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  1. and they opened a youtube channel too!
  2. I'm totally surprised of seeing Shuma but happy 😁😁 He did a comment on ig about:
  3. So Goemon records' new band is an "animals band"?


  4. meikyoushisui

    Does anyone have a clue about this comment from Kuina about zeroHz: Also about zero[hz], I think there are people who think “why do you like them this much?” The biggest reason is that there was that stupid rumor that they let out information about Royz. Even though there was no reason for it people believed in these rumors. They were wrongly accused. source
  5. meikyoushisui

    hajimari hajimari MV is not available anymore hope they'll re- upload it someday
  6. I think the gazette dvds spread faster even without this blog. Their international fan base was built on piracy. don't you know facebook?
  7. I didn't notice my tanuki pic thread was closed😂

    well, I tried😑

    keep enjoying those cringy pics from Kisaki still available in his thread

  8. meikyoushisui

  9. meikyoushisui

    Since someone mentioned poidol, I think Nana did a comment about on Instagram stories: Man, I really liked shonen waltz, jesus phobia...
  10. Ok... iso files were available for downloading before this concert was uploaded on youtube by 3 different channels (at least I saw that on Twitter). Piracy and visual kei have a love-hate relationship... Anyway, let people support their bandmen the way they are able or open a thread about how you buy stuff or save money to buy an expensive dvd on toasted waffles, idk
  11. meikyoushisui

    I'm opening this thread hoping all the tanuki trash here share those funny pics of bandmen sleeping, etc There's not a way to confirm if A from B band is that dude in the pic, since bangya don't know how to take photos in HQ. So names here are mostly assumptions. Anyway... My favorite pics at the moment are: Tenshi (the raid.) Cult (Tensai) And this pic from Subaru (royz) which will probably provide inspiration for your Royz x Reader fanfics Edit: since I'm curious of this last pic and if anyone wanna search more context about, here is the original post
  12. Not sure if it's the full concert, but here it is https://youtu.be/XsZ3Wo09UgE
  13. meikyoushisui

    Is there already a thread of tanuki pics? I was wondering if I can share here a Subaru nsfw pic I found yesterday or I should open a thread for it
  14. meikyoushisui

    That profile pic reminds me of tanugya, but I'm not sure. I'm glad that user replied you so kindly, tbh
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