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  1. Im hopefully back! my internet has been terrible recently and i couldnt access to site :((

    1. monkeybanana4


      Welcome back! Hopefully the internet won’t die on you again :( 

  2. AnticNyappy

    i bought a few music related goods its not much but i spent a good amount of money getting 3 imported to here hh photo
  3. do you ever just miss a disbanded band? because thats how i feel ikfkfrjkf

  4. im uploading my an cafe folder to my google drive ^^

    its a massive folder and its gonna take awhile to upload lmao

    so far it has 12hrs 20 remaining lmao

    1. AnticNyappy


      oh shit dont tell my family im hogging the connection for this nfndfn 

  5. AnticNyappy

    imean depends, im assuming you mean physical cds? so far mine have came from 3rd party sellers on amazon but a few people i know use cdjapan to get their cds all my 3rd party sellers have delivered mine on time. i wouldnt trust ebay getting anything imo
  6. AnticNyappy

    is it even possible to pick a favourite they are all good xD
  7. AnticNyappy

    welcome! ahh you like malice mizer and dir en grey aswell!! i think we can be best friends immediately xD i hope you enjoy your time on monochrome heaven
  8. AnticNyappy

    At the moment im currently re playing resident evil games because i finished the resi 2 remake every game i play i just feel o l d 🤣
  9. omg im crying what wholeosome beans njdnfnfd
  10. AnticNyappy

    i play overwatch on EU<PC> add me if you want SeaportHime#2926 osu:https://osu.ppy.sh/users/8662469 i have a switch and 3ds aswell <i play my switch more often now a days x3> i would give my wiiu code but its basically a dead console lol. 3DS-5214-9485-3313 Switch-SW-4233-3384-0337 switch game wise my only online games are Mario Kart 8D and Monster hunter but formy 3ds i have more of a variety to name a few animal crossing,mario kart 7 and pokemon x ,oras ,and moon i really play games on my steam more often though so you can also add me there if you please https://steamcommunity.com/id/MotokisBaby/
  11. i  have a ton of an cafe scans i should put on this new pc hhh time to find my old hard drive 

    1. AnticNyappy


      227 items :^) we good

  12. AnticNyappy

    reading this you are not in the wrong! if you believe someone in your life is bringing you down as well you really shouldn't keep them on. I understand your sense of direction because i am the same, people become overly dependent on me and im in no way good in giving advice or comforting people. For awhile i recommend you focus on you and only you! Give yourself a break from the negativity and focus on the more positive aspects in life ^^
  13. AnticNyappy

    OH hell yeah thank god im so excited xD
  14. its nearly 2am and i ave come to the point of translating jrock songs into irish tumblr_lxt0h13R3f1qbyecio1_500.gif

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    2. Gesu


      Update: I know it's 2am because I've found myself on Baby Centre voting on polls in a possibly futile attempt to stop people from giving their children stupid names. One of the names someone was considering for their daughter was "Unusable".

    3. monkeybanana4


      The best time to be working and translating songs, lol ;) (Btw, love the Bou gif <3) 


      And thanks so much for the follow~

    4. AnticNyappy


      its such a precious gif x3

      also no problem! thank you in return ^^

  15. Ayy, thanks for the follow :D

    1. AnticNyappy


      Ahh! no problem ^^ 

      thank you aswell!

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