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  1. AnticNyappy

    午前零時(gozenreiji) now available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/4tYlxz7KXIeGvCFFusWjxc?si=KhjTELKXSS2zMIu0nGhiVA
  2. AnticNyappy

    omg that cult pic i....
  3. AnticNyappy

    Iv only caught a few Tanuki pics minpha nemu and (supposedly) miku(Ex an cafe) it’s a rather old pic so I can’t be sure
  4. AnticNyappy

    I totally feel you here man my boyfriend lives in japan and we have a 8/9 hr time difference (depending when our clocks go back or forward) it is always hard finding time to call sksk he works very hard and can sometimes not message me for a few days but I always try to send motivational messages (even if he sees it after work) what I recommend is sending gifts! I sent him a gift for his birthday (a small present of Irish snacks) and he enjoyed it! Even though your not there physically sending a gift can surprisingly make your bond stronger uwu!
  5. AnticNyappy

    Kisaki is a nonce
  6. twitter has returned guess i aint living in 2008 momentarily 

  7. AnticNyappy

    i dont usually tell dad jokes but when i do, he laughs
  8. AnticNyappy

    I actually fucking choked on my dinner reading this lmao
  9. I’m a year older today

    oh god oh fuck

    1. Gesu


      Happy birthday, friendo~! 🎉

    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Happy b-day!

    3. AnticNyappy


      Thank you guys <333

  10. AnticNyappy

    1.Gozenreiji(午前零時) 2.MORRIGAN 3.Synk;yet 4.DIAURA 5.Exist Trace 6.DIAWOLF 7.VAMPS 8.The GazettE 9.The sound bee HD 10.DEVILOOF
  11. AnticNyappy

    These may be region locked since I have jp Spotify but this is my own playlist with over 800+ songs including artists such as smileberry,an cafe,synk;yet,vistlip and a lot more
  12. AnticNyappy

    Thank you 👵🏻
  13. AnticNyappy

    Just not miku from an cafe thanks skskskkskskskk
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