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  1. I totally believed that as well, trust me!^^ Tsubaki is awesome and I'm so glad that he has become part of RIR officially! I'm super pumped about this!
  2. Nighttime Jae

    Untucked was a shit-show this week. Kinda living for it, but at the same time damn, take a chill pill everyone. The episode itself was okay, Alyssa' presence made everything 100 times better. Also, I really felt for Plastique and Ru's reaction to her opening up, what can I say, I'm weak to emotional mumbo-jumbo... (also, Brooke in Untucked was a mood lol)
  3. Nighttime Jae

    I may be extremely biased, but EVE's cover of LM.C's "88" is much better imho because Takeru's voice is much more pleasant than Maya's (LM.C's fans please don't kill me)
  4. Nighttime Jae

    This is great news! SHiSHi is a very promising band, I liked everything they put out so far, so looking forward to their actual first single release💜
  5. Nighttime Jae

    I understand and share your feelings completely. Metalcore has been the go-to genre for indies in recent years and I definitely agree that it's getting a bit stale and repetitive. At the same time, if I have to listen to this type of sound I prefer to favor young indies that have at least a sort of niche, underground feel to them, which is the case with this band. I've quite enjoyed this MV despite it not being the most original-sounding in any way, shape or form. But like you said, they're pretty new and I'm also interested to see if they will evolve in the future.
  6. Nighttime Jae

    Oh I see, that's fair. To be honest I haven't looked much into their philosophy, I was under the impression that they were trying to market themselves as a "natural" based on what people were teling me, I've been linked some pages of their products and when I started looking at their ingredient list I was pretty surprised. But if they're pretty upfront about it that's fair. I for one try to avoid chemicals in my products as much as possible, especially silicones, but of course I know that they're tested and safe and can work well for some people.
  7. I wasn't able to find a lot of info on them, but 失墜とアサナギ seems to be a pretty new band hailing from the Kansai. They've actually formed one year ago but have released their first MV a few days ago. Vocals - TOSHIYA Guitar - 凪紗 [Nagi] Guitar- F▲L Bass - nahato Twitter page
  8. Nighttime Jae

    I see people posting their skincare routine, and I guess I'll chime in too😁 I use mostly European brands, lately it's been a lot of Yves Rocher, their formulations are pretty natural and I find their products to work really well. My morning routine consists of cleanser, toner, eye gel cream and moisturizer, pretty simple but efficient. Nighttime it's pretty much the same with a few more steps. First off, I of course take off my makeup and this is my holy grail. It removes everything and it's so satisfying to see your makeup literally melt on your face. I then proceed with a cleansing milk on my face and a regular makeup remover on my eyes. Then it's cleanser, toner, serum, night cream and a heavier eye cream than the one I use in the morning. Once I week I exfoliate and put on a face mask. I usually rotate between clay mask and black peel-off mask, both pretty efficient for blackheads. I also try to exfoliate my lips pretty often casuse no matter what I do, whether I drink lots of water and apply lipbalm constantly, they're constantly chapped. As for everyday makeup, I use foundation, concealear, powder, winged liquid eyeliner, mascara, a touch of cream blush and colored lipbalm. I love makeup and experiment with eyeshadows, contouring and bold lipcolors, but it's definitely not an everyday occurence. I'm pretty pleased with my face routine, on the other hand, I feel like I gotta improve my bodycare. For some reason I get lazy when it comes to moisturize my body everyday, exfoliate it etc. If I could transfer my skincare routine onto my body as well I'd be good. As for haircare goes, because my hair has kind of a wavy, relaxed curl texture that can get pretty frizzy, I've been trying to use the Curly Girl method for more defined curls, and I'd say it's working quite well. I used to use henna on my hair a long time ago with fantastic results, but it's such a hassle to deal with, especially the dying kind. @nomemorial@plastic_rainbow I've been wanting to try The Ordinary products, but I've checked their formulas and surprisingly enough they're full of silicones, not natural at all. That was kind of disappointing since they seem to shill themselves as a "natural" brand. That's probably the reason why they're so cheap since well, silicones are pretty cheap compared to more natural alternatives. So idk.
  9. Thank you so much for the follow~ ❤️Followed you back ^^ 

    1. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      Np, thank you for following me back^^ I'll see you around~ ❤️

  10. Nighttime Jae

    This was a wild ride. Especially the ending featuring Maria of all people😆
  11. Actual footage of my last braincell:


  12. Nighttime Jae

    I'm somewhat knowledgeable of Kanadajin myself and I'm pretty sure she was never a bangya.
  13. Nighttime Jae

    I was hoping it was gonna be one of those "Shantay you both stay" situations, not a huge fan of Ra'jah, but they both did a great lipsynch. Super sad to see Scarlet go, she was one of my faves. I don't even know who to cheer for now tbh, Plastique and Evie maybe, but eh. Don't have a definite favorite this season.
  14. Nighttime Jae

    I looooved Karekano anime! But yeah, apparently there has been some issues with the original team, I remember hearing most left at some point and therefore the anime taking a... strange route. Still a great anime that I remember fondly. I've been meaning to read the manga as well.
  15. Oh yeah totally! I think it's like, a humorous nod to the 90's vk bands that they clearly take inspiration from, but they're not a joke band at all.
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