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  1. porawantstodie

    Oh yes pleaseee
  2. porawantstodie

    Yessssss can't wait to hear more form them, they are fantastic!!! But damn, I can't wait that long 😂
  3. porawantstodie

    I don't know if someone noticed but if you pause the video in some specific moments you can see that Keisuke is not wearing one of the contact lenses 😂
  4. porawantstodie

    Lycaon was way better and had more personality than Initial'L
  5. porawantstodie

    Idk why but they give me a Mamireta vibe
  6. porawantstodie

    I don't like Gackt
  7. porawantstodie

    sameeeeeee, my computer and pendrives are full of albums and singles I never have time to listen to XD
  8. porawantstodie

    They are rocking that new look
  9. porawantstodie

    Yessss, love this guys! ❤️
  10. This single is just... Mehhh
  11. I just got informed about this this morning and I can't wait to listen to it xddd Pd: I wish I could watch the MV spot right now but I'm in class, shit
  12. porawantstodie

    Now that you mention them, me too
  13. porawantstodie

    I'm confused after reading all of these (._. )
  14. porawantstodie

    I think dimlim is doing pretty great, so I don't think they'll go on hiatus. Also, I don't know why Diaura would loose a member, so I disagree on that too. Buuuuut, in my opinion, Mamireta seems like they'll go on hiatus or even disband because they're going too fast and I feel thay are not the same idk… And even though I don't want to admit it because I'm a huge fan, Lamiya seems like disbanding or going on hiatus. Oh, and about the Gazette going on hiatus… That could be true but I'm not really convinced.
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