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  1. Nighttime Jae

    The new MV is finally out! I may add more of my thoughts later, but at first listen I really love it and I think it's a real banger
  2. Being a fan of Clack inc. is suffering.😔

  3. His voice is definitely among the best in the current scene and the defining element of Hueye, he really is amazing!
  4. At first listen, the impact isn't impressive as their first MV, but I find both songs pretty solid. "Anesthesia" has a lots of good moments, especially that breakdown towards the end in which Nao really shines. but overall it kinda feels a bit...disjointed? In some parts Nao sounds slightly pitchy even, which is a shame because I consider him a really strong vocalist and I like his voice a lot. The chorus is a bit predictably pop-synthy. But overall I quite enjoyed it. Maybe it's gonna take me a couple more listens to really get into it, but it's not bad at all. The second one is a bit of a departure from their usual sound, but it's quite fun. The jazzy-electro swing vibe is really catchy and and Nao's vocals are on point. Defintely enjoyable, even though I kinda prefer stuff like the first one from them. But yeah, their style is defintely up my alley and I keep on digging them quite a bit, they're definitely a band to keep an eye on.
  5. Nighttime Jae

    https://youtu.be/MaST-TmoymI Aaaand here it is! Single preview! All three songs are featured. I'm gonna throw my thoughts into the void just because. So far I like the MV song the best, I love the heavy riffs and it sounds like it's gonna be a banger. Also looking forward to seeing the video properly, I can't get over Takeru's swag lol "インソムニア" looks like it's gonna be an emotional one, the vocal performance truly is beautiful and sounds like it's gonna be the ballad/mid-tempo of the bunch (even though there are synths in there so we'll see) "一撃" 's chorus reminds me a bit of the EVE days, or rather, a CLACK/EVE fusion. I like its energy and the catchiness. Looks like there may not be harsh vocals in this, but we shall see. Honestly, as much as I like Takeru's growl, I don't think it's necessary at all, especially for the more melodic direction they've been going. His clean singing style is unique, dynamic and full of emotions without having to go overboard, which sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. What can I say, I really love this preview and looks like it's gonna be a solid single, I'm so looking forward to it and I hope others will give it a shot as well.
  6. Nighttime Jae

    I was about to post this hahah, thank you! 🙇‍♀️ Takeru hinted that they should release a preview of the songs later today~
  7. Nighttime Jae

    Hey this is actually pretty good! I dig moody melodies like this! The 9GBO comparison is a bit of stretch imo, but they do sound promising. Definitely worth keep an eye on.
  8. Dat autotune though, I cannot :') I don't like to drag new bands for the sake of being sassy but... whoa. Just whoa.
  9. Nighttime Jae

    For bandomen's brothers rumors and facts, check this thread out
  10. Nighttime Jae

    MV's preview. [*insert incoherent fangirly ramblings*]
  11. Nighttime Jae

    I think most vocalists, if they've been around long enough, will end up sounding different from the beginning. If they start young especially, since your voice usually matures quite a bit going from your 20's into your 30's. If you take Takeru from Clack inc., his tone and style isn't that dramatically different from what he used to sound like in EVE, but the voice itself has definitely matured in an almost 10-year gap. However, if you take Yuu in the Zodia days, his style, tone and technique is extremely different compared to what he sounds like nowadays. That to me is more of a conscious change rather than natural evolution , since back in the day he was heavily inspired by Jonathan Davis' vocal style and that fit the nu metal vibe of Zodia pretty well. Then in Ultimate Sonic, Affective Synergy etc. he has a more "classic" vk approach, also his vocal technique has overall improved a lot throughout the years and it shows. That isn't to say that his style in Zodia was "bad", not at all, it was really unique and his growls there are some of the best out there imho. But yeah, if you compare Zodia to Ultimate Sonic it doesn't even sound like the same person (unless you know it is) Another one whose vocal evolution has been a conscious one rather than natural evolution is Mahiro. If you listen to his previous bands before Kiryu, you'll see how much his overall sound and style has changed. His vocals in Kiryu are very polarizing, some hate it and some love it (personally I'm not the biggest fan, even though I can commend him for being good at what he does), but if you compare it to what he used to sound like in Madara you'll be able to tell that these it's a heavily crafted, specific style he's going for rather than his "natural" way of singing. He went from sounding like your run-of-the-mill vk vocalist to one of the most unique and recognizable voices in the scene and an irreplaceable element to Kiryu's sound. Tl;dr: most vocalists are bound to change their style throughout the years, whether it's natural evolution (or devolution) or conscious change. But most likely, if they've been around for long enough, no one will stay the same. It is definitely interesting to highlight and analyze the differences though.
  12. Nighttime Jae

    Omg I'm so psyched about this! I've been really into them ever since I ran across their three MVs, imo they really are a really talented and underrated band that can offer a different, unique sensibility compared to most of their contemporaries! I'm looking forward to anything they'll come up with, and I hope they won't fly under the radar this time!
  13. Nighttime Jae

    Ooooff. I mean, given all the issues they've been having seems like they were doomed from the beginning, so it doesn't exactly comes as a surprise, but still... Nothing is sadder to me than bands disbanding after one (1) single. Especially if they showed promise. We'll see if the members will show up elsewhere.
  14. Nighttime Jae

    9GOATS BLACK OUT: sink EVE: Case;A Zodia: IN THE DARK
  15. Nighttime Jae

    This has been taken down (probably because too cheesy lol), luckily for us I've reuploaded it myself (unlisted). I love and I hate this MV, definitely not EVE's best but definitely one big guilty pleasure of mine.
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