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  1. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yeah, you just have to follow them on LINE. They usually post the videos for songs and stuff a little earlier on there before putting them on YouTube. + Be warned though, NAZARE update notifications are almost spam they pop up that often. haha
  2. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Oh wow, haha. Thought I was the only person who liked Immortalis and Vitium better than Adoratio. 😛 Not that Adoratio is bad but it's had far less repeat plays than the other two.
  3. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yeah, especially when vkei artists always drastically transform their faces with makeup anyway...
  4. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Isn't it basically just an updated flyer for the shows we already know about? Noticed on the article it mentions one show is an "acoustic live" which sounds quite interesting!
  5. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yeah it is weird that it says "spot" when it does seem to be a full video... But yeah hardly a problem. lol I actually really like what I hear so far, song kind of reminds me of the stuff they released at the beginning of their activities. So look forward to checking out the album in full.
  6. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yes, clearly I have never been to a gig or festival in my entire life, given that I actually have been playing in bands (who do shows) since I was about 16....
  7. Kabukichoatmidnight

    100% agree with the phone thing! That would be amazing, especially as I think it kind of ruins the moment for the person recording as well, like you say, why record a shite video when you can actually just be in the moment and enjoy the show? Like, you wouldn't record 30 seconds of a theatre show or whatever as you're supposed to be engrossed in it, so why do the same for a gig?
  8. Kabukichoatmidnight

    They were cool, but holy shit, cringey weeb fans galore.... What would you expect when a Japanese band come here though I guess? Like I swear to god, half these people have never been to a gig before, was the same when Dir played, everyone over-reacting like a bunch of babies at their first disco. Here's how it goes: Ruki: "wooo" - *crowd* "omggggggggggfuckingyesamazingcantcontrolmyseljlkfhfjhfhffff" *Ruki gets a plastic bottle and sprays water on crowd* - *crowd* "omgfukknwoorterrrrrrrromgholyamazinggodlikefucknidhfjlhiuueeiiiii" *Reita does gun fingers for like a second* - *crowd* "omggunfingaaazsocoolitsawsummmffffzziu" *literally nothing happens during the encore* - *crowd starts cheering like the cure to cancer has just been discovered* - *random roadie walks out* LOOOOOOL. haha. Seriously, I love the bands and the music but the crowd at these gigs are always so horrendously cringe and immature, I'm debating whether to even bother seeing Japanese bands anymore, specially when you have to watch the gig through peoples phones because there are so bloody many blocking your view you can't see shit anyway.
  9. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yeah I've actually thought the same thing tbh, the use of the 8th string seems totally un-necessary and even if they'd stuck to 7 strings it'd sound way better as some of the riffs get pretty muddy and hard to make out, and with 7 strings would have way more clarity. Like some of those riffs are kind of cool but because it just sounds so sludgy and messy it doesn't do the riffs justice at all.
  10. Probably Dani Filth because it'd be funny as hell. + Ruling out Japanese artists because I'm probably too shit at Japanese to really talk about anything interesting and understand them to a great extent... haha.
  11. Kabukichoatmidnight

    I can't work out if that's creepy or funny.
  12. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Ah right, well, they have now. lol.
  13. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Got followed by these guys on instagram today and hadn't heard of them before so thought I'd take a listen and despite all the flack they're getting I think they're actually pretty interesting! May have to get me some of that album goodness.
  14. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Seems legit. They've posted about it on their instagram.
  15. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Totally, I really love them too.
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