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  1. Kabukichoatmidnight

    The sad thing is, this is so true. haha.
  2. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Totally agree, for me it was more, not written them off or think they've become less talented or whatever but it was just very generic compared to what is usually expected from them so me and guess a lot of other people just felt really underwhelmed by it. I did skip that release but doesn't mean I'm turning my back on them and never supporting them ever again, just hoping for them to deliver more fuel to keep that fire burning.
  3. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Maybe Kyo is about to take on Till Lindemann in a fight of musical/art sex war shenanigans. Kyo, the porno, pending....
  4. I like their image but the sound and album covers are totally whack. haha.
  5. Kabukichoatmidnight

    That look really isn't giving anything away as far as the singles sound goes, really feel it could be going any direction. haha. + That VS live....??? I guess it's the more dark/brutal side of dada vs the less brutal side based on the looks. Would be an interesting show to check out though, guaranteed variety at least.
  6. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yep. It's the reason I skip the majority of new bands and just stick with those that are a bit different and continue doing cool stuff (for the most part), so unless a band really starts making waves and gaining popularity they'll more than likely be passed here. However, at the few VK shows I've been to, that's actually a nice way to discover the bands as well, something about seeing the performances sometimes can make a band that bit more interesting even if the music isn't that special. Like "well I enjoyed watching them so I'll get a CD" or whatever.
  7. Kabukichoatmidnight

    kuroi ame also was not even a good ballad. I listen to anything music wise, so ballads/slow songs do not mean bad for me, but kuroi ame was a bit of a bore. + I don't know if I've been misunderstanding music for sometime, but isn't the single supposed to be the main song on a single release? Meaning if you put out a video etc and promote the hell out of that one song and it doesn't hold up, that people will not even be interested enough in the single release to buy it to even hear the b-sides. "息のできる死骸" was certainly a banger! I posted somewhere in another thread that this should have been the single, I really feel if it was, "kuroi ame" would just have been brushed off like, "the single track is wicked and that b-side ballad is meh" and the single overall wouldn't have got so much flack.
  8. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Why do these bands keep forming if all they're going to do is the same mediocre stuff that's been done a billion times over?
  9. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Hopefully this release will be a step back to when they were actually good, last single was gash. haha.
  10. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Sounds like it may be a return back to their darker/heavier sound so am looking forward to this.
  11. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Finally got round to listening to this album and I think "underwhelming" really is the best word to describe it. I literally can't even choose one song as a favourite that stand out, it's all just very mediocre, at least compared to what we know DIMLIM can actually do. It just feels like Retsu has had a load of random ideas and just mashed them all together in some incoherent way to form songs and eventually a full album with these "compositions". As much as I love Sho as a vocalist, at least the first album, I feel would have actually been better as instrumentals, not because Sho's vocals don't work or whatever but the songs just feel like they're better suited to the vibes of an instrumental in my opinion. + I don't really get the comments about the lack of bass, I can hear it clear enough for the most part but it does sound pretty synthesised as opposed to an actual bass though which is a shame, but maybe this was done for a more "poppy"/electronic effect. But anyway, think overall I'm happy sticking with the previous releases and forgetting this exists except for maybe the odd spin as background music here and there. + Why do the electronic parts for the most part sound so low quality and stupid? If they used decent synths maybe that would've helped a bit. Retsu needs to steer clear of electronics I think. haha.
  12. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Hopefully it'll be better than the last single as well.... lol. Apparently they've always said they have a disliking towards full length albums at least, but tbh a mini or full length would be welcomed with open arms I'm sure.
  13. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Except for the generic chorus section this song has some interesting atmosphere about it. I'm 100% in for this full length.
  14. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Have they release a clip of this before? As I kind of feel like I've seen and heard this before.... : / Maybe I'm just going mental. lol.
  15. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Fair point about the guy spamming and just trying to get free stuff, it isn't hard to put a bit of money aside for buying music so yeah that is a bit shitty and yep, you're not under any obligation to share stuff you have paid good money for if you do not wish to. But yeah, the point regardless is still fact, that it DOES cost more to get Japanese stuff from overseas, and the point I was making that for the same price you can get a lot more bang for the buck so the fact the CDs are overpriced in the first place (yes I know they're all generally 20 somethings trying to make a living and its helping keep them "in the scene" etc.... so no need to go there) is just difficult to justify, £20 for a full length album, £10/15 for a two/three song single or £30/40 for a live DVD..... c'mon..... As I said, for bands I do really love I will still support them and buy the stuff, but I just personally find it hard to justify when you can get way more for the same prices not from Japan. haha. + Just on an ending note, you have a crappy attitude in general (at least the way you portray yourself through this forum), so you may need to look at keeping that in check. Just saying. lol.
  16. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Already got my pre-order on the way so am late to the party as usual, but looking forward to it. The EPs have all had some great stuff on so can't see why this would be any worse. Though did really like the cover for the limited version over the regular one, but don't really care about a music video DVD so.....
  17. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Anything that wasn't the last album is decent.
  18. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Even if you have money it's hard to justify buying stuff all the time if you live overseas as 1, prices for this stuff is proper high for what it actually is.... 2, postage costs and 3, FUCKING CUSTOMS CHARGES 4, remember we don't all live in Japan so this stuff isn't so easily accessible to all of us. So with all that added together, sometimes buying a single CD will cost like 40/50 quid. I personally do try to get hard-copies for the bands I really like but have cut back a lot on "let's get this to check it out" or "I liked the one song off the single so will buy the whole CD and hope it's actually good." buys as it's all just getting too much money wise. I can afford to, but am just unable to justify it tbh. Especially when I can buy other music I like and get like 6/7 albums or more for the price of like two from VK bands, those two CD's could also be singles that equal 20/30mins of stuff, so why would I pay that when I can get a handful of full length albums for the same price? Just sayin.... haha.
  19. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Or just Retsu being an overly emotional headcase obsessed with "sad boi rap" trying to make statements again. haha.
  20. Kabukichoatmidnight

    You will pay attention to them when they're all holding their phones up in front of your face and you can't see jack all of the show you've paid to see...
  21. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Cheers! Getting on that now!
  22. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Whoa! Another full album?! NICEEEEE!!!!
  23. Kabukichoatmidnight

    This actually isn't half as shit as I expected it to be. Don't have itunes so haven't heard the samples which some of you guys have said raises some alarms, but I was hoping that this was the most commercial song on the album and there was going to be some of the classic DIMLIM sound we're used to in the other songs.... Guess that's out the window? lol.
  24. Wait, they aren't releasing like a billion different versions of the single with only minor changes on each one? This is good. However 2000 yen seems quite a lot for three tracks, so these better be GOOD tracks! haha.
  25. Kabukichoatmidnight

    I have loved DIMLIM from the beginning and even sought out some of the live limited stuff and paid a ridiculous price for the actual CD's, but I'm not risking this either. Definitely going to try before I buy.
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