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  1. porawantstodie

    How sad, he was my favourite member :(
  2. porawantstodie

    So yesterday I was checking various band sites and casually I entered in Zerocre's one, but the first thing that caught my eye was that Usa was removed from the image that shows all the members. At first I thought it was just an error so I checked the profile section and of course Usa was not there too. The first thing that I thought was that he has left the band but in the News section there's nothing about it. I also tried searching in different websites but none provided any information. Does anyone know something about this? Has he left the band or is he in hiatus? I'm kinda worried tbh so any information or teory is welcomed
  3. Their looks are gradually getting more bland and I don't want a second Pentagon ;-;
  4. porawantstodie

    I will forever be a fan of Mejibray, but 8p-sb is just... How to say it... Horrible, in my point of view
  5. porawantstodie

    Ryuya is so gorgeous, I can't even
  6. porawantstodie

    Oh yes pleaseee
  7. porawantstodie

    Yessssss can't wait to hear more form them, they are fantastic!!! But damn, I can't wait that long 😂
  8. porawantstodie

    I don't know if someone noticed but if you pause the video in some specific moments you can see that Keisuke is not wearing one of the contact lenses 😂
  9. porawantstodie

    Lycaon was way better and had more personality than Initial'L
  10. porawantstodie

    Idk why but they give me a Mamireta vibe
  11. porawantstodie

    I don't like Gackt
  12. porawantstodie

    sameeeeeee, my computer and pendrives are full of albums and singles I never have time to listen to XD
  13. porawantstodie

    They are rocking that new look
  14. porawantstodie

    Yessss, love this guys! ❤️
  15. This single is just... Mehhh
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