My uncle introduced me to his films when I was little and I fell in love with them
  3. psychonnect_rozen

    Last film I saw was Spiderman Far From Home. Dope ass movie
  4. psychonnect_rozen

    If you use the words SJW or Libtards in an argument then I won’t listen. Same thing if you call someone a “Nazi”. Might sound popular, but every Late Night host except for Conan is obnoxious and unfunny (looking at you Kimmel) Overrated is an overused term for people who just have no solid reason to dislike something. “Forced Diversity” is complete bullshit and having a POC or LGBT character in a show isn’t “Propaganda” The Right is just as equally offended as the Left Anti SJW’s are more annoying than actual SJW’s The Last Jedi wasn’t the best but it wasn’t BAD either. It’s overhated imo Even though its a REALLY hot topic, I genuinely don’t care that much for American Politcs. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t keep up anymore and I am genuinely uninterested. Don’t care for Trump, don’t care for anyone really.
  5. Girl: *is murdered*




    Ugh...the world is full of shit

    1. Paraph


      the whole thing is just sad..

    2. secret_no_03


      I haven't been on r/theredpill in a while, and I didn't see anything on Twitter, what's this about?

    3. Paraph


      @secret_no_03 a girl on discord was murdered by some crazy stalker and he posted the photos online

  6. psychonnect_rozen

    X Japan - Orgasm It may not have sex in the title but this song is definitely ORGASMIC
  7. psychonnect_rozen

    Interesting...tastes I see 😏
  8. psychonnect_rozen

    Personal favorites are: La Sadies - Norowareta Rakuen no Kage... Alphonstein - PianoCapricho ErecSia - ErecSia Syndrome - SEXUAL
  9. psychonnect_rozen

    I guess Kyuhoo was right about K-Pop’s industry after all lol
  10. psychonnect_rozen

    That first story is probably the most fucked up thing out there. The fact that she was denied access to these medications is fucking cruel. It's shit like this that makes me hate K-Pop with a burning passion. How can you love your favorite artist when they are being treated like property and dogshit. They're forced to do everything and have no free will whatsoever. It's fucking sick how this is acceptable /rant It's even worse when there are people who actually want to BE a K-Pop star. Yeah, wouldn't you LOOOVE it for your mental health to deteriorate to the point of suicide? Ugh..fuck this
  11. psychonnect_rozen

    https://www.last.fm/user/Alphon_Sia Literally just made this today. So nothing on it yet but it'll grow
  12. psychonnect_rozen

    I’m fine with giving musicians and actors constructive criticism. It help them improve and do better the next time. However, when the artist is receiving death threats and ends up getting shit on, that’s where I draw the line. I think people just tend to forget that they’re still people as well. I remember people lost their shit over GOT season 8 and just went all out fanboy rage over it. Obviously, we are more open on this website because we’re pretty niche tbh. It’s not like some bandmen will come in here and just lurk lol
  13. psychonnect_rozen

    Rasins are gross anyway lol. The only fruit that deserves to be with chocolate is bananas
  14. psychonnect_rozen

    Carrot Cake is fucking delicious. Especially with Cream Cheese Icing. Tastes like heaven.
  15. psychonnect_rozen

    Bacon is gross Ice Cream Cake is better than Regular Cake I like Sword Art Online hehe
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