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    Had to add something to my intro, that is I am super disappointed with BPR even though they are a sorta big name in visual kei and could really give budget to their bands production, I feel like they are pushing them a bit too hard. I understand why some bands like babykingdom would join them for the budget and resources. But it is sad that they creativity would be forced under a schedule. Same with Kiryu, their recent releases are not too bad, but I'm still putting their older songs on repeat rather than the new ones.
  2. Rica34rica

    Hi guys~ Im Rica and I have been a guest on this forum for a few years, and finally decided to join the family and introduce myself. I am 19 and I'm from Hong Kong(yup, technically part of China but also not really!!). This forum is so useful and informational. I started liking Visual Kei at about 2015, youtube recommended me Kiryu's Amaterasu MV out of nowhere. And I have been in the circle since. I'm not a really active bangya, since I couldnt travel for lives; I got my friends to bought a few CD for me from Japan when they go travelling. Personally, I dont know anyone who know visual kei around me, since it is a very very niche thing in HK. I can only tell my sister and to few of my close friends. So it's great that I know there is a forum like this where I can talk about and read about things that I love. I am actually going to travel to Tokyo next week and I am super excited about it, too bad non of my favs have any lives during my stay :(. (sorry if i am too long-winded, im a bit excited). Few of my favorite bands are(in no specific order): Kiryu they got me into this whole thing, DIV heart broken when they disbanded but was predicted since their last single was uneventful to say the least, MejiBray still hasnt got excited about the 8psb thing, Clowd sad that they disbanded as well, Royz only for their music occasionally and for the kami- Subaru, Arlequin love their music and getting their songs on spotify is really appreciated, The Raid got into them recently because of kabukicho rainy, love their music and the vocalist's voice Unite. like their song style occasionally, came across them because they are in the same company as DIV Babykingdom their songs are so catchy and shogo is so cute~ (not sure if it is a guilty pleasure here)... 零[hz] here for their personalities, mainly cuz they are in BPR Kizu love love love their music I also listen to other bands based on the songs, I'm mostly into Vkei for the music to be honest. Other than vkei, also have an unexplainable love for Motely Crue, Queen, and any other songs occasionally popular to millennials these days. I am so happy to be here~ and nice to meet you guys~ guess im talking too much for an introduction post looking forward to be educated about band dramas and news, since i dont really know japanese and am very unfamiliar with fandoms.
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