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  1. Seeing CLACK inc.'s drunken shenanigans live was an experience.

  2. Nighttime Jae

    Their live has started!
  3. Nighttime Jae

    From my experience it's more like bringing news, shitting on indie newcomers, sass each other out and downloading stuff, so...
  4. Nighttime Jae

    Tell that to Yuu (ex-Zodia and a bunch of other bands) and his master's degree in mechanical engineering. The whole "high school dropouts that live off their mitsus" stereotype is so outdated. Most indies in this day and age have an education and have day jobs to support themselves, otherwise with what they're making they'd be begging on the streets. You guys really can't help yourselves from being judgemental and sassy for no reason huh? Of course everyone is free to do whatever, uploading and downloading definitely won't stop, but I just wanted to reflect on how this affects the scene, especially for the western fanbase. This may be beating a dead horse for your, but I haven't seen a topic for discussing this, so might as well hearing everyone's opinion in just one place.
  5. Nighttime Jae

  6. Nighttime Jae

    Ever considered that maybe not every bandoman is a high school dropout without a real job on the side? Just saying. How would it be hypocritical? I am talking exclusively about digital releases, I straight up said I condone it when it comes to physical releases?
  7. Nighttime Jae

    That's a really good point you made there, thank you for the insight! I may add an "Undecided" option to the poll then^^
  8. Nighttime Jae

    So, me and another user have been talking about this issue. Lately, more and more visual kei bands have been putting their music on streaming platforms, usually at a very low price. But still, some find a way to upload them to YouTube and other places. Personally, I don't think it's doing anyone a favor. There has always been talk about how vk bands don't take advantage of more modern ways to share their music, how they're only pandering to the Japanese audience and don't care about making their releases available for the overseas public. But lately I feel that the trend is changing, so I think we should support them buying their music legally instead of uploading their stuff and sharing it. I could see why people would do it when the releases are hard to get, maybe live-exclusives, but when it comes to these recent active bands that are willing to use other means to let their music known, I think that it may just discourage them from doing it in the future (and back to the old ways we go lol) What are your thoughts on the matter?
  9. Nighttime Jae

    CLACK inc. have uploaded an edited version of their live cutting out the MC. It's a very good live, so check it out!
  10. Nighttime Jae

    https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/clack-inc.#r605184 Here's a comprehensive list of all the platforms you can find CLACK inc.'s music on. The description "Rock, J-pop and Idol (Male) made me chuckle 🤭 If that ain't a good description of visual kei.
  11. Nighttime Jae

    Clack inc. have now uploaded their whole discography on every digital platform. Please check it out, you won't regret it!
  12. Nighttime Jae

    Sorry, not sure if I understand... what I meant is that the song that wasn't uploaded on their official channel (it was written in the description that it was taken from Tunecore in fact) and that in my opinion it'd best if people listened to the song from the official source🤷‍♀️
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