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  1. Pretty interesting! I'm curious about if there is a scene for this kind of music in Ukraine?
  2. How does he have so much budget for what he does? is it because his dad is musician, or does sweden have a big scene for visual rock?
  3. Neigedesmannes

    Nothing beats 90s-early 2000s kote kei for me.
  4. Neigedesmannes

    idk if this counts but i once read on wikipedia that DIO - Distraught Overlord's Mikaru once bit some guys' balls during a live.
  5. Neigedesmannes

    How have i been sleeping on D=SIRE for so long, just re-discovered them thanks to Cantavanda's stream.
  6. Neigedesmannes

    I can think of Kaikan Phrase? From what i know it's a shojo manga centered around vk(kind of) bandmen and they even got a real life band formed from that.
  7. Neigedesmannes

    As for now;
  8. Neigedesmannes

    Y o s h i k i Also Gackt but he's reached meme status now so he doesn't count.
  9. Neigedesmannes

    A bit of FF14 while i wait for WoW Classic to come out...at the end of summer.
  10. Neigedesmannes

    The Pink Meth(an actual band im trying to form lmao)
  11. Neigedesmannes

    Anyone else gets their self esteem destroyed when you see your face in a bad photo someone else took
  12. Neigedesmannes

    The Dead Pop Stars, Malice Mizer, Lunacy, DIO -Distraught Overlord-(nice reference there), Madeth gray'll
  13. Neigedesmannes

    I don't see the appeal of k-pop. I don't like their attitude, the stanbase. They all look and sound the same. Especially the modern style like the great BTS; The music so overly perfect produced that it's uncanny, the overly flashing visuals with no theme but just to be 'flamboyant as possible', and don't get me started on the copy paste bowlcuts(nothing personal against bowlcuts) hairstyles 👀 It sounds really arrogant but i can't feel the soul in their music, even when they sing about emotional topics because i know there's a huge writing and production team behind it sooo it kinda dulls the message...(i know, some vk bands do this too) And while people have freedom over whatever they like, it's kinda sad seeing so many ex-visual kei fans converting to k-pop, but never the opposite.
  14. Neigedesmannes

    I stopped jjl when i couldnt follow the plot anymore :< did araki reveal the main antagonist yet?
  15. Neigedesmannes

    In no particular order: Dir en grey - Kisou Luna Sea - Mother/Period(compilation album, depends on mood) Malice Mizer - voyage sans retour The Piass - Piass Alice Nine - Alpha(one of the first albums i ever bought, special place in my kokoro) And alot of others are one-off singles or mini albums.
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