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  1. Awesome, I really like Anfiel, hope they come up with something original like they did with COUNT DOWN.
  2. Nighttime Jae

    Personally I don't hear that much of a resemblance with either Dezert or Mamireta, but eh.
  3. Nighttime Jae

    Really digging the song and their vibe , the MV is very well-done too! Imo they definitely have the potential to go somewhere, hope this will garner them the attention they deserve!
  4. Nighttime Jae

    I think it has been removed because it was published on Kerberos Entertainment's YouTube channel. Now they're not part of it anymore, so the label must've decided to take it down. Just my two cents.
  5. Nighttime Jae

    Kerberos has a weird way to dealing with bands. Vivarush is the one official band that they actually produce, while there are bands such as Gravity, Clack inc., Micbam, Lucifer and others that... kinda lean upon them for some stuff, but aren't actually owned by them? I guess compared to Vivarush (and Warumono then) they have free rein when it comes to artistic freedom, but they also get waaaay less advertising. I'm no business expert, but I guess it's a different kind of contractual agreement. Kerberos seems to work with quite a few active bands in the Osaka scene, just not in an open way. Either way, Warumono leaving Kerberos may mean that they're going to be on their own for good or maybe switch to this type of more low-key agreement that other bands have with them, guess we'll see. Actually, pretty sure Doku is part of one of those bands that get sideways support from Kerberos since they've retweeted their stuff on their account, so. Also, Hakuya used to be Clack inc.'s bass player and Clack inc. definitely has a deal with Kerberos, so. It's just really hard to figure these type of connections out out unless you follow the bands and the label closely.
  6. Nighttime Jae

    I'm so here for this, this is totally my style of v-kei and I'm possibly liking it even more than Ogyaa! The hype is real
  7. Nighttime Jae

    There's definitely been some unreported drama between EVE and UNiTE (because of the Sana situation) and Takeru has unfollowed Yui on Twitter (while Yui still follows him). He still follows Lin and Sana tho, so perhaps he only has beef with Yui🤷‍♀️
  8. Nighttime Jae

    A good fit. I can bet they're associated with Kerberos, just like Warumono.
  9. Nighttime Jae

    Been stanning Ogyaa since the very beginning (cause Hakuya, my queen 💜✨), so can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this! They seem to have really amped up the production value of this and I'm loving the zombie (?)/dark web theme! Dis gon b good, guaranteed. Btw: Lyiek from Clack inc. and Monokurokarma is in there too as support drummer^^
  10. Nighttime Jae

    It was Meto and Hitsugi from Nightmare lol. I don't think they were fighting though, just drunk shenananigans? Either way, I remember that Royz rumors from back in the day were pretty wild and lulzy, especially the Kuina stuff. Good times.
  11. I mean Mamo is at least somewhat relevant, but the other two? 🤷‍♀️
  12. How come we live in a world in which indies can have their own clothing line? :') Something tells me Cult must come from a wealthy family...
  13. Needless to say, I'd choose Takeru from CLACK inc., I think we'd spend the day at home watching movies and nerding out (he went to film school and he's a huge movie and anime nerd). I would also love to go to karaoke with him as I love singing (and he's a vocalist obviously so). For something a bit out of the ordinary, I'd like to explore a haunted location with him cause we're both into this shit lol
  14. Nighttime Jae

    That lipsynch... oof. Sucks to see Nina go, but that deserved a double sashay away. But yeah, the fact that Silky got to stay at the end makes it so obvious that she's kept only because she's good tv material. And the way she treated Soju was pretty horrid, too.
  15. Nighttime Jae

    Yeah Ohana is iconique, only he can get away with...that lol (and the moe blush is everything~)
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