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  1. Nighttime Jae

    It was Meto and Hitsugi from Nightmare lol. I don't think they were fighting though, just drunk shenananigans? Either way, I remember that Royz rumors from back in the day were pretty wild and lulzy, especially the Kuina stuff. Good times.
  2. I mean Mamo is at least somewhat relevant, but the other two? 🤷‍♀️
  3. How come we live in a world in which indies can have their own clothing line? :') Something tells me Cult must come from a wealthy family...
  4. Needless to say, I'd choose Takeru from CLACK inc., I think we'd spend the day at home watching movies and nerding out (he went to film school and he's a huge movie and anime nerd). I would also love to go to karaoke with him as I love singing (and he's a vocalist obviously so). For something a bit out of the ordinary, I'd like to explore a haunted location with him cause we're both into this shit lol
  5. Nighttime Jae

    That lipsynch... oof. Sucks to see Nina go, but that deserved a double sashay away. But yeah, the fact that Silky got to stay at the end makes it so obvious that she's kept only because she's good tv material. And the way she treated Soju was pretty horrid, too.
  6. Nighttime Jae

    Yeah Ohana is iconique, only he can get away with...that lol (and the moe blush is everything~)
  7. Nighttime Jae

    So freaking adorable!😭 It astounds me how they come up with... such questionable looks, and yet they make it work somehow lol (really feeling Yamato and Ryohei especially~)
  8. Nighttime Jae

    Susanna Kaysen's "Girl, Interrupted" (much darker than the movie adaptation)
  9. Ayy, thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      Np~ thank you for following me back💜

  10. Nighttime Jae

    Yayyyy Hora and Kaya are back! I'm pretty hyped about this one, fingers crossed it's gonna deliver!
  11. Nighttime Jae

    EVE - Case;A 君はいつも独りだった 手首の傷増やさないで 悲しいのは君じゃない 重ねていく数字の上 人は愛を紡いだ その瞳閉じて 「信じて」 Translation (dunno how accurate): "You were always alone Don’t let the pain in your wrists increase You’re not sorrow Above the piling up digits, people are spinning love Close those eyes “Trust me” Basically, the theme of the song is the feeling of loneliness in an increasingly digital, emotioneless world. Then there is of course a clear reference to self-harm, and I appreciate the fact that it spreads a positive message rather than trying to be edgy. For my own reasons, these words in particular speak to me and I hold them cloes to my heart.
  12. Nighttime Jae

    Even though I definitely agree this statement, I always get sad when I hear that vk stores are closing down because I think it's symptomatic of the current state of the vk scene. Brand-X was also one of the few stores that sold overseas, so I can imagine people being upset over this. Let's hope that other (better) stores will keep on going strong...
  13. These fans are totally missing the point though. Of course he's not just going to announce he's married if he had been forced to do it because the rumors on Tanuki went out of hand? And it's obvious that if you're not part of the drama you shouldn't feel called out, clearly he was only addressing those who played a part in it. I swear I cannot with Japanese fans sometimes, they're so over-sensitive. Also, I have no doubt the chick was some kind of toxic gya, but even if she wasn't, people would've attacked her anyways on the sole basis of having a relantionship with their beloved. I'm a sucker for Tanuki drama, and I'm not even a Kiryu fan, but I genuinly feel bad for Takemasa. No matter what he does, he's gonna get shit for it from fans regardless.
  14. Japanese fans literally can't accept their faves being in a romantic relationship, whenever stuff like that gets leaked it's always treated as a huge scandal. It surprises me that that Takemasa has decided to acknowledge it and speak out about it, truly shows the role that Tanuki plays in the vk scene. It's really sad that bandmen have to be paranoid about their private lives simply because fans aren't mature enough to accept them having girlfriends/wives. It's the "I spend money on you therefore I own you" mentality that is exclusive to Japanese fan culture. Crazily enough, western fans are much more respectful and understanding in that sense.
  15. Nighttime Jae

    CDJapan, closetchild and I use proxies like FromJapan to get stuff from places like Puresound, Zeallink, Little Hearts etc. Recently I've tried WhiteRabbit to get a cd off Mercari, everything seems to have gone well so far but we'll see when it actually gets here🙏
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