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  1. I knew japanese men sent messages on Twitter asking nudes and stuff, but girls too? Well, this one seems to be looking for friends...

    At least google translate says that

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    2. Arkady


      It's definitely a porn bot. Don't click the link and block it. (it's a trap to steal money/data from you)


      If you clicked on the link I suggest doing a BIG scan of your computer with your antivirus/antimalware/antispyware.

    3. Arkady


      If a random "woman" offer you nudes on the internet but you need to "just" click in this link. it's 100% a porn bot.

    4. meikyoushisui


      Joke on them bc this phone is new and I ran out of money weeks ago



      Thanks for the info about this weird messages 👏

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